The educational process in our lives is complex and consists of many variables: the values and traditions of our family, the customs of our culture, our experiences and lessons we can learn from them and, ultimately, formal education that we receive. The latter will play an important role in our lives, since the majority of people decide their future on the basis of formal education you have received. Both parents and children rely on traditional education systems provide the tools to ensure a good future, since this has the aptitude of preparing a person so that it can be inserted into the labor market with success. It’s all about getting excellent grades, studying a career and then find a good job. However, this successful formula is not valid for all children.

If so, all students in a course should be able to have good grades, graduating with great success and find a suitable job. And we all know that it is not. Within a course there is always a pair of outstanding students, then there are heap and a couple of students considered diplomatically regular performance, which are typical children with school problems. Why is there this difference being that school is supposedly designed to supply an entire population with the education needed to get ahead in life? Could it be that some possess superior intelligence and others lack it? Is life really governed by a so-called law of the jungle in which the most intelligent and strong WINS and the rest have to make do with the crumbs that are unnecessary? Unfortunately many young people are left with this idea, since they have bad experiences at its school. And many of them never recover from the feeling of inferiority that acquired at school. I personally do not think that some people are just born more intelligent and does not believe in luck.