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Russian State Standard Resolution Form


When you register you can specify any number of activities, and eventually you will not have to waste time to make changes to the registration documents. After that NACE codes to find that you will make a statement. Tax NACE classifier uses the Russian State Standard Resolution adopted on November 6, 2001, so it should be used for classification activity. Next you need to determine the size and shape to make the share capital. The minimum capital for limited liability companies is 10,000 rubles, while at the time of registration must be paid not less than 50% while the remaining 50% can be made during the year. Forms of making capital, there are two – the estate and money. To pay for capital in the form of property is necessary to evaluate the property and make an act of evaluation. Property worth less than 20 thousand rubles can be estimated by the founders, otherwise you have an independent appraiser.

The introduction of the share capital in cash by means of the opening of the temporary bank accounts and transferring funds to this account. At the registration stage, I would recommend you to the charter capital in the form of property, as opposed to the money form that does not require extra time, money and emotional costs. After registration, the organization's charter capital may be translated into money. In the next step you need to determine the legal address of the organization. In accordance with the law legal person can be registered for a permanent place of residence of the executive body (the CEO) or one of its founders.

An important aspect of the organization at the opening is the choice of the tax system. There is a general, simplified and imputed tax regimes. Single tax on imputed income (UTII) applies to certain activities registered in the tax code. For Other activities you can choose between the general taxation system (SNS) and the simplified tax system (CNS). If you have answered all the questions posed earlier – it's time to go to completion registration documents. It should be noted that in accordance with the law, "the registration authority does not check for form submissions (with the exception of the application for state registration) and contained in the documents submitted information. " The documents consist of two or more pages, submitted to the registering body in the form of stitched and numbered, and the gluing is written: stitched and numbered so many sheets, the signature of the applicant's name. In a statement all fields must be filled, and unfilled blanks should be. Be careful, give a statement to check to another person, because a small error or typo can result in denial of registration. Applicant's signature on the statement must be placed in front of a notary and certified by them. Now that all documents are ready and tested you can apply them in registration authority. 5 working days your company will be registered, then will need to make printing and open a bank account. Good luck and prosperity to you and your organization!



This article is a practical advice and opinions of the author about the criteria that must match the company for the successful introduction of business over the Internet. It will be useful to all networker, especially those who decided to enter the business on the Internet. Source: Clive Holmes. Thus, less water, more concrete, let us begin … 1. Young company Even an inexperienced person, it is clear that the most money are those who have been the first in the beginning of something. And in If MLM companies, it is especially important.

Not only because the pioneers in the first 1-3 years of existence, the market get 80% of the total income, and because young companies young and a new vision of business! They try to use of new technologies, namely Internet, and to keep pace with the times. Well, if the management of intelligent, then so be it. There is one important thing, it is desirable to join the company, with not an open market, or only in early development of the market, and not as a “guinea pig”, that is, to a company that was a critical barrier in the 3-4 years of existence. 2. American Company (optional) If you work in a global network, we believe that this very important point, since, working in the Internet, you can develop several projects. But for obvious reasons, for this you can discredit to the company. Why is it happen? Because no such law, wherever it was said that you did not “slave” of his company.

Central Training Company


We have to understand a few things about business and the state. First, money is a draw. Second, the state itself as many times threw all that is not a sin and has to bite. This philosophy is flawed before a fall, as the state continues to remain a means of exposure. We working in the state as separate programs in the operating system. How Word for Windows. If you have something starts to not hold the operating system, we change it, but around it is not realistic. It is still some, but necessary. Linux, dos – but something must be work. Same thing with business. You can not work outside the country, no matter what this country was not. Do not like Russia – Go to Zimbabwe, but it will be some sort of state, with some sort of legislative framework and tax. If someone is in force place of birth, residence, conditions are chosen to do business in Russia must follow its laws. Anyway, the country – is a partner in the business. Someone might say that this partnership is imposed. Let think again. He recorded business in this country on their own. And the fact of registration that agree to follow local laws. Of course, some simply did not think about it at the time of registration. This is not an argument, is not it? We’re getting married, not thinking about the consequences. Have children without thinking about consequences. Get a job, without thinking about consequences. Establishes an enterprise, without thinking about consequences. As a result, we have such unpleasant things as divorce, contempt of children sudden dismissal, and some unexpected sit in jail, get into huge debts, almost as slaves, etc. In short – have fun as they want. Innocent do not limit yourself. Of course, we have a recipe. There is a way break the vicious circle and breathe freely. After all, how pleased no one is hiding, to deploy to the whole world marketing wings and not worry about privacy! But there’s a catch. No one who has the situation become critical, not yet coped with it completely without help. The final product – an honest, happy and wealthy businessman, managing a stable, self-developing business. ps So how do you protect yourself if you give a bribe? Answer: “Nothing.” You can protect yourself, but only came out of this game. Remember the words of Jim Carrey from the movie “Liar Liar”, when he was a lawyer, he had to say one day the truth? “Stop breaking the law, man!” Vadim Boys, the owner of the Central Training Company.

