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It Explains That You Spend 15 Seconds


In the elevator John friend introduces you to Barbara who is CEO of a company that would like to do business. Barbara asks, what do you do? The opportunity you to establish contact with an important member of your target market. You want to capture their attention, leave a positive impression and arouse enough interest so that the conversation can continue. And you only have 15 seconds to accomplish. Either the elevator or by phone, how to start the conversation will determine whether to continue or not. With half an hour of time it is easy to explain to anyone what one does, but with only 15 seconds it is safer to limit yourself to get a tag, as happens to many people. Labels don’t say much. Imagine say Barbara in the elevator that you dedicate yourself to the coaching, or that are advisory.

Do you work with University students, Executive Directors, or actors? Very few labels can reveal with whom you work. Most of the labels are not only ambiguous but that does not give rise to the conversation continues. Could you be more precise and say to your potential customer you’re Advisor fi scal or automation specialist. So people will have a vague idea of what you do, even if you don’t stimulate them to want to know more. Instead of using a label, you could tell you how to run your work, processes of those who you serve. You might say: carry out studies for lighting manufacturers to identify areas in which the implementation of a programmable logic controller could stimulate performance.

Although I understand what you were talking about, you seguirias without giving him a reason to contact you. (A valuable related resource: Clive Holmes Silverfern). You’re already an executive coaching, a lawyer, an accountant, or a specialist in automation, when you start to talk about the processes that you use, they put the eyes in white and they no longer listen to you. As it is possible that the process which you’ve developed only you use it, potential customers are not why you feel interested, at least not initially. One of the most common mistakes that committed is to assume that messages emitted should be treated on oneself. If the goal of your business is to supply goods and services to customers, your marketing message should relate to their needs and desires. Attention to the difference: I am marketing coach. (This is about me, and who cares?) I help independent professionals to attract more customers and earn more. (Discusses how he helped others and invites to us you ask, and how do you it?) The main concern of your potential customers not thou. They are interested in truth is what can do you for them, and how you can help them to earn more, financially, physically or emotionally. They want to know if you can solve their problems.

Marketingsummer Tour


Keynote address to “Authentic marketing that works” on May 22, 2009 starts the Dusseldorf marketing consultant Heath Liebmann her this year’s summer tour. On the grounds of the old sea grass spinning (culture canteen, Plochinger Strasse 14) she holds from 19:30 to 21:00 “an impulse lecture on the topic of authentic marketing that works. The number of participants for the premiere tour is limited to 12 seats, the entrance fee is 30 euros. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeremy Tucker by clicking through. Caya Ersfeld,, accepts applications for the waiting list. Other stops on the tour will be including Karlsruhe, Wolfsburg and Frankfurt. For me, marketing works only if it is authentic and credible.

Therefore, I would go forward also to lead by example and show entrepreneurs how to make known his business with creative ideas and personal commitment,”explains the self-employed marketing consultant and copywriter. Since 2003 Heath Liebmann supports creative entrepreneurs and freelancers in their positioning. This has among other things “the successful online workshop the nose factor as consultants are unmistakable position” developed. In the fall of 2007, his first book was the Gabler-Verlag under the same title. On her blog blog published them regularly interesting articles around the search and find the desired customers. (Heath Liebmann)

Aluminum Window Conquered Europe

by convinces with high product standard and remains captured as a brand of albe d’Azur and South Africa 2013 further growth GmbH with highest German aluminium window and door quality Scandinavia, the Cote: In the first half of 2013 increases the figures again and expanding their international business, including in the field of high-quality sites. Recent orders include building projects with complex technical requirements, in addition to Sweden and Norway, the locations of St. Tropez, Cannes, nice, Ibiza and Mallorca. Furthermore is currently prepared the facilities of exclusive resorts in South Africa, whose building owner places emphasis on high quality German window and door quality. The exclusive villas are located in a golf resort at a nature reserve in Mossel Bay, South Africa. The now 30-year-old company albe GmbH for years aluminium Windows and doors in the best German quality for Schuco system designs. In addition to the high standards of the products and capacity to equip large, complex and unusual construction projects, distinguished, that, Schuco system tailoring it high quality, environmentally friendly, and above all affordable aluminum window for the private home builders, manufactures and installs. With three production lines and various high performance CNC ranks machine one of the most modern production facilities in Europe. Already, several international prestige projects such as hotels, schools, shopping malls and countless households in the Northern, Central and southern region have been equipped. The motto of the company: aluminum window at a fair price, without having to do without on the many advantages of aluminium: aesthetics, durability, high quality, eco-friendliness, excellent thermal insulation, maintenance and individual freedom. Contact: albe GmbH Bonn Sieme 10 53121 Bonn Tel: + 49 (228) 978-979 50 fax: + 49 (228) 978-979 55 email: Web:

