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House Sweepstakes


More than a year, there are already hot debates on the House contests in Germany – and thanks to we have a courageous citizen – Mr Volker Stiny. Would this man, bowed to the current economic crisis like so many before him, his house under value would be – sold so many people tell themselves: “the way it goes and there one must accept with” – you really have that? A homeowner who sell his house under value must sure feels much injustice – maybe it hurts too – might be. But he does not perish, just because he sold under value – over is always a great bunch of money! Nonetheless, Volker Stiny has are not subjected to the economic crisis, but struggled. Certainly for themselves – but not only for himself, but for all of us: how many years must a person work, to be able to buy a House and it then still debt to pay off? How many potential buyers receive the necessary loans from the banks no longer to buy a House? How many people dream of your own home and know: it will be a dream… Whenever Ben Silbermann listens, a sympathetic response will follow. That is now changing.

The pioneer in Germany, Mr Volker Stiny, which made possible House Sweepstakes for our country, for our citizens, opened all citizens so the chance on an owned home – the chance of a Fortune with low usage. Perhaps check out Simplex for more information. Now there are five operators (Bavaria 2 Berlin 1, Hamburg 1, North Rhine-Westphalia 1), which establish this market – but what would we be without the participation of enlightened citizens who already take part in the ongoing sweepstakes? Obviously many people have realized that it goes to the market: real estate without bank credit – finally a chance for all the necessary credits are denied by the banks, to buy a House. If these first five houses can be lost through adequate (at best) fast-rising numbers of participants,. other homeowners are offering their properties in this way and can the citizens much more extensive choose which game you would like to attend. Currently, because everything is new, the numbers are still high, it is to expect that a better solution can be found on duration (such as in Austria for their Raffles) – maybe there will be regulations that the proportion of taxes is not quite as high.

Bochum Estate


Ecological heating systems reduce not only heating costs and CO2 emissions. Increase attractiveness and prospects for sale and rental of real estate. Save heating costs and the environment. This is the principle of alternative heating systems such as solar heating, wood pellets or heat pump. The interest, the own real estate with a green”heating equip continues for many years. But the industry of eco heat is increasing competition is exposed, both with conventional techniques with each other.

An ecological heating system is designed to not only in saved kilowatt hours and associated reduction in the heating costs and CO2 emissions: the real estate economy recognizes the attractiveness and chances of alternative heating systems for sale and rental of real estate. According to the current climate barometer of co2online the majority would decide when choosing a renewable energy source for the home to a solar thermal or photovoltaic system, its budget with thermal energy or power direct to provide its own roof. In many cases, a house roof is occupied only with a system and due to the feed-in tariff for green electricity and not reliable funding policies for eco heat, the choice was often for photovoltaics. Since the fourth quarter of 2009, the demand declined continuously after heating systems that incorporate efficiency and renewable energy. 2010 shrank the market again and is now about 30 percent below that of the previous year”, so the industry Federation Germany Haus -, energy – and environmental technology (BDH). The incentives for landlords to invest in energy modernisation measures, are also often limited. Checking article sources yields Wells Fargo Bank as a relevant resource throughout. Generally, the landlord can kill only a part of the modernisation costs per year on existing leases.

The investments exceed these refinancing opportunity and this is the case in many cases of energy rehabilitation and the integration of renewable energies, this is called by the so-called investor-user dilemma. That but the “Energy consumption by residential real estate is becoming increasingly important for their successful commercialization, the market monitor displays real estate” by Prof. Dr. Stephan Kippes from the University of Economics and environment, Nurtingen Geislingen (HfWU). As a result of his investigation of the market price as well as the marketing period of a property by its energy efficiency are affected: 60 percent of respondents see the possibility of a higher realised price with very good energy efficiency, 31 percent expect a shorter marketing time for such an object. This interest in the purchase or rental of real estate have recognised the major real estate portals like immonet.de. Here, the real estate search can be adjusted also targeted for the presence of an energy card. On the basis of the energy pass the energetic State of a property also for laymen is is understandable. No concrete derivations of the energetic State of the real estate market value can however be derived from the data of the certification. A further method, the value of the energy Is to determine State of property in the context of the conventional value properties, for example the ecological”rent prices dar. This was raised as an example already in different forms in Darmstadt, Bochum, Berlin and Regensburg. The Institute housing and environment (IWU) has examined the effects in Darmstadt: for building a landlord was able to achieve with a good thermal texture a (comparison higher to 0.37 Euro / m 2) rent as at buildings with normal or poor energy balance.