America Business


It all depends on the development of venture capital, while in Russia, venture capital funding begins evolve in the future structure of the shares in the venture funds will be aligned in favor of private investors, but it remains only an option, and from it can not escape. And what applies to public money, ourselves understand. There have been cases where people received venture money only on presentation of a paper, and in fact the project looked, no one figured out. But now, of course, such cases do not pass, time is not something people had already umneyut. Nissan recognizes the significance of this. For start a business you must choose where to borrow money, borrow or share parts business. Well in Japan, there is practically zero interest, so a novice businessman does not have to think long to ask for funding, and immediately goes to the bank and get credit for a hundred years under a zero percent APR. Venture fund has to be checked every time business, what team in the business, not whether it perederetsya or any of the stages of work, to think options out of business. What do you think, venture capital funds are interested in your business, no he will not sit on it for decades, will calculate the time of release, sell, and offer investors the money and start a new project. To venture financing, that is, the history of venture capital financing can be attributed, and traveling mariners. is open to suggestions. When Columbus discovered America, it was the same venture capital funding, he recruited other people's money, promised to lead them gold, and you can tell, the project has paid off, but not for Columbus, here's the problem with such a venture fund, and whether to treat him, you think for yourself, you divided your business.

Business Online


That involved take a business from idea to financial freedom and in general, where the business don’t need you more? There are several steps involved to take a business online from the idea all the way to freedom, not only financial if not total freedom, where business depends not more than you and you don’t need to be more present in the business. These steps are not taken into account by the majority of entrepreneurs, either because they have forgotten them, there has been someone who ordered them and translates them into a drawing as clear for execution, or lack of knowledge. These ten steps have been tested and have allowed that many entrepreneurs have managed to free themselves from their business so that the business works on auto-pilot for them and now dedicate their time in activities that complement other areas of their lives and allows them to concentrate on what they are most passionate about. These 10 steps are: 1. It’s believed that Wells Fargo sees a great future in this idea. your entrepreneur.

Most of the people who want to take has no idea what really means to be an entrepreneur. You have to understand the position that you want to take, be clear of the price which must be paid to achieve it. You need to educate yourself to be an entrepreneur. Learn more at this site: Wells Fargo. Questions such as the following should be answered for you: do you know exactly what is an entrepreneur? Do you know what makes a great entrepreneur? Do you know what skills you need to work to improve your business skills? What is necessary to become a true entrepreneur? Your business can grow up where you can grow your. It all starts with the understanding that you’re really an entrepreneur and what you need to be a better entrepreneur. 2 Find an opportunity where is located the dineroEncontrar where you can build your Empire distinguish between an opportunity and a distraction. .



No need to drag on everything that you buy (even the joy of buying may facilitate this “fate”). If you are buying a gift, to make Surprise on a certain day, then your home purchase must still hide somewhere good. When buying goods through an online store, these problems can be solved by themselves. All that is needed – is to click on the interest group goods, and then to the one that you like and you ppoluchite complete information about a product, including all the functional details, dimensions, weight (if this is something great). st websites. After all these short procedures, you will only add selected item to your shopping cart, place your purchase order and specify a shipping address. Everything else will do for you store employees.

