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Cover Music


Author Victor Rusinov December 20, 2009 Source / uslugi-i-tsenyi / zakaz-artistov.html Moscow Design, Creativity, Media / Artists for the holidays Order musicians. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! We are very pleased that the order of musicians, you decide do, once on the site of Victor Rusinov, and flower children. The holders of the title of ‘Honor and benefits of Russia’ Knights of the Order of the Silver and Gold “Serving Art” Cover band show flower children. You have already seen our video, listen to our cover versions of songs on the hits of the 80 70 60? If not yet, we will help you make an order of artists, which in our opinion, is on the right and more. Order musicians, such as VIA 70 is the right choice if you like real music that will outlive the century. After all, only a real vocal instrumental ensemble is able to lift his songs wonderful memories of the great 60 70 80’s, when everything was natural: the music, feelings, love. Musicians wedding – the life of children.

How to start homeland? This is all very familiar words that come to mind when you want to order music for the wedding. Typically, music groups, always in demand, if they are really professionals. Any vocal instrumental ensemble should look nice and stylish. Think of what suits dressed VIA 70. Must be that it were Live music for wedding, anniversary or even to another party. Order of musicians is not easy as it seems at first glance.

First, you need to decide who you need musicians on corporate, musicians at a banquet, a feast for musicians or do you need and musicians and artists all at once. VIA 70 or right to say vocal instrumental ensemble did not always combine the quality of artists and musicians. Musicians are people who just play or sing, and actors play a role. Artists can transform into any of the images of people, but unfortunately they are not always able to sing or play musical instruments. The question arises. Is there, in general, a vocal instrumental ensemble, which may sing and play and still be an artist? Of course, there is, but inviting the VIA 70, it is unlikely you will see the acting. Musicians will just sing my song retro. Retro – music does not require much acting only thing that is good – it will be 100% live music. And to be honest, we do not always understand why they say retro music or retro songs that would speak better to this music and these songs. We will not weary you with empty talk about the music groups. What you do with all you know. Simplify the task for people who want to place an order or an order of artists musicians for a wedding, anniversary, corporate, holiday, New Year’s banquet. You went to the site of flower children, then you lucky and you make the right order of musicians. Cover shows a group of flower children is, what will be popular always, because the song 60 70 80 in the new copyright arrangements Victor Rusinov lived for 10 years. Flowers give children 10 – 15 concerts a month and let God bless those people who love and are living art. Order musicians, the choice of bands to your event, also an art.

Exhibition Stands


What is your target audience? Who are your customers? What do you want to tell them? What actions you expect from them? Here are questions to which answers are coordinating your next steps. 3. Exhibition stand does not meet corporate objectives. Exhibition stand – this is information that represents a company, what it does and how it is successful. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from PayNet. It does not matter, it's a big company or not, most importantly, follow the plan and the marketing objectives of participation in the exhibition. This requires each company's consistency and logic in action, clarity, full concentration on the exhibition schedule, before, during and after the show.

Your purpose – to attract potential buyers and create movement in your booth. Create a public friendly, a warm atmosphere at the stand. It is important to be focused and attentive to formulate a message to visitors that they will have full impact. Create a unique and attractive design, after all, one picture a thousand words, and save users from having to spend their precious time to read the booklets. The way you present yourself at the show, is crucial for achieving the marketing goals. Engage in product presentation as much as possible channels of perception. This is a guarantee that your booth will notice and remember after the show. 4. The call to visit the stand – does not work. Whichever way you move or chosen, whether direct mail, advertising, PR, sponsorship, or online resources, you must be sure that telling compelling reasons calling for this visit your booth.

