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Naturalistic Intelligence


This article will be turned to naturalistic intelligence, thus showing to factors come from quarrels in the academy of Gardner and other specialists toward the understanding of the reality through this new perspective. On the basis of used studies and concepts today in the academy, this article intends to present a reflection regarding Multiple Intelligences, instituted previously for the scientist Howard Gardner. Words keys: Environment, Education, Perception. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo Bank. Introduction: Naturalistic Intelligence, and its applications for the advance in the education, will be the guideline of this article, having relevance from consideraes presented for recent research, to show the ideas come from this conscience, eighth in the relation of Howard Gardner. According to Gardner, evaluation still must be ecologically valid, that is, it must be made in known environments and must use known materials of the evaluated children being. The natural environment, says it, is ' ' essential for one better understanding of the life with meio' ' , it made that to tell it its aspirations in the resolution of the eighth intelligence, Naturalistic Intelligence.

Naturalistic Intelligence: In 1996, Gardner made the first magnifying of its original listing adding naturalstica intelligence. It described the naturalist as an individual ' ' apt to recognize flora and fauna, making relative distinctions to the natural world and productively to use this ability in agriculture or sciences biolgicas' '. Although the ability to appreciate the life to the outdoors or to feel themselves comfortable next to the nature is important aspects of this intelligence, it has been characterized more as a capacity to discern, to identify and to classify plants and animals, of what an ability to coexist the nature. More recently, Gardner pointed the naturalistic intelligence, that is present in the biologist and in who it has ecological sensitivity, however very moreover, it is turned toward the question of the daily one, where it revealed enthusiastic in relation that each time more the people tend to use it to decide problems in its day the day.



The educational process in our lives is complex and consists of many variables: the values and traditions of our family, the customs of our culture, our experiences and lessons we can learn from them and, ultimately, formal education that we receive. The latter will play an important role in our lives, since the majority of people decide their future on the basis of formal education you have received. Both parents and children rely on traditional education systems provide the tools to ensure a good future, since this has the aptitude of preparing a person so that it can be inserted into the labor market with success. It’s all about getting excellent grades, studying a career and then find a good job. However, this successful formula is not valid for all children.

If so, all students in a course should be able to have good grades, graduating with great success and find a suitable job. And we all know that it is not. Within a course there is always a pair of outstanding students, then there are heap and a couple of students considered diplomatically regular performance, which are typical children with school problems. Why is there this difference being that school is supposedly designed to supply an entire population with the education needed to get ahead in life? Could it be that some possess superior intelligence and others lack it? Is life really governed by a so-called law of the jungle in which the most intelligent and strong WINS and the rest have to make do with the crumbs that are unnecessary? Unfortunately many young people are left with this idea, since they have bad experiences at its school. And many of them never recover from the feeling of inferiority that acquired at school. I personally do not think that some people are just born more intelligent and does not believe in luck.

Emotional Intelligence


Intelligence is measured not only by simple test, leading in consideration that we have some types of intelligence human being such as: musical, space intelligence, logic-mathematics, among others, in not arresting to one only estereotipo. Bill Phelan has firm opinions on the matter. It is equivalent to say that we analyze the individual in that where it more obtains to develop its potential. ' ' So that it if has detached in its area does not exist magical formula or infallible remedy. It exists, yes, potential, devotion and persistncia' ' (MUSSAK, 2003). The psychologist Daniel Goleman created a new theory on intelligence, approaching the emotions of the rational life. He was in the boarding of this question that appeared Quociente Emocional (QE). ' ' The central question placed and studied by it was to the great lack that has the modern human being to control its level of emoes' ' (MUSSAK, 2003).