Saved three or four hours you can safely devote work, children, loved ones or themselves (not least favorite). On the other hand, being alone with a computer, you are not subject to impulse purchases, which often catch us clever marketers, and the effect of the surrounding crowd. If you are unsure about the choice, we can not rising from a chair, “a run” on other similar stores, compare prices and choose what you really like. Often, online stores offer merchandise at lower prices than the real ones. This is due to the fact that the contents of a “trade points” in the virtual space is cheaper than real, if only because of the lack of the same rent for the premises. By the way, keeping pace with the progress already, and many off-line stores arrange representation (let us familiar language, opening additional offices) on the Internet. Term of delivery order, usually from 30 minutes (ready meals, food and medicines) to one or two days (Other products), if the shop is located in one of your city, and two to three weeks required for the postage – if it’s another city.

This period can be shortened by using the services of courier services, however, Shipping costs, of course, will increase. Many dread and fear stop a pig in a poke, they say, will order one, and bring some nekonditsiyu, and I then I’ll do with it? The main thing to remember: The rules trade has not been canceled regardless of whether it is a real store, with a door and a sign above it, or a virtual screen of your monitor. Trade rules are the same for everyone, including the Law on consumer protection, certification and etc. Statistical studies conducted on the Internet, and backed by experience acquaintances say: everyone who has access to internet-shop later returned to it regularly to this mode of purchase.

Types Of Baggage


The model of value that you select for your next trip will depend on fundamental and mainly of as are you planning your trip. The selection of the appropriate suitcase will simplify you and will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable. If you are planning your next vacation or business trip, it is important that you know what you need to pack, and how you plan to travel, before requesting suitcases providers for your luggage. During his search, don’t forget to check the different sellers of luggage to the wholesale until you find which offers the best prices. Luggage wheeled suitcases with wheels are ideal for vacations that involve air travel. They come in black, grey or dark blue, but as their popularity increases, suitcases providers is inherently more interesting colors to accompany the bags. These cases are particularly easy to find through luggage dealers since they are very common. The original luggage suitcase are the most suitable in the case that you plan a trip in the car.

These suitcases bear more storage than a suitcase with wheels. Handle that possess significantly simplifies the transfer of luggage from one side to another. Go to PayNet for more information. They are also designed to fit in the place of other suitcases. Providers have fewer of this type of luggage due to the growth in popularity of other styles, but you can still find several options, with either the wholesale distributors or retailers on the internet. Silence pad the silence pad are the ideal choice for young explorers and many families used in the performance of his travels. Basically, your comfort and versatility make them suitable to be placed in smaller spaces and occupy less place. Even, you can transport them as if they were a very simple load handbag. You will have the possibility of acquiring silence pad at a good price in the main distributors of pouches.

Bags for clothing business travelers and people who dress is formal in his garment bag viajesUn a piece of baggage that has a shape flat and long. They then meet to protect dresses, preventing them damaging on the trip. Suitcases providers may offer bags that can locate even inside his suitcase. Purchase a wide variety of these products, please visit: portfolio. Find companies engaged in related businesses, click here: directory of companies.

Nielsen Company


Million companies MLM distributors are building successful businesses every day in his spare time. Every day you read about them and maybe you think: If clear that also I would like to do it but I have no time or is the answer you receive when you talk about someone your opportunity MLM business. According to a study by the Nielsen Company, the average person watching television more than 4 hours each day (28 hours per week = 2 months of watching television without stopping every year) in 65 years of life, that person will have spent 9 years glued to the TV! Does this habit is how much you costing: $5,000 per year? $10,000 a year? More? Changing your habit of watching TV and invest those extra hours in your own MLM business you could make you rich! Stay with these data so that the next time someone tells you’d like, but I have no time, you show them. And you do are investing enough time to build your MLM business?