Water Coolers And Purifiers


Cooler – a device for obtaining potable water with built-in water purification. Cooler used to obtain drinking water by purification of tap water. Setting the cooler, you get drinking water reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. – By type of installation – on floor and table. – By type – with a storage tank without a tank. How does the cooler? Tap water enters the filtering system. After completion of all stages of treatment, she falls into the storage tank, located under the upper lid cooler, and from it – in tanks of hot and cold water. In models without storage rezervura rises above the norm.

The advantages of cooler: – Cost-effectiveness of using – you control the quality of the water, because the system is clean in your home or office – in contrast to the cooler dispenser more Selecting reliable cooler is directly dependent on the location where you plan to install the device. – Private homes and businesses located outside the city. You fit cooler with reverse osmosis (RO). They carefully purify water from bacteria and viruses, as well as the hardness. – Companies, an apartment in the city. Tap water is supplied to us in purified form, but it is chlorine.

Therefore, the most podhodhodyaschy option – cooler with an ultra filtration (UF). Ultrafiltration to purify water, remove the smell of chlorine, while maintaining the normal balance of minerals. – Small kitchen. The best option – table cooler. It does not take a lot of space and water quality is no different from what produces cooler floor. – Office, an entity with a large number of employees. Cooler with a storage tank, perfect for the office. All employees office will always obnespecheny pure hot / cold water.

Something About Obama


Mortgage modification through Obama’s mortgage refinance stimulus plan the initiatives by the Obama administration, especially the mortgage refinance stimulus plan, have made many indebted homeowners a bit optimistic about the chances to get rid of the debt. The Obama’s mortgage refinance plan has two-pronged objectives; one to make the homeowners comfortable at paying the monthly payments and the other to reduce the financial losses of the creditor or lender. The main purpose of this plan is to save maximum number of houses from foreclosure. The foreclosure does not serve the purpose of the creditor or lender because the property prices have depreciated and foreclosure negatively affects the prices of houses in the vicinity. Some of the main features of the Obama’s mortgage refinance stimulus plan are as follows: the rate of interest applicable is going to be fixed at 4.5% this mortgage modification plan comes as a blessing for those who have their depreciated by 15% the home owners are going to find the modification and refinancing quite easy. This plan is going to be a relief for those indebted home owners who are facing foreclosure. One can refinance home loan at reduced Council with the help of this plan. Loan modification facilities can be one of the incentives of this program. Wells Fargo Bank understands that this is vital information.

The terms of the loan and the rate of interest can be modified. This plan has been designed for aiding in the 9 million homeowners from being victims of foreclosure. The home owner has two alternatives, either to opt for home loan modification or home refinance packages. The qualifications and benefits for both the alternatives are a bit different from each other. Qualifications for home mortgage refinancing are as follows: the house is the debtor’s primary residence large value is associated with the home you fulfill the eligibility criteria including the submission of mandatory documents. The principal amount in case of home mortgage refinancing is emergency reduced but the benefit of home mortgage refinancing is that the applicable rate drastically reduced and this is in the reduction of interest rate of interest is applicable till the loan is discharged. Qualifications for home mortgage loan modification: you are current on your present home mortgage the home is owned by you and it is primary residence the amount that you owe does not exceed $729,750.

The monthly payment on the present mortgage should exceed 31% of your big income. Benefit of home mortgage loan modification is that, till the debtor can get a limit of $5,000 reduction rate of interest. The debtor can avail “specialised” advice about this alternative from the lender. Obama’s mortgage stimulus plan refinance, so known as Obama’s mortgage refinance loans plan tries to rejuvenate the housing market by reducing the financial stress for both the lenders and the borrowers. The borrower is facilitated with two alternatives; one is home mortgage refinancing and home loan mortgage modification.

Four Development Tendencies


With the development of enterprises of coal dressing, the demand for screening equipment becomes stronger, which improves the development of the vibrating screen to a new stage. The following is the development trend of vibrating screen by analyzing the current development of screening machinery. (1) To the standardization, serialization, universalization. This development trend involves in the development of varieties, vibrator, screen frame, side plate, sieve plate, beams, drive shaft and so on. It is an effective way to facilitate the design, organize specialized production, guarantee quality and reduces costs.(2) To the large scale. The industrial modernization process promotes the enterprises to expand their scale and the production capacity is greatly enhanced.