Holiday Music


Planning an unforgettable holiday on the anniversary, wedding or official corporate parties, you are considering various options for shows, ring up the agency holidays, creative teams, looking for lead evening. Now the market holiday services – a huge selection of artists, entertainers, and other leading representatives of this difficult profession. Whom to choose? What guided that you will not be parted with the money? Try to concentrate and understand what you need: a standard evening you somewhere already seen the original or a special holiday full of surprises. In order to clearly understand what you will pay the money and not buy services such as "pig in a poke" better to ask the agency holiday videos, which you will see how to pass event held by this particular firm. Not the fact that a good demo – the success of your future events. There are many artists and leading a high level who are working on a major corporate parties, which are not allowed to shoot video, and even more so to spread the video among agencies and potential clients. "What out? "- you ask. Bill Phelan is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Here are simple rules for selecting artists for your holiday.

1. Live music – a very important component of quality measures, such as an anniversary or a wedding. You can choose the musicians themselves, trusting your intuition and your idea of "good professional musicians." To do this, do not be lazy around restaurants and cafes with live music, listen to bands or duets, singing live .. It's easier to do this summer walking near the outdoor cafes, where they sing is not the worst band .. Speak in a break with those who you like, get contact numbers, discuss the price … Services live musicians can be less expensive, how many for some reason they think.

In addition, be able to talk with nice educated musicians are usually such. 2. Leading – for many the main figure of any holiday. Try to ask the musicians to which has already agreed to, can they know good leaders, which have already cooperated, and musicians can perform can also lead role? This happens more often in our difficult time. Wells Fargo may also support this cause. Another option – see Ads toastmaster or master on popular bulletin boards in your city. 3. Show program. Additional numbers, such as striptease, belly dancing, the numbers of the original genre can be found again in the lead, musicians, or web sites by typing in the search for what interests you. So, the artists chosen, but something was still missing … What would such a new and interesting surprise guests? Recently, people are drawn to the intellectual creative arts, for example – pictures of the sand. Often, artists began to turn to the original genre, playing an instrument, "Singin 'glasses' or' Glassgarmonika," which means "harmony of glass" sound of glasses undeniably fascinating, especially when the fingers of an artist pours you familiar music …. What will your holiday depends on you. Your main task – to understand what you expect from the upcoming event that you would like to see it and be guided by his personal taste, as the guests invited to the evening – these are your guests, heroes of the occasion – this is especially dear to you people. So make this holiday what it is you want, and we presenters and performers, you can help!

Viral Advertising


Research Agency BRA-VO show that the credibility of traditional advertising decreases very fast pace – with 12% in 2006 to 7% in 2007 and this year will be and what below. And no wonder: every one of us at least once yielded euphoric promises of a TV screen or even from the pages of famed magazine and naively bought some stuff. We felt cheated. We did not like it. We no longer believe the advertising at all, preferring buy a product, already tested on someone knew. Now we have become more aware, we have a wide choice and easy access to multiple information sources.

Therefore, choose Internet advertising. First of all, it is convenient – Almost every employee at work has access to a worldwide "web". A most important advantage of the choice of online information, that when he saw a novelty, it is possible to exchange views with the same as they do, consumers "do not on the spot. " And, therefore, to obtain reliable, verified information. Thus, the increased popularity of electronic advertising is challenging the traditional media.

You can not buy attention and a good attitude Consumer bright pictures and the stars in commercials on television. Need feedback. Manufacturers and distributors need to know the opinion of consumers about their products or services to make adjustments in corporate policy and marketing strategy, taking into account the suggestions and criticisms of "mere mortals". Simply put, be open to fresh ideas and suggestions. In the current situation in the advertising market can be developed competent and successful advertising campaign only, based on consumer opinion. And the advertising agency BRA-VO is ready to assist you in this not easy work And finally the most important advantage: the Internet is easy track the results of the campaign. If potential customers have been slow to click "mouse" on your banner or video, you will immediately know about it – you have online stat calls. You can lead a daily and long-term records, quickly making timely adjustments. People have long moved from horses to cars, realizing the benefits of speed and convenience. The advertising market too cheerfully keeps pace with the progress, not Keep up and you – Be always the first