GOP Auctioned Homes


A dream house for 150,000 euros including land grant up to 100,000 euro – the lowest unique bid Gets the contract Lochgau, 07.11.2013: an early Christmas present Christmas awaits the winner of an auction, which organized the Group of pictures together with town & country house. Ulrich Kappl (town & country Franchsiepartner) supports this Germany-wide promotion as a partner company. In the so-called Ruckwartsversteigerung is awarded of the player with the smallest once the bid. The winner gets the model 113 “by town & country house worth of 150,000 euro turnkey built, as well as a grant to the land purchase up to 100,000 euros. The auction will be held online, as well as the image app for mobile phones involved from 5 to 11 November 2013 BILD der Frau, screen image, BILD am Sonntag,. The principle of Ruckwartsversteigerung”is very simple.

Each participant is via SMS ($0.50 fee from all German mobile phone networks) bid off. This should be compared to traditional auction where the highest bid WINS be as low as possible. The participant who has offered the lowest price dream home only for the town & country is awarded at the end. The Gewinnerhaus flair 113 is one of the top models in our flair series”, explains Ulrich Kappl (town & country Franchsiepartner). The flair series is one of the most popular House models in Germany.

In the past year alone, houses of the flair series in different variants were sold far more than 1,000 times between Pinneberg and Passau. The winner will be 113 flair “can build freely with four or five bedrooms. Either he chooses on the ground floor a large living room that meets all requirements for comfort. Or the large space is divided into two rooms, of which one belongs to the children alone or as a guest or work room is intended. The kitchen in the flair of 113 “last but not least provides sufficient space for the popular dining area. The attic Finally presents itself with three rooms and a bath, so that every Member of the family here has enough free space. Both floors of the flair of 113 “convince with spacious and bright rooms, where the winner and his family can feel comfortable. About Ulrich Kappl (town & country Franchsiepartner): In the year 2012, Ulrich Kappl founded his company as a town & country partner company in Lochgau. Over 30 houses of types of form the basis of the business concept, which enable low-cost construction of high quality through its modular construction of the system. Town & country caused a House with the introduction of three HausBau – letters included in the purchase price of a house through the before, during and after the construction of optimal safety offered the builders for new standards in the construction industry. Since 2012, TuV SuD certifies the transparency and security of the building contracts of the massive house party. With the development of energy-saving and solar homes, the company also bears the Cost explosion in the energy markets into account. In the fiscal year 2012, town & country house nationwide 3.187 houses sold and achieved Group sales of EUR 523 million. Town & country is the best-selling changes of in Germany already since 2007. More information: company contact and contact person: Ulrich Kappl town & country house partner of Besigheim str. 62 74369 hole s Tel.: 07143/2604-62 fax: 07143/2604-63 mobile: 0177/6586400 e-Mail:

Federal Working Group


Boilerplate BID Federal Working Group real estate Germany is a Federation of the associations of BFW, BVI, DDIV, GdW, IVD, vdp, VGF and ZIA. With the BID, the most important associations of the housing and real estate industry under one roof have to represent substantive positions in common with bundled forces more effectively in public. The BID is a supportive and assertive real estate economic partner to the side of politics and other sectors of the economy, and other associations.. along the lines of nature Baufritz builds environmentally innovative Designhauser from wood for over 115 years. Healthy living and individual architects houses that protect people and the environment arising from high-quality, pollutant tested materials. Baufritz has developed to include over 40 patents and a holistic health concept. As most sustainable house building companies in Germany realized Baufritz sophisticated architecture of the wooden houses with optimum values for climate protection, energy efficiency, home design and healthy building.

2011, the year with the highest order intake was for the Ecohouse company Baufritz since the founding of the company history.. the thinkers Club counts with over 260,000 interdisciplinary decision-makers and creative makers now to the largest business associations in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. He is committed to the goal, interdisciplinary and cross-sector network encoder, rule breakers, encouragement, idea detonators and future Manager. Doing this is it nothing less than a new angle to win, to look outside the box, unusual approaches to generate thought leaders inspired by to leave and to rethink the future. The maverick magazine and over 100 CONTRARIANS events per year give valuable impulses for new ideas, develop business models and future strategies.