Image via Wikipedia An Surgery That Is Light Years Ahead of Liposuction by Herb Greggerson Liposuction is a medical procedure that is operated on patients who plan to have body fat removed from their physique for aesthetic purposes.For many folks, liposuction can be a traumatic experience, but there is a new lipo surgery on the market, SmartLipo, or generically also called “laser liposuction”. Called aa medical miracle in some healthcare circles SmartLipo has proven itself to patients and doctors around the world. SmartLipo delivers on what it claims it will accomplish, and that is get rid of fat tissue simply. Traditional Liposuction – Invasive and Dicey Liposuction has been done on millions of people in the time right after its introduction in 1982. In accordance to the policies of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Over 300,000 patients in the USA undergone invasive surgical treatment in 2006 to get rid of fat from within their bodies. SmartLipo Benefits With SmartLipo, by first melting away fat cells elimination vacuum before, overall trauma to surrounding tissue is minimized to a great extent. The individual’s energy and health are restored Because soreness soon after surgery and healing time is kept to a minimum. Usually, it is only a few days and the expense is about 45 less than the time-honored liposuction. The weight loss surgery patient is not fully unconscious Because of general anesthesia, so SmartLipo has much less complications than conventional liposuction surgery. People having Smartlipo undergoes a much faster healing period with far less health issues when compared to older liposuction methods. The laser light causes instant coagulation of the small blood vessels in the adipose tissue. The particular wavelength of laser light emitted by the surgical device seals the tiny blood vessels.Subsequent swelling hemorrhaging in the treatment area is minimized greatly, creating a speedie healing time for the patient. This is why there is a rapid healing time for patients undergoing SmartLipo therapy. Smart Lipo The minimally invasive techniques are more exact Which means a more uniformly treated area, Which yet further improves the healing as time elapsed and the epidermis contours around the site. Smart Lipo precision makes for a more uniformly treated area, even more Which gets better as the recovery time comes to an end and the outer skin shrinks around the site. Many feature set SmartLipo in a class of its own above conventional liposuction such as improved healing time, pain levels, length of medical visits, as well as reduced bruising and bleeding. Compression Garments May Be Necessary for Smooth Healing Following Surgery SmartLipo Compression garments are not always compulsory.Considering on the size of the body that undergoes SmartLipo, the physician prescribed compression garments could be worn for a brief period of time in order to minimize swelling plus help in healing.