Viral Advertising

Research Agency BRA-VO show that the credibility of traditional advertising decreases very fast pace – with 12% in 2006 to 7% in 2007 and this year will be and what below. And no wonder: every one of us at least once yielded euphoric promises of a TV screen or even from the pages of famed magazine and naively bought some stuff. We felt cheated. We did not like it. We no longer believe the advertising at all, preferring buy a product, already tested on someone knew. Now we have become more aware, we have a wide choice and easy access to multiple information sources.

Therefore, choose Internet advertising. First of all, it is convenient – Almost every employee at work has access to a worldwide "web". A most important advantage of the choice of online information, that when he saw a novelty, it is possible to exchange views with the same as they do, consumers "do not on the spot. " And, therefore, to obtain reliable, verified information. Thus, the increased popularity of electronic advertising is challenging the traditional media.

You can not buy attention and a good attitude Consumer bright pictures and the stars in commercials on television. Need feedback. Manufacturers and distributors need to know the opinion of consumers about their products or services to make adjustments in corporate policy and marketing strategy, taking into account the suggestions and criticisms of "mere mortals". Simply put, be open to fresh ideas and suggestions. In the current situation in the advertising market can be developed competent and successful advertising campaign only, based on consumer opinion. And the advertising agency BRA-VO is ready to assist you in this not easy work And finally the most important advantage: the Internet is easy track the results of the campaign. If potential customers have been slow to click "mouse" on your banner or video, you will immediately know about it – you have online stat calls. You can lead a daily and long-term records, quickly making timely adjustments. People have long moved from horses to cars, realizing the benefits of speed and convenience. The advertising market too cheerfully keeps pace with the progress, not Keep up and you – Be always the first