Successful Management

You've probably noticed – with the passage of time or not remains unchanged. For example, the economy was in excellent condition, then came the recession. Away from you employee opened a new rival company, employees fired because of downsizing, your advertising has not brought the expected response. You are thinking over whether you should reduce prices, raise them or leave at the same level. Your company can be influenced by many factors, such as positive and negative. We need to control these factors, because it is a good control over the situation in the business determines the quality services to clients.

The most important tool that help you "keep your finger on the pulse of your company and manage the various external and internal factors may be the management on the basis of statistics. For example, Jack Welch, former member of the Board of Directors of Electric, once said that the quality of staff, which he always pays attention – is the ability to restrain the promises and deliver what is required in spite of any obstacles. A check, restrains a person its promises or not, we can analyze the results of its operations. I would like to introduce you to the control system based on statistics developed by the American administrator practitioner L. Ron Hubbard. This system used by hundreds of different companies around the world. It allows you to precisely control the business and manage all its processes. This can be compared to driving. Well, when the driver has instruments showing speed, availability of gasoline, oil level, battery status.