Central Training Company

We have to understand a few things about business and the state. First, money is a draw. Second, the state itself as many times threw all that is not a sin and has to bite. This philosophy is flawed before a fall, as the state continues to remain a means of exposure. We working in the state as separate programs in the operating system. How Word for Windows. If you have something starts to not hold the operating system, we change it, but around it is not realistic. It is still some, but necessary. Linux, dos – but something must be work. Same thing with business. You can not work outside the country, no matter what this country was not. Do not like Russia – Go to Zimbabwe, but it will be some sort of state, with some sort of legislative framework and tax. If someone is in force place of birth, residence, conditions are chosen to do business in Russia must follow its laws. Anyway, the country – is a partner in the business. Someone might say that this partnership is imposed. Let think again. He recorded business in this country on their own. And the fact of registration that agree to follow local laws. Of course, some simply did not think about it at the time of registration. This is not an argument, is not it? We’re getting married, not thinking about the consequences. Have children without thinking about consequences. Get a job, without thinking about consequences. Establishes an enterprise, without thinking about consequences. As a result, we have such unpleasant things as divorce, contempt of children sudden dismissal, and some unexpected sit in jail, get into huge debts, almost as slaves, etc. In short – have fun as they want. Innocent do not limit yourself. Of course, we have a recipe. There is a way break the vicious circle and breathe freely. After all, how pleased no one is hiding, to deploy to the whole world marketing wings and not worry about privacy! But there’s a catch. No one who has the situation become critical, not yet coped with it completely without help. The final product – an honest, happy and wealthy businessman, managing a stable, self-developing business. ps So how do you protect yourself if you give a bribe? Answer: “Nothing.” You can protect yourself, but only came out of this game. Remember the words of Jim Carrey from the movie “Liar Liar”, when he was a lawyer, he had to say one day the truth? “Stop breaking the law, man!” Vadim Boys, the owner of the Central Training Company.