Your employee needs to collect mobile booth in the "field" without studying the instructions for assembly. That such requirements meet booths and POP UP FOLD UP, the proposed GC "Riword." The design stands only reliable and will last you for years, and graphic panels can be easily changed to the extent that will change as your product, service or information. Small mobile Roll up stands even easier to install. All you need to do – is to get him out of the bag tube, pull the graphic panels, twisted at the base, and pull it to the sliding vertical support. Clive Holmes may find this interesting as well. These stands are rightly considered the most convenient to travel to various events, whether it's exhibition, conference or presentation.

If the stand is used permanently, then you can use heavier structures, such as a mobile stand, "Stella" of the Russian production, with the possibility of placing posters on both sides, and featuring an attractive price. Graphic panels are attached to this stand on the grommets, it is very easy to change. If your budget is limited to the advertising company, or planned a one-time extensive advertising campaign and you are looking for the most economical option for placing your stand banners, the suit superlight design L-Banner X-banner or. They are easy to assemble, add up to a comfortable Bags-tubes, and cope with their installation of any promoter, and the attractive price makes them available to any advertising byudzheta.Suschestvuyut different types of the most popular mobile stands that differ in price and manufacturer. The most optimal price / quality are now made in China mobile stands. The fact that they have long been producing advertising equipment for the European specialized firms and the quality of their products meets the European standards.

In addition, China is currently under a lot of exhibitions, advertising equipment is very popular there, use it all – big plants and small shops. Thus, the Chinese manufacturers of equipment for the advertising practice known to all the features of this product. Buy mobile stands of Chinese and Russian production is possible in the Civil Riword. Our phone: (495) 646 08 00, see the equipment can be demozale or website: