Let's take on the folk-metal music) Folk Metal (English folk metal) – one of the areas of metal and incorporates elements of folk and ethnic music. Is a more severe form of folk-rock, contains elements of art rock. Close to folk-metal music direction – viking metal, metal pegan. In the folk-metal music can be used by national and ancient musical instruments, can also be used modern musical instruments, but music can be performed in the style of folk, or reworked in the style of traditional music metal. Lyrics may be based on historic and folk songs, poems, fairy tales, legends and tales, or used their tradition and manner. Musicians playing in this style, try to bring in metal national character, or give the music character of ancient, folk, or the introduction of folk elements into music is part of the show or musical concept.

The most commonly used a large number of musical instruments, besides the usual for metal and rock music, guitars (acoustic and electric), drum sets, synthesizers: violin, bagpipes, ethnic drums, Percussion, various national and folk wind instruments (flutes, kubyz, whistles, etc.), national stringed instruments (different types of guitars, for example). But most of the folk-metal music you can hear the violin and bagpipes. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the greatest development of folk-metal was in the Celtic countries where these instruments – the people. Folk metal – branched musical flow. We can distinguish its subtypes in the region Origin: American folk-metal (Agalloch), German folk-metal (In Extremo, Morgenstern), Celtic folk metal (Cruachan), Northern, or Nordic folk metal (Vintersorg, Finntroll, Korpiklaani), Slavic folk metal (Arkona , Vicious Crusade) and others