American Markets

The monetary policy of high liquidity and levels of historically low rates generates an opportunity that cannot fail to take advantage of the markets to recover yield. If the context is making possible this risky growth of the markets, something is necessary to do before it is too much behind schedule. The fears to interrupt the economic recovery limit the action of the governments. Although it is not the moment for initiating the cycle ascendant of rates, given to the weakness of the economies something is necessary to make to prevent a new bubble of assets, and that something happens to give tools to the regulation. Probably, our preoccupations by the generation of new bubbles, that lean in concrete foundations, can hide a reality to us that still is latent and that ties with the fragility that persist in the American economy, particularly in the real estate market. If we watched the genesis of international the financial crisis, the American real estate market in spite of the apparent signs of recovery, the same maintains great risks of reversion and new episodes of crisis. Stress is happening of residential mortgages, that still are in a serious problem, to commercial real estate, where they are beginning to recognize that they are going to have enormous, enormous losses, anticipates Roubini. The economy to understand to the markets the Chinese economy returns to the footpath of vigorous growth. It will generate great opportunities for producing economies of commodities It would like to in advance know the future opportunities investment deciphering the information that the economies offer us? In order to include/understand how the economy determines the great movements of the markets, the basic course arrived Economy for investors who will offer the basic elements him to include/understand the operation of the economies and to anticipate their tendencies and those of the markets.