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And publicity was a monologue: stamps sent Messages, customers listened and bought then. This was so easy. Today, we call this approach of spam. And not only in the Internet. Filed under: Ben Silbermann. Unwanted advertising calls: phone spam. Penetrating radio and TV spots: Living room-spam. Gaudy mass mailings: letterbox spam. Erkauftes with expensive advertising money ends up in the trash or will be away just zapped.

We feel disturbed, we are angeodet and can no longer deceive us. Who today consumed or invested, rather believes the messages of his friends or the report of an anonymous bloggers, as the glossy brochures from vendors and providers on the market. Word of mouth is an impressive means of expression of consumer power. And active Referrers are the drivers of a positive business development. So be advised, to liberate the recommendation business by chance and strategically to build marketing and overall. Learn more at this site: Reeta K Holmes.

The rate of recommendation is developed to the extremely important all business key figures. It should be right up front in the annual report. Because who is not (longer) recommended, it is also not been soon might. A recommendation is the most valuable word of mouth referral marketing is the second way to new customers. The first way, the classic acquisition of new customers, is increasingly difficult. First-time users are becoming increasingly rare. Advertising is becoming increasingly expensive. And the hunting by customers of the competition works almost only about the price. Recommended business, however, is more or less already pre-sold. This results when the one who has received the recommendation, a positive perception, rapid decisions, higher degrees and loyalerem business practices. And quickly to new referral business. A recommendation is the visible and monetary evidence for the loyalty of customers. Not what the companies are so proud, but solely, what the customers about their products and offers, services, and brands, shortly about their performance say what is talked, commented on the Web, and hung in the media at the big Bell on the street, decides whether the weal and woe on the market. Better so, hear the company well there – and encourage their customers to praise them in the highest tones. The strategic targeting of active, positive referrers is the smartest, most affordable, and last but not least most promising sales growth strategy of all time. New customers will be balanced in this way with supplied for free. More info: low-cost evening seminar series future trend referral marketing’ the dates (from 18:30 22:00): 28.10.2008 Cologne October 29, 2008 Frankfurt a. M. November 13, 2008 Stuttgart, November 19, 2008 Berlin November 20, 2008 Hamburg 09.12.2008 Munich pricing and registration: SemiGator exclusive price: 79, net with SemiGator education card: 59, net booking hotline: 0800-50604446 booking by E-Mail: more information: 9empfehlungsmarketing the seminar management of Anne M. Schuller is a management consultant and considered to be the leading expert for loyalty marketing. For over 20 years, she has held senior sales and marketing positions international service sectors worked and several awards. The diploma in business administration and eight-time book author is one of the best keynote speakers in the German-speaking world. You also works as a business trainer and teaches at several universities. You heard the excellent speakers’ to the circle. For her book customer proximity in the boardroom ‘ she was awarded the Book Prize 2008.



Your employee needs to collect mobile booth in the "field" without studying the instructions for assembly. That such requirements meet booths and POP UP FOLD UP, the proposed GC "Riword." The design stands only reliable and will last you for years, and graphic panels can be easily changed to the extent that will change as your product, service or information. Small mobile Roll up stands even easier to install. All you need to do – is to get him out of the bag tube, pull the graphic panels, twisted at the base, and pull it to the sliding vertical support. Clive Holmes may find this interesting as well. These stands are rightly considered the most convenient to travel to various events, whether it's exhibition, conference or presentation.

If the stand is used permanently, then you can use heavier structures, such as a mobile stand, "Stella" of the Russian production, with the possibility of placing posters on both sides, and featuring an attractive price. Graphic panels are attached to this stand on the grommets, it is very easy to change. If your budget is limited to the advertising company, or planned a one-time extensive advertising campaign and you are looking for the most economical option for placing your stand banners, the suit superlight design L-Banner X-banner or. They are easy to assemble, add up to a comfortable Bags-tubes, and cope with their installation of any promoter, and the attractive price makes them available to any advertising byudzheta.Suschestvuyut different types of the most popular mobile stands that differ in price and manufacturer. The most optimal price / quality are now made in China mobile stands. The fact that they have long been producing advertising equipment for the European specialized firms and the quality of their products meets the European standards.