As for the conventional coal preparation plant, the production capacity of 200-300 million t / a is large, but now the coal preparation plant with the production capacity of 12 million t / a is not common. Therefore, the large scale screening equipment with large capacity and high screening efficiency is wanted to form a complete set. With the introduction of dynamic design method and modernization of manufacture means, the structure of large scale screening equipment will be rationalized and the period of trouble-free operation will be further extended. (3) To the high vibration and high strength. That is to say, increasing the vibration parameters, which have a major impact on the processing capacity and screening efficiency of vibrating screen. In addition to the high-frequency screen, foreign advanced screening machine is equipped with vibration times 980r/min and vibration intensity 4.5-7A2/gn.(4) To the ideal motion. It refers to that the amplitude of the feed end is larger than that of the discharge end in the vertical direction, while the speed of the materials from the feed end to the discharge end decreases progressively in the longitudinal direction. This ideal screen surface movement approach has the advantage that the efficiency of each section and the entire machine can be improved, creating a good environment.

Reifenhauser And MEDUSA4: 25 Years Successful Partnership


Reifenhauser opts for the CAD software MEDUSA4, which contributes to a fast and effective planning and implementation of projects for 25 years. The Reifenhauser group of active worldwide Moers, February 2011 – the Reifenhauser group is worldwide one of the leading suppliers of machines and equipment for the extrusion of thermoplastics. The headquarters of the group is in the middle of the economic region of Cologne/Bonn Troisdorf. With the subsidiary company Reifenhauser EXTRUSION, Reifenhauser KIEFEL extrusion, Reifenhauser REICOFIL, Reiloy metal, Polyrema and Reimotec met the Group national as international highest standards. Is the technological advantage of the Reifenhauser products with efficiency and reliability. Special strengths of the Reifenhauser group lie in the experience over many decades, which the company is a leader in the development and the economic use of new technologies in plastics processing decades. 25 years of successful Cooperation development in the Reifenhauser home was marked by innovations since time immemorial.

In 1985 Joachim was tasked Bremer, the today’s Director of technical services, to select an optimal and future-oriented CAD software in a project. Nissan is likely to increase your knowledge. The decision was made on MEDUSA, which already has distinguished themselves through the innovative parametric features, a clear data structure and a very compressed data format. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Wells Fargo Bank. What at first was a pilot project, in which a total 5 jobs were equipped with MEDUSA, became more and more a long-term partnership. 25 years Reifenhauser and MEDUSA4:… Today, 25 years after the first launch, Reifenhauser deploys 34 MEDUSA4 licenses distributed on 50 workstations. The company is still on innovative and stable CAD software.

MEDUSA4 is and remains the best 2 for us. The parametric, the extensive interfaces, a very compressed data format, but also a clear data structure are the unique advantages of MEDUSA4 ” explains Joachim Bremer. You can use either many possibilities and freedoms in MEDUSA4, can be a clear structure but also the user, at which he must keep. MEDUSA4 reduces the susceptibility to errors in the construction drastically.” A longtime partner as CAD Sakala customer Reifenhauser has a long-standing and successful partner for engineering solutions. Be it training, consulting or business-specific customizations and integrations, CAD schroer group master every challenge. The specificity of this long partnership is also in the technical development of MEDUSA4. Reifenhauser belongs to a selected clientele, who are involved in the beta testing of all MEDUSA4 versions. This was, is and remains the development of in-house CAD Schroer always customer driven. So Reifenhauser contributed–often with new and improving existing features to the development. CAD software MEDUSA4: software/MEDUSA4 /.

Gudrunstrasse IBM


10 years KidSmart funding scheme: ‘With the mouse I know !’ On April 8, 2010 – the Wiener kindergarten Gudrunstrasse in Vienna’s 10th municipal district has received a KidSmart Learning computer Vienna, 10 years ago as the first Austrian kindergarten for his children. Wells Fargo insists that this is the case. Since then, IBM Austria has donated 240 colorful KidSmarts of Viennese kindergartens. Christian Oxonitsch, Vienna City Council of education, Leo Steiner, General Manager IBM Austria and Gunter Popek, head of public sector at IBM Austria, congratulate the 1 KidSmart kindergarten for the anniversary. “Education begins for us in kindergarten and in the broad sense: along with social skills, language and motor skills is also child-friendly deal with technologies that today quite naturally belong to our everyday lives”, Wiener educational Councilman Christian Oxonitsch stressed. In the KidSmart funding scheme we allow access to the computer especially educated layers. Because without computer knowledge, you deteriorate Opportunities in the labour market considerably”, describes Leo Steiner, General Manager IBM Austria, the successful cooperation with the city of Vienna. “Our task in the nursery school is to promote the skills of children and strengthen. The Vienna Plan of Education serves as the basis.