GTS Graphics


Discrete graphics cards are particularly important to create three-dimensional graphics, a variety of graphics applications and run computer games. For a laptop with a graphics card will have to pay much more. Today the graphics card market for notebooks is firmly occupied by two major manufacturers – NVIDIA Corporation and by AMD, which produces graphics card brand ATI. NVIDIA Corporation offers its customers its own line of graphics accelerators for mobile PCs, which consists of seven cards: GTS 360M and GTS 350M (refer to high-performance segment), GT 335M, GT 330M and GT 325M (productive segment), as well as the 310M and 305M (middle segment). These graphics cards for laptops are based on desktop video cards GeForce GT 240, GeForce GT 220 and GeForce GT 210. The flagship of this line is considered a high-performance NVIDIA GeForce GTS Video Card 360M, based on the graphics core GT215.

The card supports DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 2.1, and has 96 stream processors. Graphics performance can vary significantly depending on the type of graphics memory – GDDR5 or GDDR3. Maximum frequency for GeForce GTS 360M is 2000 MHz for the GDDR5. This card has built-in video decoder, and also supports HybridPower, which lets you choose between integrated and discrete graphics card to at need to increase laptop battery from the battery or get the best performance. On assurances of developers, graphics card GeForce GTS 360M is designed specifically for applications, and modern games, where require high performance. But perhaps the company's top model graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M, presented this year.



Let's take on the folk-metal music) Folk Metal (English folk metal) – one of the areas of metal and incorporates elements of folk and ethnic music. Is a more severe form of folk-rock, contains elements of art rock. Close to folk-metal music direction – viking metal, metal pegan. In the folk-metal music can be used by national and ancient musical instruments, can also be used modern musical instruments, but music can be performed in the style of folk, or reworked in the style of traditional music metal. Lyrics may be based on historic and folk songs, poems, fairy tales, legends and tales, or used their tradition and manner. Musicians playing in this style, try to bring in metal national character, or give the music character of ancient, folk, or the introduction of folk elements into music is part of the show or musical concept.

The most commonly used a large number of musical instruments, besides the usual for metal and rock music, guitars (acoustic and electric), drum sets, synthesizers: violin, bagpipes, ethnic drums, Percussion, various national and folk wind instruments (flutes, kubyz, whistles, etc.), national stringed instruments (different types of guitars, for example). But most of the folk-metal music you can hear the violin and bagpipes. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the greatest development of folk-metal was in the Celtic countries where these instruments – the people. Folk metal – branched musical flow. We can distinguish its subtypes in the region Origin: American folk-metal (Agalloch), German folk-metal (In Extremo, Morgenstern), Celtic folk metal (Cruachan), Northern, or Nordic folk metal (Vintersorg, Finntroll, Korpiklaani), Slavic folk metal (Arkona , Vicious Crusade) and others

Oleg Pogudin Image


In the category “Best Project in imidzhelogicheskoy practice” – the company “Statpro” in the person of General Director Tatiana Polyakova Mahaylovny – for a complex project, “The concept of the village leynhausov ‘Ilinka'”, “Corporate identity and website Nikolai Baskov”, “Corporate identity and Oleg Site Pogudina “(Moscow). It should be noted that last year the winners of this award was not. CEO Tatyana Polyakova said: “The studio was in fact to this award for 15 years, improving technology and craftsmanship in design. Creation of image for the public well-known people such as Nicholas Basque and Oleg Pogudin requires attention. Just as a jeweler should only emphasize the light precious stone, and this requires insight into the nature of the talent of these remarkable people, so that subtly and carefully identify and highlight their unique gift, a message that they have the creativity. We infinitely pleased that our work was so highly regarded. ” Special awards competition – medals for flawless image (the author – an artist Nicholas Tabachkov) awarded: In the perfect image in pop music – singer and composer Igor Sarukhanov. For his contribution to the positive image of Moscow – the talk show “Gorozhanka” television “Capital” for contribution to the positive image of Russian fashion – fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

For its innovative contribution to the formation positive image of Russian PR – Internet portal Sovetnik. ru and editor in chief Mary Ganin. For his contribution to the positive image of Russian educational institutions – Corp.