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Tourist Occupation


The island will have an outstanding presence in the next interinsular fair, Vacations in Canarias” , that will be celebrated in Tenerife. The Patronage of Tourism of Fuerteventura, organ of dependent insular promotion of the Town hall, presented in the Sectorial Table the tourism the state in which are the preparations of Campaign for Fomento of the Domstico” Tourism; , initiative that includes several actions of promotion oriented to promote the Island as vacacional destiny between the population of the Archipelago. Mario Goatherd, president of the Town hall, and gueda Montelongo, advisor of Tourism of the Town hall, headed a meeting that counted on the presence of several councilmen and technicians of the areas of Tourism in the city councils of the Island, as well as the representatives of the employer’s association and the enterprise and tourist associations of the Island, among others industralists of the sector. We want to be come up and at the moment to take advantage of to the maximum our virtues uncertainty. Today the necessity has considered in the Sectorial Table to harness action of promotion facing the inner tourism.

In Fuerteventura we have best beaches of the Canary Islands, and for that reason we tried to favor that all those canaries that do not praise themselves/pour off to realise great trips in Easter or summer, they can find in this island an accessible vacacional destiny and of quality, explained Montelongo. According to it was exposed to the assistants to the today encounter, the campaign will try to arrive at the canary tourist affecting different points like: – Elaboration of a promotional pamphlet directed exclusively to the tourism between islands, that will pick up the events and more important events of the insular calendar, susceptible to become attractive a tourist one for the canaries. – Campaign in exteriors the best beaches of Canarias”. Hiring of advertising supports in the neighborhood of the fairground. The advisor of Tourism of the Town hall commented that the canary tourism can help us to surpass the summer season if we were able to wake up the interest on events like Fuerteventura in Music, Lebrancho Rock” , Championship of the World of Windsurf, or more remarkable the local popular celebrations of the calendar. In addition, we have raised the possibility of facilitating the things to the potentials tourist offering joint packages, in which the hotelkeepers participate shipping and.

Modern Printing


Modern typography – it's much more than merely efficient equipment designed to work with graphics. Of course, technological progress has left its mark on this region, adding to the her technical solutions, materials, new software, as well as imaginative ideas. For example, currently among the operations that these organizations provide the population, is designated, such as outdoor advertising, as well as souvenirs. Of course, the list does not stop there, but a simple listing of the power to rob us of a very long time, so that the meaning to dwell on this question is no. As a rule, these services primarily resorted to various companies and individuals, one way or another involved in the interaction with new customers, as well as consumers. Accordingly, the conversation touches advertising content when they or other printed items (brochures, flyers, catalogs, brochures, etc.) are involved as a way of dealing with potential buyers. As demonstrated by the practice, despite the increasing active prevalence of computer methods of advertising, it actually tangible ways characterized by at least a big demand, so that there are logical explanations. By the way, respectively, this visibility, perceived in Literally.

The second advantage – relatively low cost, which is very important. Further mention should be made absolutely unlimited possibilities in terms of design, as well as a variety of images, the richness of the structure and sizes of materials, impressive color palette, etc. In short, if someone else believes that using this type of product for the purpose of advertising – old as well as not effectively, it is worth a closer study voiced above information. As demonstrated by the practice, our printing press able to offer our customers a variety of services. Accordingly, it can be printed on film or something else. In any case, updated equipment allows for more than a variety of activities relatively quickly. Actually, to interact with different types of orders (volume, specificity, size, complexity, quantity) are Special arrangements (digital or offset). All this greatly improves the printing organizations with customers, as well as extends the printing capabilities, the latter can be seen already from the fact the vast variety of print advertising, we are seeing now.

We should also point out that various organizations are not limited to printing activity on standard lines. Thus, they can achieve not only print common materials, but also their artistic cover. This is very interesting for private buyers who come often enough in the printing of small orders. At the same time, many specialize in printing creating all sorts of gift items decorated with logos, as well as the corresponding inscriptions: notebooks, pens, magnets, mugs, notebooks, etc. As usual, these companies have a staff designer or the state of employees to help design a design for a typical unit. Although, of course, exclusive models will be characterized by the price several times higher, in contrast to those who have a certain time. On the other hand, this claim to uniqueness, which is more than appreciated in today's world, where there is high competition among similar firms.

Federal Working Group


Boilerplate BID Federal Working Group real estate Germany is a Federation of the associations of BFW, BVI, DDIV, GdW, IVD, vdp, VGF and ZIA. With the BID, the most important associations of the housing and real estate industry under one roof have to represent substantive positions in common with bundled forces more effectively in public. The BID is a supportive and assertive real estate economic partner to the side of politics and other sectors of the economy, and other associations.. along the lines of nature Baufritz builds environmentally innovative Designhauser from wood for over 115 years. Healthy living and individual architects houses that protect people and the environment arising from high-quality, pollutant tested materials. Baufritz has developed to include over 40 patents and a holistic health concept. As most sustainable house building companies in Germany realized Baufritz sophisticated architecture of the wooden houses with optimum values for climate protection, energy efficiency, home design and healthy building.

2011, the year with the highest order intake was for the Ecohouse company Baufritz since the founding of the company history.. the thinkers Club counts with over 260,000 interdisciplinary decision-makers and creative makers now to the largest business associations in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. He is committed to the goal, interdisciplinary and cross-sector network encoder, rule breakers, encouragement, idea detonators and future Manager. Doing this is it nothing less than a new angle to win, to look outside the box, unusual approaches to generate thought leaders inspired by to leave and to rethink the future. The maverick magazine and over 100 CONTRARIANS events per year give valuable impulses for new ideas, develop business models and future strategies.

