Oleg Pogudin Image

In the category “Best Project in imidzhelogicheskoy practice” – the company “Statpro” in the person of General Director Tatiana Polyakova Mahaylovny – for a complex project, “The concept of the village leynhausov ‘Ilinka'”, “Corporate identity and website Nikolai Baskov”, “Corporate identity and Oleg Site Pogudina “(Moscow). It should be noted that last year the winners of this award was not. CEO Tatyana Polyakova said: “The studio was in fact to this award for 15 years, improving technology and craftsmanship in design. Creation of image for the public well-known people such as Nicholas Basque and Oleg Pogudin requires attention. Just as a jeweler should only emphasize the light precious stone, and this requires insight into the nature of the talent of these remarkable people, so that subtly and carefully identify and highlight their unique gift, a message that they have the creativity. We infinitely pleased that our work was so highly regarded. ” Special awards competition – medals for flawless image (the author – an artist Nicholas Tabachkov) awarded: In the perfect image in pop music – singer and composer Igor Sarukhanov. For his contribution to the positive image of Moscow – the talk show “Gorozhanka” television “Capital” for contribution to the positive image of Russian fashion – fashion designer Vyacheslav Zaitsev.

For its innovative contribution to the formation positive image of Russian PR – Internet portal Sovetnik. ru and editor in chief Mary Ganin. For his contribution to the positive image of Russian educational institutions – Corp.