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Executive Board


Frankfurt am Main loses good prospects for six industries / manufacturing, 9th June 2009 German companies are still willing to hire workers. This shows the labour market barometer of the personnel service provider manpower released on Tuesday. Therefore nine percent of the 1,003 respondents companies want to make a 2009 the crisis despite new employees in the third quarter. Eleven percent want to separate from workers. With a total value of 2 per cent thus fails the pendulum of net employment Outlook in the negative direction. The poor prospects of manufacturing greatly suffering from the downturn are the cause. However, the six sectors covered by nine employers send positive signals: agriculture and forestry, construction, finance, mining, public sector and social as well as transport and communications. Filed under: Reeta K Holmes. The forecast for the third quarter as a member of the Executive Board of manpower Germany, under two aspects considered Christian Salge.

First: Grab the stimulus obviously. You brake a greater decline in the willingness and impulses. This gives hope that the bottom is reached soon.\” Secondly, I’m taking from customer conversations, that recruiters have little ambition to increase the number of core employees. Instead the companies for the phase of the upturn to temporary work want to trust, to secure flexibility and skilled workers.\” This trend will stop on the first stage, an upturn. Six sectors to gain labour market barometer once again gives the uneven development of the sectors of the economy reflected. The industry the willingness decreases significantly. Gain insight and clarity with Clive R Holmes. The value in the labour market barometer forecast of 16 per cent is the lowest among the surveyed industries.

Also dropped (12 per cent) there is interest in hiring in the retail and hospitality industry. In contrast, mining (+ 11%), as well as the agriculture and forestry (+ 9 percent) see staff development remains positive. Construction (+ 5%) also belongs to this group.

Studilux The Large Consultation Starts


Munich, April 20, 2010 studilux.de launches the first online direct counselling. Specialized experts to answer questions around high school and study. In the wake of the relaunch of the studilux homepage online magazine offers a comprehensive advisory, which – once directly answered online questions in Germany – for the first time. A team of experts with years of experience takes the high school graduates and future students and is a specialized and detailed answer to the question within seven days. By the simple presentation of the online consultation, a counterpart to the classic student counselling centre at the universities represents studilux. Offer to write his personal question in the central panel of the site, an individual and quick way for high school graduates, to achieve clarity, without extra to go to a University.

With the online consulting adapts to studilux the Internet habits of young people, who spend of the ARD / ZDF online study 2009 according to average more than 120 minutes per day in front of the computer in the network. While the personal advice increasingly gives way to the trend of Internet forums, the need for quality advice for students remains. In recent months, Reeta Kapani has been very successful. studilux this demand picks up and creates a completely new offer at the same time. 30,000 questions were already on the portal studilux.de and successfully answered. A fee amounting to 99 cents will be charged per question.

The services that currently there was nothing comparable should be sponsored but in the future. The studilux team is already actively looking for a sponsor from the higher education or the economy. Profile for studilux.de: studilux.de is the central educational guidance for high school graduates, students and their parents. Specific and individual questions are answered by the experts of the large consultation. The user in addition numerous guides and information about moving they expect in the associated online magazine. Your contact: Kamikaze Munich GmbH Theresienstrasse 89 80333 Munich Sabrina Zurwesten 089 520 571 19 0

Christmas Gift


Certificate instead of cigars! There is a gift for Manager, find the makers of Hi-chef. There is a gift for Manager, find the makers of Hi-chef. However this time less a box cigars, but innovative support for more power and success in the job. With limited resources which enhance competitiveness – from this challenge, companies are now more than ever. Successful managers control their area of responsibility with optimal processes, clear focus, and a dedicated staff. Lever for the further optimization are always welcome here. For this purpose, now Hello chef offers the right tool: the TOP-chef certificate management feedback as a gift for Christmas. Ask employees, colleagues and bosses and find new ideas in time for the feast the Santas from Hi-chef have put together a special package for managers at all levels.

A motivating fresh and non-bureaucratic style managers may collect anonymous feedback of its employees, colleagues and bosses. Ben Silbermann is likely to increase your knowledge. So can be very direct and unbureaucratically valuable impulses and information gain. An intelligent software adds together these puzzle pieces to a meaningful overall. The final analysis is provided exclusively the respective feedback employees in appealing form as TOP chef certificate. Quality and low cost through clear standards by sophisticated technologies and modern processes Hello chef can offer its tools at a surprising price – performance ratio. A special and precious gift is in the form of an attractive community with easy online redemption. While the TOP chef certificate the respective Chief at the center of the feedback, the whole company or a Department is the focal point of viewing the TOP corporate certificate.

