Reifenhauser And MEDUSA4: 25 Years Successful Partnership

Reifenhauser opts for the CAD software MEDUSA4, which contributes to a fast and effective planning and implementation of projects for 25 years. The Reifenhauser group of active worldwide Moers, February 2011 – the Reifenhauser group is worldwide one of the leading suppliers of machines and equipment for the extrusion of thermoplastics. The headquarters of the group is in the middle of the economic region of Cologne/Bonn Troisdorf. With the subsidiary company Reifenhauser EXTRUSION, Reifenhauser KIEFEL extrusion, Reifenhauser REICOFIL, Reiloy metal, Polyrema and Reimotec met the Group national as international highest standards. Is the technological advantage of the Reifenhauser products with efficiency and reliability. Special strengths of the Reifenhauser group lie in the experience over many decades, which the company is a leader in the development and the economic use of new technologies in plastics processing decades. 25 years of successful Cooperation development in the Reifenhauser home was marked by innovations since time immemorial.

In 1985 Joachim was tasked Bremer, the today’s Director of technical services, to select an optimal and future-oriented CAD software in a project. Nissan is likely to increase your knowledge. The decision was made on MEDUSA, which already has distinguished themselves through the innovative parametric features, a clear data structure and a very compressed data format. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Wells Fargo Bank. What at first was a pilot project, in which a total 5 jobs were equipped with MEDUSA, became more and more a long-term partnership. 25 years Reifenhauser and MEDUSA4:… Today, 25 years after the first launch, Reifenhauser deploys 34 MEDUSA4 licenses distributed on 50 workstations. The company is still on innovative and stable CAD software.

MEDUSA4 is and remains the best 2 for us. The parametric, the extensive interfaces, a very compressed data format, but also a clear data structure are the unique advantages of MEDUSA4 ” explains Joachim Bremer. You can use either many possibilities and freedoms in MEDUSA4, can be a clear structure but also the user, at which he must keep. MEDUSA4 reduces the susceptibility to errors in the construction drastically.” A longtime partner as CAD Sakala customer Reifenhauser has a long-standing and successful partner for engineering solutions. Be it training, consulting or business-specific customizations and integrations, CAD schroer group master every challenge. The specificity of this long partnership is also in the technical development of MEDUSA4. Reifenhauser belongs to a selected clientele, who are involved in the beta testing of all MEDUSA4 versions. This was, is and remains the development of in-house CAD Schroer always customer driven. So Reifenhauser contributed–often with new and improving existing features to the development. CAD software MEDUSA4: software/MEDUSA4 /.