According to Goleman (1995, P. 48): Academic intelligence does not offer practically to no preparation for torvelinho or chances that they bring to the necessities the life. Exactly thus, although one high Q.I. Not to be no guarantee of prosperity, I sanction or life happiness, our schools and culture are concentrated in the academic capacity ignoring emotional intelligence, a set of traces that some would call character. Emotional Intelligence (IE) is related the abilities such as to motivate itself exactly and to persist by means of frustrations, to control impulses, canalizing emotions for appropriate situations, to practise extending gratuity, to motivate people, being helped them to liberate it its better talentos and to obtain its enrollment the objectives of common interests. The emotions many times influence the people in its decisions and this means that this if keeps active since it collaborates with the ample and global growth of the individual. It can positively be developed since it possesss as much influences on the people through the comments and evaluations of the proper behavior and feeling occulting feelings as: anger, loss of heart, frustrations and substituting them for good mood, enthusiasm and positivismo.

Brazilian Intelligence


On the basis of readings on the origin of these colonists, in its place of origin these families were of small agriculturists of the regions of the mountainous areas of Portugal and Spain and peasants of marginal area, accustomed to cattle and the plantation and the harvest in fertile valleys and edges of rivers. Some historians count that, at the time, Brazil was divided in Provinces of North, all the north and northeast, with headquarters in Salvador, and Provinces of the South, Southeast, south and center west, with headquarters in Rio De Janeiro. Thus, the capital that was in the Bahia, was distant of any point and the climate and the activity that each colonist exerted in its place of origin were determinative factors to fix it in the areas to develop its activities without needing assistance. (Wilson Martins, History of Brazilian Intelligence). In this way, almost all the areas that the colonists had occupied in the hinterland of Pernambuco were spaces of the old sesmarias that, had been later donated to the bandeirantes, that in turn leased to the sertanistas, with distances of lguas between them, where it had to appear a chapel, the headquarters of the farm, corrals, dams and areas of plantations. The extension of each would sesmaria was, more necessarily, what it corresponds today to the territories of each city that exists today: Belm, Cabrob, Forest, Itacuruba, Mirandiba, Cut Mountain range, Belmonte, Flowers, Triumph, Bodoc, Oroc, Ib, Land New, Parnamirim (old Leopoldina) Serrita, Salgueiro and Exu. On the families of the farm Pan D? Water, has the work of genealogy of Marlindo Milk Saucers, important material of consultation for that they search to know more on the history of the Hinterland of Pernambuco. Saucers (1994) bring given significant on these families and its origins, which are elencadas in sequence alphabetical, consisting the 38 families who formed the Farm Pan D? Water: Aguiar, Alencar, Almeida, Alves, Arajo, Barros, Brando, Brito, Fields, Oak, Rabbit, Cross, Blacksmith, Fernandes, Fonseca, Gomes, Gonalves, Rasp, Lira, Lustosa, Axe, Magalhes, Matos, Melo, Mendona, Menezes, Medeiros, Miranda, Snows, Walnut, You novate, S, Sampaio, To sound, It hisses, Silveira, Towers, Ucha. .

American Markets


The monetary policy of high liquidity and levels of historically low rates generates an opportunity that cannot fail to take advantage of the markets to recover yield. If the context is making possible this risky growth of the markets, something is necessary to do before it is too much behind schedule. The fears to interrupt the economic recovery limit the action of the governments. Although it is not the moment for initiating the cycle ascendant of rates, given to the weakness of the economies something is necessary to make to prevent a new bubble of assets, and that something happens to give tools to the regulation. Probably, our preoccupations by the generation of new bubbles, that lean in concrete foundations, can hide a reality to us that still is latent and that ties with the fragility that persist in the American economy, particularly in the real estate market. If we watched the genesis of international the financial crisis, the American real estate market in spite of the apparent signs of recovery, the same maintains great risks of reversion and new episodes of crisis. Stress is happening of residential mortgages, that still are in a serious problem, to commercial real estate, where they are beginning to recognize that they are going to have enormous, enormous losses, anticipates Roubini. The economy to understand to the markets the Chinese economy returns to the footpath of vigorous growth. It will generate great opportunities for producing economies of commodities It would like to in advance know the future opportunities investment deciphering the information that the economies offer us? In order to include/understand how the economy determines the great movements of the markets, the basic course arrived Economy for investors who will offer the basic elements him to include/understand the operation of the economies and to anticipate their tendencies and those of the markets.