Brazilian Intelligence

On the basis of readings on the origin of these colonists, in its place of origin these families were of small agriculturists of the regions of the mountainous areas of Portugal and Spain and peasants of marginal area, accustomed to cattle and the plantation and the harvest in fertile valleys and edges of rivers. Some historians count that, at the time, Brazil was divided in Provinces of North, all the north and northeast, with headquarters in Salvador, and Provinces of the South, Southeast, south and center west, with headquarters in Rio De Janeiro. Thus, the capital that was in the Bahia, was distant of any point and the climate and the activity that each colonist exerted in its place of origin were determinative factors to fix it in the areas to develop its activities without needing assistance. (Wilson Martins, History of Brazilian Intelligence). In this way, almost all the areas that the colonists had occupied in the hinterland of Pernambuco were spaces of the old sesmarias that, had been later donated to the bandeirantes, that in turn leased to the sertanistas, with distances of lguas between them, where it had to appear a chapel, the headquarters of the farm, corrals, dams and areas of plantations. The extension of each would sesmaria was, more necessarily, what it corresponds today to the territories of each city that exists today: Belm, Cabrob, Forest, Itacuruba, Mirandiba, Cut Mountain range, Belmonte, Flowers, Triumph, Bodoc, Oroc, Ib, Land New, Parnamirim (old Leopoldina) Serrita, Salgueiro and Exu. On the families of the farm Pan D? Water, has the work of genealogy of Marlindo Milk Saucers, important material of consultation for that they search to know more on the history of the Hinterland of Pernambuco. Saucers (1994) bring given significant on these families and its origins, which are elencadas in sequence alphabetical, consisting the 38 families who formed the Farm Pan D? Water: Aguiar, Alencar, Almeida, Alves, Arajo, Barros, Brando, Brito, Fields, Oak, Rabbit, Cross, Blacksmith, Fernandes, Fonseca, Gomes, Gonalves, Rasp, Lira, Lustosa, Axe, Magalhes, Matos, Melo, Mendona, Menezes, Medeiros, Miranda, Snows, Walnut, You novate, S, Sampaio, To sound, It hisses, Silveira, Towers, Ucha. .