Field Marketing Agency

At a Plus we know that brands are not alone in the market, and therefore our strategies connect with customers through significant and unforgettable experiences based on face to face. Events today are fundamental to a good communication plan ensures Diego Olmedilla, CEO of a. Plus Field Marketing, to the extent that for some brands represent environment to 30% of its budget on communication. Thus they are more and more brands that are linked, for example, to sporting events or generate your own sporting event. This means that the brand not only already binds to certain events, but the event itself can be your means of communication, says Diego Olmedilla. Hence, the traditional fairs are no longer the event in themselves, but which constitute the context in which are part of other private more concrete experiences, in order to reach a specific target, creating a brand experience and strengthen relationships with their best customers. Front of static of the fair, is situated the road show, which has become one of the most popular tools holiday periods, since they move there where are customers. PLUS it is a Field Marketing Agency focused on the needs of communication and image of companies.

Formed by a team of young, highly skilled, based his work on the personalization of each company and customer. PLUS aims to make a communication tool which is responsible for transmitting the messages of marks face to face, i.e., through people, consumers at the point of sale or at a distance as the telemarketing sales channels in the marketing field. Our profiles have covered marketing actions ranging from the commercial audit events, launches of products or actions on public roads in order to strengthen, encourage and promote the sales of our customers.