Primary Managers

Can you avoid these stages? When the primary symptoms of the crisis need an adequate program, but not chaotic "pseudo-optimization". To avoid this, managers need time To understand the reasons for which the enterprise economy is in crisis, and to take steps even before the external manifestations of the difficulties (financial difficulties). Need to develop an adequate strategy for crisis management. It is important to detect signs of the formation of the crisis and to predict its onset. Of course, the crisis has a major role psychological aspects of leadership qualities, and then the skills of managers. But the modern state or business manager, used to operate only in conditions of successful businesses, with steady growth, but in a crisis, most managers do not know what to do. And managers are not to blame, as the program of contemporary Education is built on an optimistic business scenarios, but not in a crisis. Crisis management – is not only beautiful words, but also the actual and real program, which must be approved around the world.

But the actual implementation of such programs means first of all the standardization and unification of the educational program. Therefore could not be up to date anti-crisis program of education managers. The reality is that the engine out of the crisis, companies can become the very crisis manager, but not small-town level, and globally harmonized and even standardized. Anti-crisis training is a major tool for rapid recovery. Why according to the head inleco managers need additional training of anti-crisis? 1. Tools and approaches to the analysis of internal and external environment, significantly different between crisis and in stable period. 2. Decision-making in crisis management, as well as "normal" control differ substantially 3.

Necessary tools to analyze business and decision-making during the crisis, What most managers do not possess. 4. Anti-crisis education will enable managers to obtain timely tools to streamline business processes and avoid bankruptcy 5. Competent crisis manager will retain staff and avoid massive layoffs. 6. Multiplicative effect of each saved the company as a whole will affect the recovery of the economy of the region, and even countries. 7. State retains afloat taxable enterprises. Of course, such a program can be implemented at the state level and should include also a number of additional measures on improvement of business environment. But one thing is clear that the anti-crisis training of managers – a tool to mitigate the negative effect of the crisis, which ultimately will contribute to global economy.