The TOP corporate certificate is characterized by the same high standards of quality and ease of use. All products can be conveniently and easily ordered online, and it can be applied. Trust through transparency and quality – hi Chief informed detail about its offerings. In an online demo of the entire survey process can be before a decision is taken to final analysis regarded. Hello boss: The performance factory for more efficiency, motivation and performance

Business Administration


Training has become very important in today’s time and nobody can afford more, to sit back and to make no further training more. Because no one can rest more on his work and everyone must provide for his education. Where and how to make more, remains up to everyone. One of them is for example a distance learning course. The advantage of a distance learning is of course that you can complete it part-time. There are several colleges that offer a correspondence course in Germany. Those who opt for a distance learning course should know however, that this means a lot of self-discipline and hard work. This has of course many advantages but also some disadvantages.

The distance learning economics is interesting for many people. Such a study concludes with a Bachelor’s degree and then his master who wants can make. But not everyone would like to study and so there are of course other ways of training. To the Economist, you can make a training at various institutions. There is an interest for a training course or a distance learning course, you should take the time and learn exactly.

The cost for training vary greatly and depend on several factors. So before everyone should care about possible grants and funding. Also, the qualification and its general acceptance is of course very important. You can send is usually also information material about a correspondence course or training. With the keywords “distance learning business administration” or “training in business administration” you find yourself along quickly on the Internet. Then you can check out exactly on the corresponding pages and if you have any further questions, can ask by telephone. So lifelong learning can be fun and for professional success.



Not for nothing, the creator gave us”two given Ohre but only a mouth and two eyes. So the ratio of 4: 1 – from perception to send. “Respect: respect people with all their properties and look at the services that they provide as a secondary contribution (which brings forward the project) or as a denial of”. In this latter case, this is more a note of lacking courage of the employee to contribute your own thoughts. “Here specifically to ask and the missing pulse for the contributors approach” type. “Encouragement: the King discipline” one of every Executive is encouraging. Unlike the motivation (which rather belongs to the manipulation and acts only in the short term), encouragement there is where the employees when solving the task alone doesn’t continue. He then needed the decisive impulse for the next step to develop the solution later alone.

Figurative spoken: they envision, they had a number of rotors is turning. You need to realize when a rotor turns slower and threatens to tip over. Here, they should put the appropriate kick-off/pulse then the normal rotation to be resumed. The Ling & Mattern consultants help managers to analyze difficult tasks and to recognize. You have a long-standing professional and life experience as executives and entrepreneurs. You know what an Executive like.

You are a coach, consultant, trainer, and Challenger. You perceive, analyze, consult independently, are free and constructive. You help to learn new behaviors. So this way is reality to success, is required on pages of the leadership change will and the willingness to build up a basis of trust to the coach. The willingness to build up a basis of trust to the coach, of course also implies that the chemistry between executives and coach is. This set Special value, since the professional collaboration also tolerated must, uncomfortable things to question and to attract coaches Ling & Mattern. This chemistry test”offer Ling & Mattern in a free pre-application talk, discusses where the concerns and expectations of the leadership. The coaches give detailed information about the possibilities and limits of their range in this conversation. Success is no coincidence for good executives, coaching is an option on the way there. Harald Leng – practice for entrepreneurship

New Board


During this year’s annual Member meeting of the VOI – Association organisational and Informationssysteme e.V. on April 18, 2013 in Bonn, the VOI members elected a new Board of Directors. Bonn, 22 April 2013. According to the statutes of the VOI, the Executive term lasts two years. Rotating the mandates of Dr. Klaus-Peter Elpel, Ulrich Emmert, Harald Klingelholler, Petra Greiffenhagen and Peter Schnautz expired.

Harald Klingelholler and Ulrich Emmert were re-elected for a further two years. New to the Board comes Marcus Hartmann of OXSEED of Logistics GmbH. He will be welcoming new members and internal organisation responsible for the area. The term of Office for Claudia Felten and Sabine Lonien runs another year. The eulogy for the departing board members said Ulrich Emmert. The General Assembly expressed his gratitude for the good and intensive work undertaken by the boards for the VOI and adopted it with applause. Harald Klingelholler was in a Board meeting convened after the General Assembly to the Chairman, his deputies are chosen Claudia Felten and Ulrich Emmert.

The VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V. The VOI voice of information”takes over the application-oriented leadership for integrated applications related to document management systems and enterprise-content-management systems involving software, hardware and specific expertise to the creation of highly efficient total solutions for the machining processes in public institutions, industry, trade and service companies as independent expertise and network for users, consultants, service providers and manufacturers of document-based solutions. For more information see your editorial contacts: VOI Association organisational and information systems of e. V. Claudia Felten healing b str. 25 D-53123 Bonn phone: + 49 228 90820-89 fax: + 49 228 90820-91 E-Mail: good news! GmbH Marketing & PR consulting Sven Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 D-23617 Stockelsdorf phone: + 49 451 88199-11 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

Springer Verlag


If you can safely deal with requests, you will keep your performance and goals. Stress management is most effective when it begins at several levels: instrumental, mental and regenerative. For themselves, you have to find a strategy that suits your personality. Prerequisite is that they reflect specific situations for the change of the stress cycle. Then will you realize what causes you stress and how you have so far responded.

In the next step, you can change your thinking, feelings and behaviors. It recognizes alternatives and new possibilities with stress and strain to deal. 1. Keep a stress diary. Watch for two weeks: what events or situations cause you stress? How do you react in this situation? How do you trade? What are you saying? What can you feel physically, what emotional? 2.

Move up You exercise regularly. Sport and exercise are essential to the reduction of stress. If you had little time, then start here small. Go for a walk during the lunch break. On the day, more often use the stairs instead of the elevator. Start the day with a few squats and push-ups. 3. Insert daily recreation / relaxation breaks. Short relaxation for in between: you put everything out of your hand. Sit comfortably in your Chair, maybe close your eyes. Now, you focus your attention on your body. Just observe your breathing. It goes in this exercise all about, just nothing to do and to be. At this point the note, contrary to the widespread belief of many people: TV our brain cannot switch off. Learn a relaxation technique. The autogenic training or progressive muscle relaxation proved that, scientifically recognized methods as particularly effective. Once learned, you can use this technique without much effort in everyday life. 4. Question the stress situation. Try to take a different perspective. Go out if possible from the situation and take some distance. Ask yourself following questions: what exactly happened? How can the situation agree yet? What point of view have more involved? How would a colleague / in or friend to tell me now? What is the positive of the situation? What situations or events already existed, I’ve mastered well? What has worked well in this situation? How it will be, if I’ve handled this situation? The stress or who wants to keep his power, must manage themselves properly. The higher it is the more important the daily requirements, to take advantage of its greatest resource and maintain: himself. The device in the daily events for many executives and independent in the background. And suddenly, the body reacts.

Professional Editing Of The Master


Should you trust on his thesis? After the completion of her thesis, many students and students consider to recheck their thesis and correct. But should you choose here rather the correction by friends or relatives, or but the professional correction by a proof-reading? Since your approaching master’s degree means yes, an important step for your career, should you worry already in advance, you trust your master work to correct. As is common, although whenever someone in the circle of friends, who has studied the same subject, is slightly farther, would therefore, correction to read your work can be found. It is but this solution to discourage, for several reasons. Friendship services are basically something tricky, which is reflected in the negotiations on the price or other consideration.

Want you feel eternally obliged, just because your friend has done you a favor? Can you assess the quality of his work? A Interesting is also the reliability. A friendship service is naturally just “pushed”, when it suits. This means that the editing of the master’s thesis comes may not on time or to the desired extent, may in extreme cases “to five to twelve” even is cancelled. And what do you think a friend over in such a case in hands? Not much, and most likely something on the friendship affects negatively. Much speaks for a professional editing – the cost not resulting from solely the decision for a professional editing of the master’s thesis. This arrange all details exactly: when working on the lecturer will be sent in what file format, when the text must be edited, and of course price at which this is done. Keep everything down in writing, because it is a normal business operation, which is to be documented. So you can write your work alone, even a day before tax claim still the editor, your text with a “fine tuning” provides improved not only grammar and spelling errors, but the text also on logic is verified, critical distance on your work up. The lecturer dominated the scientific diction and will help you systematically, professionally and reliably.This performance can beat however, depending on the amount of work with approximately 200 to 300 euros, but can represent a good investment in their own professional future.

Mitja Thurau Is New Head Of Professional Services At ReadSoft


‘ Best solution of packages ‘ to the introduction of software customers make more efficient, Neu-Isenburg 10.11.2010. Mitja Thurau took over the management of professional services at ReadSoft. He is since 2004 at the company in Neu-Isenburg. ReadSoft is a leading provider of purchase-to-pay process optimization solutions for SAP users. In the new senior position, Mitja Thurau is responsible for the business area for the project business and the support at ReadSoft in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland.

