Federal Working Group

Boilerplate BID Federal Working Group real estate Germany is a Federation of the associations of BFW, BVI, DDIV, GdW, IVD, vdp, VGF and ZIA. With the BID, the most important associations of the housing and real estate industry under one roof have to represent substantive positions in common with bundled forces more effectively in public. The BID is a supportive and assertive real estate economic partner to the side of politics and other sectors of the economy, and other associations.. along the lines of nature Baufritz builds environmentally innovative Designhauser from wood for over 115 years. Healthy living and individual architects houses that protect people and the environment arising from high-quality, pollutant tested materials. Baufritz has developed to include over 40 patents and a holistic health concept. As most sustainable house building companies in Germany realized Baufritz sophisticated architecture of the wooden houses with optimum values for climate protection, energy efficiency, home design and healthy building.

2011, the year with the highest order intake was for the Ecohouse company Baufritz since the founding of the company history.. the thinkers Club counts with over 260,000 interdisciplinary decision-makers and creative makers now to the largest business associations in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. He is committed to the goal, interdisciplinary and cross-sector network encoder, rule breakers, encouragement, idea detonators and future Manager. Doing this is it nothing less than a new angle to win, to look outside the box, unusual approaches to generate thought leaders inspired by to leave and to rethink the future. The maverick magazine and over 100 CONTRARIANS events per year give valuable impulses for new ideas, develop business models and future strategies.