Paul Bauder GmbH


The roof specialist could his position as continues to successfully expand the Stuttgart for 155 years, owner-managed family business Bauder to market leader in Europe among the TOP 100 employers of in Germany. We owe our success our best team”, so the brothers Gerhard and Ethan Bauder for placement of Paul Bauder GmbH & co. KG. We very pleased, that is our corporate philosophy and the joint work on together.” The roof specialist for sealing, dams, justification and energy gains has achieved with his best team in 2012 a good net result: increased sales despite a long and severe winter by 4.3 percent to 488 million euros. To strengthen themselves towards Eastern Europe, Bauder 2014 is to build the first production plant outside of Germany in the Austrian Bruck. The production in Germany remains spread across the six sites of Stuttgart, Bochum, Landsberg near Halle, Achim, near Bremen, Berndorf and Schwepnitz near Dresden. About 800 employees are for the Market leader in flat roof systems work.

After the extreme boom in 2011, the 2012 scored 4.3 alludes percent sales increase of Paul Bauder GmbH & co. KG, Stuttgart, with a stable growth in the year 2010. The roof specialist could continues to successfully expand its position as the market leader in Europe. Successful business year 2012 although the flat and pitched roof market in 2012 by about ten percent declined, could increase sales by 4.3 per cent from 468 to 488 million euros Bauder last year. Employment rose by 6.4 percent from 749 to 797 employees. The foreign share of total sales was moving at around 36 percent. Achim, near Bremen, Berndorf and Schwepnitz near Dresden was produced in the plants of Stuttgart, Bochum, Landsberg near Halle. 2014 is built the first station in the country: in the Austrian Bruck a production for bitumen sheets will start with 50 employees with an investment of about 18 million, to supply mainly the Eastern European region.

Sales Training Plan And Design


The expert for emotional sell Ingo Vogel has published practical tips on his Web page, what should look for companies on the design of sales training. What should we look for when planning for sales training? In this regard, holder as well as sales and Marketing Director of companies are often uncertain. Therefore, sales trainer and expert on emotional sell Ingo Vogel, Esslingen, on his website has ten values of money practical tips”published what companies in planning, designing and conducting sales training for their seller should pay attention. This is a central Tip: missing expertise you can provide sellers quite easily. Otherwise, it looks at the lust of dealing and talking with other people. You can convey, if it is missing, hard these sellers. Similarly, the personal charisma, which is needed to take people for himself as a salesman. When so mainly the personnel selection.” Another tip is: analyze You, before you schedule training for your seller, what is your business or company.

Is it for example a premium? Is important to you rather rapid turnover or a long-term customer relationship? Should the seller contact customers feel and therefore like to come back? You can derive from such factors, which is especially important to you in the contact seller customer and what skills and traits should therefore have your seller.” Also for the selection of the coach, bird is concrete evidence. So he recommends that companies including: sellers are mostly makers. Lengthy, theoretical babble ‘ gets on her. You want specific tips and quick-start assistance for their daily work. Make sure that the coach committed you speak the language of your seller. Also he should explain his so a man (or woman) practice your employees also on concrete examples from the sales / marketing everyday, why certain things in customer contact are important. In addition he can show them how work such an emotional customer address or a mandatory occurrence.” The complete tips find tips on the Web page interested in the section. “” There the sales coach Ingo Vogel has additional tips including the topics boost sales success “, increase the own charisma as a seller” and customer loyalty increase”was published.

How Do I Become A Model? S.Babel Model Agency Viviennemodels Reveals Tips And Tricks


In his model Advisor “top model” of the Munich model agent makes Sascha Babel for the first time take a look behind the scenes of the model business. Already in the morning going to the kiosk, shine on us numerous, colorful magazine cover with toothpaste smile or trained through body contrary to. In the evening television, model casting shows in search of running after the next top model and reports about the glamorous runways of the world. To be aufgehubscht the desire even of many make up artists and to appear in famous campaigns is rising. Become a model”has become the dream job of a number of young girls. But how Cara Delevigne, Kate Moss or bar Refaeli arrived at such fame and success? How does it stand out from the crowd and start out as international top model? Now it is one answer to all these questions. Sascha Babel, by the modeling agency viviennemodels Munich, published as his model Advisor top model first model agent”.

Here he reveals exclusive tips and tricks, to in the model business to the To reach success and his dream become a model”to carry out. How much earn as a model? Quickly to get to wealth? Sascha Babel white, remains the rapid success in modelling, as well as the quick, big money mostly from. At the beginning of a career salaries with which you can pay just the model apartment prices are normal. You visited model castings per day 6-8 and is rarely posted. Here, patience plays an important role.

A photographer to his muse, or a designer makes you the breakthrough is not his new face. Sascha Babel is the girls who are model want to here with help and advice and gives valuable tips how you can advance his career. For the first time, chatting a German model agent under the covers and reveals what is happening behind the scenes of a modeling agency. Sascha Babel, omits the wealth of his experience will benefit and gives an insight into the everyday life of a model. Viviennemodels in addition to Louisa models in the modeling agency, is one of the most famous Munich model agencies, he represents top models such as Ana Hickman or Andi Muise. In addition, Sascha sits Babel at the largest model castings CMTC in Canada and IMTA in New York City in the jury. Babel explained for girls who want to become model as the perfect snapshot for the application is created or the right outfit for the next casting call model looks. Under his guidance have some models succeeded in the career ladder upward, so the readers of his advisors will do it.