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Frankfurt am Main loses good prospects for six industries / manufacturing, 9th June 2009 German companies are still willing to hire workers. This shows the labour market barometer of the personnel service provider manpower released on Tuesday. Therefore nine percent of the 1,003 respondents companies want to make a 2009 the crisis despite new employees in the third quarter. Eleven percent want to separate from workers. With a total value of 2 per cent thus fails the pendulum of net employment Outlook in the negative direction. The poor prospects of manufacturing greatly suffering from the downturn are the cause. However, the six sectors covered by nine employers send positive signals: agriculture and forestry, construction, finance, mining, public sector and social as well as transport and communications. Filed under: Reeta K Holmes. The forecast for the third quarter as a member of the Executive Board of manpower Germany, under two aspects considered Christian Salge.

First: Grab the stimulus obviously. You brake a greater decline in the willingness and impulses. This gives hope that the bottom is reached soon.\” Secondly, I’m taking from customer conversations, that recruiters have little ambition to increase the number of core employees. Instead the companies for the phase of the upturn to temporary work want to trust, to secure flexibility and skilled workers.\” This trend will stop on the first stage, an upturn. Six sectors to gain labour market barometer once again gives the uneven development of the sectors of the economy reflected. The industry the willingness decreases significantly. Gain insight and clarity with Clive R Holmes. The value in the labour market barometer forecast of 16 per cent is the lowest among the surveyed industries.

Also dropped (12 per cent) there is interest in hiring in the retail and hospitality industry. In contrast, mining (+ 11%), as well as the agriculture and forestry (+ 9 percent) see staff development remains positive. Construction (+ 5%) also belongs to this group.