In addition, China is currently under a lot of exhibitions, advertising equipment is very popular there, use it all – big plants and small shops. Thus, the Chinese manufacturers of equipment for the advertising practice known to all the features of this product. Buy mobile stands of Chinese and Russian production is possible in the Civil Riword. Our phone: (495) 646 08 00, see the equipment can be demozale or website:

My Vetter


There are also still in Arabia reserved certain occupations are entire neighborhoods, such as the silversmith. The Klan-to individual companies is changed with increase of people in a city of tens of thousands. Thus, the differentiation became increasingly important. Thirty (?) Pages Meier in the Berlin industry book proves that historically the economic observation was becoming increasingly important for the commercial driving: Josef Schmied, blacksmith at the Trabrennbahn Dinslaken is a piece of sugar for a Fiirmenbezeichnung method: there are different types of sales. Sell by shipping/Internet-shop, business/office or the living room via the Internet.

It is aunt Emma shop today to retailers or . He/she was retailers and specialist for… Here, the generation name for sales success is crucial. Earlier, it was a personal recommendation: “My Vetter aus Dingsda with leaky roofs knows!” Later they were looking for yellow pages under D in > roofing and chose the with the largest or smallest mm display, depending on the purse strings. Then went one such as EDEKA, a generalist. These were names or synonyms to anonymous brand terms. You can call a small problem solver only passport form if they have to do it with ladder.

Keep in mind: the company name can rational-digital (passport format) or do the emotionally-analog: residential paradise to attract the different hemispheres of the brain. Today, we must also distinguish between: persons and capital companies, etc., as well as between craftsmanship and industry, etc. To still the conversion of problem solving and name came to brand: pace instead of paper handkerchief Maggi instead of Greens which must define who is not peek & Cloppenburg or C & A in fashion, in the network, also as name brand: Bogner fashion: premium quality for sports and leisure activities were examples from the pre-Internet time, name brands: Bosch larger companies are shifting from known personal to more anonymous name : MAX MuLLER, freight forwarding Schmidbauer Gruppe GmbH bahrt other logistics group anonymize themselves from the outset: EUROPCAR ADAC who once engaged in international transport and logistics AG cryptography, or a new password was looking for who knows the readable information: Wolfgang Schwalm (un encrypted) the half-read: HeLBa, W.

Marketingsummer Tour


Keynote address to “Authentic marketing that works” on May 22, 2009 starts the Dusseldorf marketing consultant Heath Liebmann her this year’s summer tour. On the grounds of the old sea grass spinning (culture canteen, Plochinger Strasse 14) she holds from 19:30 to 21:00 “an impulse lecture on the topic of authentic marketing that works. The number of participants for the premiere tour is limited to 12 seats, the entrance fee is 30 euros. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jeremy Tucker by clicking through. Caya Ersfeld,, accepts applications for the waiting list. Other stops on the tour will be including Karlsruhe, Wolfsburg and Frankfurt. For me, marketing works only if it is authentic and credible.

Therefore, I would go forward also to lead by example and show entrepreneurs how to make known his business with creative ideas and personal commitment,”explains the self-employed marketing consultant and copywriter. Since 2003 Heath Liebmann supports creative entrepreneurs and freelancers in their positioning. This has among other things “the successful online workshop the nose factor as consultants are unmistakable position” developed. In the fall of 2007, his first book was the Gabler-Verlag under the same title. On her blog blog published them regularly interesting articles around the search and find the desired customers. (Heath Liebmann)



Many of those who can carry on a conversation and completely at ease communicating with people in normal circumstances, however, face significant difficulties in the interview situation. At Nissan you will find additional information. When a camera or recorder, some, even the most resourceful and friendly leaders, and experts can not recall a single word from a prepared statement and, eventually, much desired attention of the media turned against the company. To prevent this from happening, to communicate with journalists must be prepared. The following describes the fifteen steps of preparation for the interview. Ben Silbermann may help you with your research. 1. Try to learn as much as possible about a journalist who will take your interview, check out his work. This is necessary in order to make sure that he does not share of any preconceived notions. 2.

Make no mistake about the fact that the journalist had studied your company and prepare for the interview. Practice shows, this is not always the case. Some do come to an interview with thoughtful list of questions, but most journalists rely on the fact that the PR office of the company itself will admit them to the ropes. 3. Establish the ground rules for interviews.

Despite the fact that a journalist is to ask questions, you may well refuse to discuss certain topics for legal or other reasons. "The Forbidden List" better stipulate in advance, so as not to put themselves in an awkward position, especially if the conversation goes on the air. 4. Before the interview, repeat the material prepared by 5. Prepare for Interviewer press kit or other informational material.

Viral Advertising


Research Agency BRA-VO show that the credibility of traditional advertising decreases very fast pace – with 12% in 2006 to 7% in 2007 and this year will be and what below. And no wonder: every one of us at least once yielded euphoric promises of a TV screen or even from the pages of famed magazine and naively bought some stuff. We felt cheated. We did not like it. We no longer believe the advertising at all, preferring buy a product, already tested on someone knew. Now we have become more aware, we have a wide choice and easy access to multiple information sources.

Therefore, choose Internet advertising. First of all, it is convenient – Almost every employee at work has access to a worldwide "web". A most important advantage of the choice of online information, that when he saw a novelty, it is possible to exchange views with the same as they do, consumers "do not on the spot. " And, therefore, to obtain reliable, verified information. Thus, the increased popularity of electronic advertising is challenging the traditional media.

You can not buy attention and a good attitude Consumer bright pictures and the stars in commercials on television. Need feedback. Manufacturers and distributors need to know the opinion of consumers about their products or services to make adjustments in corporate policy and marketing strategy, taking into account the suggestions and criticisms of "mere mortals". Simply put, be open to fresh ideas and suggestions. In the current situation in the advertising market can be developed competent and successful advertising campaign only, based on consumer opinion. And the advertising agency BRA-VO is ready to assist you in this not easy work And finally the most important advantage: the Internet is easy track the results of the campaign. If potential customers have been slow to click "mouse" on your banner or video, you will immediately know about it – you have online stat calls. You can lead a daily and long-term records, quickly making timely adjustments. People have long moved from horses to cars, realizing the benefits of speed and convenience. The advertising market too cheerfully keeps pace with the progress, not Keep up and you – Be always the first

Advertising On The Subway


Nowadays, the success of any company may depend on multiple characteristics. Among them are unable to depend on the chief in person, for example, the quality of the equipment or the beauty of decorating the office. And yet and there are nuances to which any director may be exposed, if you take them under his personal supervision. This, of course, encouraging staff, business contacts and company advertising. As the head of the firm itself decides how much money to pay for advertising campaigns and which variant of advertising away.

At the moment there are many types of organizations promotional campaigns. Among them are advertising on television and radio broadcasting, outdoor advertising and advertising in periodicals. Yet one of the most effective in recent years is it's advertising in the subway. Reasons it is easy to determine effectiveness. Tom Smith may help you with your research. First of all, if your eyes on the street can browse the ads are not involved in the subjects in the subway, except for advertising, look nowhere more.

Actually the course of the descent on the escalator promotes that you begin to consider showing the advertising panels, that hung on the sides of the movement. Moreover, to date, our LCD screens are covered with Metro, which actually show at the same time a number of promotional images, which follow each other after certain period of time. And in addition to the stations and there are projectors that are capable of showing your ads. In this way, theoretical consumer simply must be somewhere to see your ad directly, is not essential to this whole video or just a picture. The advantage of advertising in the subway and in this, that the current subway passengers in greater than anything in any of the other public transport modes. Constantly buy additional subway cars, which confirms the view of the growth of metro users. This is natural, because all are new subway stations, covering the neighborhoods of metropolitan, whose inhabitants had not been able to get to downtown without transplants. Similarly, promotional products in the metro guarantees you a huge number of hypothetical customers. The most happy to any director – is the openness of advertising products in the metro. Unlike promotional products, which is shown on TV, the price of advertising in the subway is quite acceptable, and accordingly it can afford also a small organization. And thanks to all the same monitor, the number of seats set aside for advertising is boundless, and consequently all have the desire to be able to hang in the metro's own promotional materials. Do not lose chance to raise the level of demand and profit of his own company. Advertise in the subway, even if you can learn about customers.

