Unfortunately, the design of the site – it's no sled "that can be prepared one day in the summer and then all the winter skate. Despite the huge number of sites in each of them has its own personality. It is characteristic of this identity and determine the success or unlucky Internet Projects When a resource has the highest percentage of return customers, advertising the site's features gradually weaken and to stimulate the attention of customers to order or other services site requires redesign. Redesign of the site is relevant it is in essence creating a new face on your site or create a new corporate identity, organization and creation of a site in the same corporate style. Typically a site redesign book their customers, who at one time saved on the normal design.

If you literally translate from English, it suggests a "change of design." In fact, the redesign means the restructuring, the new design of the site. As you can see, it's not just design. There are situations where, starting with the update, say, the only content management system (CMS), the customer comes to the conclusion that he wants to change and rest. As a result, the site acquires a new face and new "Stuffing". The company uses four types of redesigning the current website depending on individual goals, objectives, customer and required him the results. It is important to know the target audience the site, particularly the potential buyers of specific products and services. All of this information web designer without the participation of the customer can not get.