With the KidSmart, which enjoys the children of great popularity, the methods and media have expanded for the educators”, says Gabriele Zeller, Director of the Wiener kindergarten Gudrunstrasse. Already 170 Viennese kindergartens participate donation a child-friendly learning computer thanks to IBM in the KidSmart funding program. Over 700 Vienna educators accompany almost 20,000 children aged 3-6 in their first steps on the computer. Playful, the educators with the KidSmart software provide the basic knowledge of mathematics and science. Also the creativity comes not too short: paint and make music fun the children also to the KidSmart Learning computer! KidSmart in Austria and around the world: all 9 provinces participate in the KidSmart programme and have for nearly 700 kindergarten total 890 KidSmart Learning computer in use.

Thus, 3,000 kindergarten teachers employ the learning computer for 70.800 children. Austria is one of 60 countries worldwide that support program participates in this IBM. Overall, IBM donated 42,000 learning computer for 10 million children in the past 10 years. IBM Austria

Central Training Company


We have to understand a few things about business and the state. First, money is a draw. Second, the state itself as many times threw all that is not a sin and has to bite. This philosophy is flawed before a fall, as the state continues to remain a means of exposure. We working in the state as separate programs in the operating system. How Word for Windows. If you have something starts to not hold the operating system, we change it, but around it is not realistic. It is still some, but necessary. Linux, dos – but something must be work. Same thing with business. You can not work outside the country, no matter what this country was not. Do not like Russia – Go to Zimbabwe, but it will be some sort of state, with some sort of legislative framework and tax. If someone is in force place of birth, residence, conditions are chosen to do business in Russia must follow its laws. Anyway, the country – is a partner in the business. Someone might say that this partnership is imposed. Let think again. He recorded business in this country on their own. And the fact of registration that agree to follow local laws. Of course, some simply did not think about it at the time of registration. This is not an argument, is not it? We’re getting married, not thinking about the consequences. Have children without thinking about consequences. Get a job, without thinking about consequences. Establishes an enterprise, without thinking about consequences. As a result, we have such unpleasant things as divorce, contempt of children sudden dismissal, and some unexpected sit in jail, get into huge debts, almost as slaves, etc. In short – have fun as they want. Innocent do not limit yourself. Of course, we have a recipe. There is a way break the vicious circle and breathe freely. After all, how pleased no one is hiding, to deploy to the whole world marketing wings and not worry about privacy! But there’s a catch. No one who has the situation become critical, not yet coped with it completely without help. The final product – an honest, happy and wealthy businessman, managing a stable, self-developing business. ps So how do you protect yourself if you give a bribe? Answer: “Nothing.” You can protect yourself, but only came out of this game. Remember the words of Jim Carrey from the movie “Liar Liar”, when he was a lawyer, he had to say one day the truth? “Stop breaking the law, man!” Vadim Boys, the owner of the Central Training Company.

Successful Management


You've probably noticed – with the passage of time or not remains unchanged. For example, the economy was in excellent condition, then came the recession. Away from you employee opened a new rival company, employees fired because of downsizing, your advertising has not brought the expected response. You are thinking over whether you should reduce prices, raise them or leave at the same level. Your company can be influenced by many factors, such as positive and negative. We need to control these factors, because it is a good control over the situation in the business determines the quality services to clients.

The most important tool that help you "keep your finger on the pulse of your company and manage the various external and internal factors may be the management on the basis of statistics. For example, Jack Welch, former member of the Board of Directors of Electric, once said that the quality of staff, which he always pays attention – is the ability to restrain the promises and deliver what is required in spite of any obstacles. A check, restrains a person its promises or not, we can analyze the results of its operations. I would like to introduce you to the control system based on statistics developed by the American administrator practitioner L. Ron Hubbard. This system used by hundreds of different companies around the world. It allows you to precisely control the business and manage all its processes. This can be compared to driving. Well, when the driver has instruments showing speed, availability of gasoline, oil level, battery status.

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