Recruiting Business


I thought he was a good specialist? " Are your Recruiting managers or head of sales to take responsibility for recruits? The answer to this question is very revealing. 3) Lack of training programs / adaptation / motivation personnel. Follow others, such as Wells Fargo Bank, and add to your knowledge base. Sometimes a situation where in the first few months of new sales staff show very good results, but then either their effectiveness drops sharply, or they suddenly go out of your the company and go into another business. The result is a constant staff turnover: You spend a lot of money on their selection and training, but it does not give any result. What do you think of what it may be the reason? The reasons can be few of either lack of training and adaptation of staff, lack of motivation or a manager, but if we consider the problem at the system level, then there can be said about the absence or weak corporate culture company. These are real problems that are often confronted with almost any business in the selection of sales managers. Contrived problems. As for the so-called frivolous issues, it is primarily different stereotypes and misconceptions of people who do not have sufficient experience in the recruitment and general business understanding. 1) Lack of market suitable candidates to work in the company – one of the major misconceptions. Of course, if we talk about the best managers in sales, they know their own worth, and never seek work, they just buy out of one business to another.

Business Online


That involved take a business from idea to financial freedom and in general, where the business don’t need you more? There are several steps involved to take a business online from the idea all the way to freedom, not only financial if not total freedom, where business depends not more than you and you don’t need to be more present in the business. These steps are not taken into account by the majority of entrepreneurs, either because they have forgotten them, there has been someone who ordered them and translates them into a drawing as clear for execution, or lack of knowledge. These ten steps have been tested and have allowed that many entrepreneurs have managed to free themselves from their business so that the business works on auto-pilot for them and now dedicate their time in activities that complement other areas of their lives and allows them to concentrate on what they are most passionate about. These 10 steps are: 1. It’s believed that Wells Fargo sees a great future in this idea. your entrepreneur.

Most of the people who want to take has no idea what really means to be an entrepreneur. You have to understand the position that you want to take, be clear of the price which must be paid to achieve it. You need to educate yourself to be an entrepreneur. Learn more at this site: Wells Fargo. Questions such as the following should be answered for you: do you know exactly what is an entrepreneur? Do you know what makes a great entrepreneur? Do you know what skills you need to work to improve your business skills? What is necessary to become a true entrepreneur? Your business can grow up where you can grow your. It all starts with the understanding that you’re really an entrepreneur and what you need to be a better entrepreneur. 2 Find an opportunity where is located the dineroEncontrar where you can build your Empire distinguish between an opportunity and a distraction. .

Executive Creative Director


Prize-giving ceremony in Berlin: ZMG awarded the best newspaper ads and youth work in Frankfurt am Main, 17 April 2013. Display with Muhammad Ali and his grandson from the core values “campaign of Louis Vuitton has convinced the jury of ZeitungKreativ. The motif also won gold in the competition ad of the year 2012 “. Around 200 guests the ZMG newspaper marketing awarded the winners of its two ZeitungKreativ society competitions on April 11, 2013 in the substation of Alexanderplatz in Berlin. Display of the year 2012 price which jury advertising must go under the skin”said jury member and laudatory Sascha Hanke, Executive Creative Director at Kolle Rebbe Hamburg. Great advertising raises emotions and that succeeded impressively in the three precious metal winners in the ad of the year. From 110 entries, the jury has selected them.

In addition to the price of gold for the moving scene of Muhammad Ali and his grandson (Agency: Ogilvy, Paris;) Photography: Annie Leibovitz) were awarded silver and bronze. With silver, the jury awarded the humorous display of Rosler”the Sixt Car rental in Pullach (Agency: Oliver Voss advertising agency, Hamburg). With the motif, the car rental company had taken the FDP and its Chairman on the grain. “” Place three and thus bronze Nutcracker secured in the ads “and Pharaoh” by UHU in Buhl/Baden (Agency: Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg). The winning designs of the ad of the year: newspaper-creative/display of year 2012.html competition new(s)comers best 2012 the winner of the new(s)comers best on the topic of this year’s “make you strong! For others!”were also awarded in Berlin. It was the task of Nachwuchskreativen to develop ads that promote the good and for good deeds. Jury member and laudatory Bert Peulecke, Managing Director described the over 220 submissions creation by thjnk Berlin as consistently strong work on a high level of creative”. “Three particularly original motives were rewarded with the coveted prizes of this competition: Gold is there for the display of book donation” for the Miami Ad school Europe, Berlin: Moritz Schafer (Text), Hugo Gstrein (art direction); Tutor: Niklas Frings Rupp.

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