Water Coolers And Purifiers

Cooler – a device for obtaining potable water with built-in water purification. Cooler used to obtain drinking water by purification of tap water. Setting the cooler, you get drinking water reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration. – By type of installation – on floor and table. – By type – with a storage tank without a tank. How does the cooler? Tap water enters the filtering system. After completion of all stages of treatment, she falls into the storage tank, located under the upper lid cooler, and from it – in tanks of hot and cold water. In models without storage rezervura rises above the norm.

The advantages of cooler: – Cost-effectiveness of using – you control the quality of the water, because the system is clean in your home or office – in contrast to the cooler dispenser more Selecting reliable cooler is directly dependent on the location where you plan to install the device. – Private homes and businesses located outside the city. You fit cooler with reverse osmosis (RO). They carefully purify water from bacteria and viruses, as well as the hardness. – Companies, an apartment in the city. Tap water is supplied to us in purified form, but it is chlorine.

Therefore, the most podhodhodyaschy option – cooler with an ultra filtration (UF). Ultrafiltration to purify water, remove the smell of chlorine, while maintaining the normal balance of minerals. – Small kitchen. The best option – table cooler. It does not take a lot of space and water quality is no different from what produces cooler floor. – Office, an entity with a large number of employees. Cooler with a storage tank, perfect for the office. All employees office will always obnespecheny pure hot / cold water.