Build a MLM business 20 years ago was totally different from today. The people did not have mobile phones, messages of text, internet, computers, skype, email, websites, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Therefore the most common way of communicating the benefits of starting an own business was doing face to face one person at a time. With so many advantages, we should think that the best time to build a MLM business is really now! But you’re investing enough time to build your MLM business? According to statistics carried out recently, the following data could be obtained: 17% of distributors working less than 5 hours by semana26% of distributors work between 5 to 10 hours by semana20% of distributors working between 10 to 15 hours by semana15% of distributors working between 15-20 hours per week does that demonstrate these numbers? Simply that despite having all the tools and the technology at our fingertips, and knowing that we have the possibility to earn money according to our efforts; a large percentage of people unfortunately does not do what should be done to have build your MLM business and achieve good results in this profession. And you are investing each week enough time to achieve the success you want? It may be necessary to refer to the first part of this article so you can see that the syndrome of No have time is not a valid excuse, because currently million business MLM distributors are building successful businesses in their spare time. If you do with yourself committed to invest consistently for at least 8 to 10 hours per week in productive activities: prospecting, presenting, and duplicate you’ll see how soon you begin to see results.

Getaway Fast


Do you need to feel the Sun, sea and sand, in a short time? We suggest seven extraordinary places to give you a caprichito on the beach. Learn more at: Wells Fargo Bank. BarcelonBusca among the hundreds of flights to Barcelona, and only 10 minutes from downtown you can enjoy more than 4 kms of golden sand, for all tastes: kite surfing, volleyball and feast on the beach of Barceloneta, or relaxation and Mediterranean breeze on beautiful Icaria beach or nudist new beautiful sea area. At night, visit any of their innumerable areas of progress, or stroll around town, still more beautiful and less warmly, that day. TenerifeGracias to the proper temperature and abundant sunshine throughout the year, this is a perfect place for a quick getaway in search of beaches. The sand beach (Super cala), Costa Adeje, the tourist beach of Las Americas or El Medano, are good examples of places to sunbathe and bathe in very good waters. Still enjoying a short holiday, give you time to enjoy at night.

Throughout the island, especially the South, you It offers entertainment, dancing and possible romances on premises of excellent quality. Palma, MallorcFamosa by its offer of Sun and beach tourism, you will find beautiful coves and beaches along its coastline, in addition to the same capital. Search for flights to Palma and he knows this city of incomparable architecture, paid for the paradise of excellent white sand beaches, such as Cala Major, Garden City or a little further it is Trenc. In addition, throughout the summer the city invites a wide range of leisure and gastronomy. New York, USA despite being one of the cities most populated in the world, NY has many good beaches, where absent from the busy life of the Center. Coney Island, in Brooklyn, is a benchmark for sunbathing, thanks to the popular and beautiful Brighton Beach and Manhattan Beach.

Network Marketing


Today I want to talk about the three kinds of people in the world. The first kind of person, are those that depend on a salary, a job, which are from 7, 8 or 9 am to 6 , 8, 9 pm, and that’s all day, for months to collect a salary, that is they are people who exchange money wages, many of them even have three jobs in order to get some more money. These people are found in the so-called rat race, ie as in the wheel are mounted where a rat and this runs and runs and runs, making a great effort, to the end not getting anywhere. The second group are those who have a business, they are your own boss, but guess what, employees end up turning your own business, why? Because they also have to exchange time for money, have to be present in your business to generate profits, and the day they decide not to open for no gain, no gain and if they do not eat. JPMorgan Chase: the source for more info. As you can see are also like a wheel of rats, where run and run and do not go anywhere, but the good thing is that I decided to do something different to earn income with your own business. Now the third group of people, business owners are those who earn their money so they are not working, so this does not occur in their business, and receive these residual income. What is residual income?. This is to talk about a topic a bit long, but say in summary: The people in the first group and second group are linear income.

linear income are those who receive for their work, ie there must always be to win, always have to open your business to win. People in the third group receive their income on a residual, ie not have a need to be present at your business in order to receive your winnings. That is roughly the difference between linear income and residual income but And who are these people? The third group? Are those people who have their business work automatically, they made one see the work and receive a monthly income of a residual. Among these are the people who invest in the stock market, they buy stocks sell stocks and make your money work for them. Others are people who have a building and rented apartments, you see they did one see the job, hired a engineer, architects, builders etc, then rent the apartments, and receive monthly payment of all rents that my friends are residual income. The authors of books and songs also receive residual income for your records. But there is an activity that also gives you these great benefits of residual income, and is the MLM or Network Marketing. Belonging to a multilevel company automatically enrolled in the third group, where you have your own business, doing a good job you see one, and you get residual income for life. Now I ask you a question: Your in which group are you?

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