The professional service accompanied by a team of experienced project managers, consultants and developers all stages of the implementation process of ReadSoft solutions at the customer. Taka has set itself the aim to implement projects in the future even more efficient. This solution package is planned, new concepts such as the best”to introduce: similar to a best-practice approach ReadSoft is tying up professional service performance packages including the required project days for, which the full introduction of ReadSoft solution includes. Customers can drag in a very short time maximum benefits from the use of the new process optimization solutions. At the same time, the investments remain exactly calculable. Improved customer service, quality assurance and the projects downstream extended services are implemented with the new customer care services program. Through his extensive experience at ReadSoft as senior project manager Taka has knowledge from customer projects, long-time expert know-how with ReadSoft solutions and partner products.

Prior to his time at ReadSoft, he worked several years as international consultants and managers of Anacomp GmbH. As a project manager Mitja Thurau has looked after especially multinational major customer projects, especially in the accounting by Automation significant cost reductions and efficiencies achieved. The internationally established provider is the alignment of work locally, think globally”: are international companies how many projects by ReadSoft for example, Siemens realised worldwide roll out the solutions. Taka followed by Dr. Horst Neis, who has left the company. About ReadSoft GmbH: ReadSoft’s solution portfolio addresses the entire purchase-to-pay process from the order registration up to the payment of invoices. The process steps can be processed automatically and continuously the ReadSoft Suite modules. As added value and flexibility in the SAP solution platform is created for the user. ReadSoft is leading provider of software in the field of automated document processes. Headquarters of the group is Sweden, where the company on the stock exchange is listed. Worldwide, 450 people are employed at ReadSoft. In total, there are over 6,000 installations of ReadSoft solutions. In Germany, the ReadSoft GmbH is since 1996 on the market. ReadSoft’s customers include medium-sized companies as well as many large companies and corporations. Partially processed the document processes in shared service structures. Contact address: ReadSoft GmbH wife Gisela Krusch Hugenotte Ahornallee 175 D – 63263 Neu-Isenburg Tel.: + 49 6102 / 7162-40 fax: + 49 6102 / 7162-62 eMail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH wife Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse 99 D – 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: + 49 611 / 23 878-0 fax: + 49 611 / 23 878-23 E-mail: Internet:

RateTiger Engaged E-commerce Specialists


RTCorp now available for travel buyers available London, November 9, 2010: eRevMax, provider of RateTiger, internationally expanding technology company has appointed Keith Watson to VP Corporate product. In the newly created position, the e-commerce expert for RTCorp is responsible. The solution tailored to travel agents, hotel groups and travel buyers from eRevMaxs successful RateTiger series allows comprehensive hotel price comparison. Previously owner and boss of the company will Internet retail technologies (IRT), Keith Watson from immediately the strategic development and positioning of RateTiger on the corporate market segment. The expert in search engine optimisation (SEO) and e-commerce was busy before the founding of IRT as sales manager at IDeS revenue management. In successful positions at WorldRes, Ramesys and hotel information systems (HIS), Watson gained further experience in the tourism industry especially in the areas of property management and online distribution.

RTCorp consolidates the hotel rates from numerous Booking portals in clear reports. These can be obtained at your fingertips in real time or purchased as a regular subscription. Selectable hotels room rates can be observed easily via user-defined time periods on a variety of websites. The software solution allows it to automate recurring processes the user, such as for example the automatic sending rates deviations to contractors as far as possible. Both travel buyers as well online travel agencies can retrieve with RTCorp hotel rates on a variety of channels and ensure compliance with agreed rates and terms and conditions of the hotel partners. The headquarters of hotel groups and collaborations can easily overlook the rates of all connected hotels on many booking portals with RTCorp. At the same time can get the prices of competitors per hotel and determines the position of the House in the competitive set. RTCorp can on price information from over 600 travel portals and the global distribution system (GDS) “access to RTCorp meets a growing demand in the travel industry, as more and more industry participants to develop of their own pricing strategy and for purchasing decisions systematically draw on specific market information,” said Keith Watson, VP Corporate product at eRevMax.

Increasing competition among consumer-oriented Web sites for hotel price comparison and contracted corporate rates requires an adjustment to this competition and travel buyers and intermediaries hoteliers a reinforced observation of hotel prices. RTCorp provides maximum and non-existent to date in the e-commerce control over the pricing structure, which in the future more innovative pricing structures implement are you.” Sascha Hausmann, eRevMaxs CEO, added: Keith Watson’s expertise in e-commerce helps us to the needs of our customers in the corporate market to understand travel agents, hotel chains and travel buyers and to use. We look forward, with his support of our market data better too “use and further to develop product offerings in the area of business intelligence.” Keith Watson, VP Corporate product, has his job at eRevMaxs Europe headquarters in London. eRevMax international / Jasmine Keller

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