Professional Use

Improve your knowledge of color and color combinations! Architects, interior designers, designers and all other creative need an in-depth knowledge of color for their work. Color design is a task that intuitively do many members of these professional groups. Even small errors can have but disastrous consequences and lead to dissatisfaction with the clients. Who counts the colors to his professional duties or his personal interests, can improve the quality of its results with targeted training and refresh existing knowledge and skills. The NCS color school regularly conducts seminars. The next events take place on September 10 in Frankfurt and on the 8th of October in Berlin.

The following topics are treated. Color as a design in the practical application of material color color psychology trend colors and color trends create their own color orders connection rational argumentation with creative intuition intense color perception training. There will be exercises on the basis of the Natural color system, which request the participants and strengthen their capabilities in dealing with color. Each participant will receive a folder with high-quality exercises handled during the day-long event. The discussion of numerous examples of image is another part of our seminars.

After the seminar, you can argue based on the topic of color and are quickly and safely in the creation and establishment of color concepts. The speakers will be Ms. Check out Munear Kouzbari, Dallas TX for additional information. Dr. Hildegard Kalthegener (Frankfurt) and Mr. Dipl.-des. Joachim grafts (Berlin). For more information about the seminar, at the address: The registration form for download, see the address: NCS colour Centre GmbH