Distance Learning

Today, the training market and the market for distance learning, there are very clear, visible, and even rigid boundaries. Training market – is free business trainers, training companies, corporate training centers with their staff training managers and moderators of the market, and. Market for distance learning – the creators of this platform for distance learning courses and university professors, while almost everything. Those who took distance learning as sending an e-mail scanned textbooks and books, to take into account not worth it. Once you pouchastvuete a webinar or pass a quality e-training course, which has case studies, business games, tests, video and audio lectures, video training and you have no one ever argued that e-learning is an analog of distance learning. Market boundaries are always defined products and players that are still at a training and distant markets are different. With the penetration of information technologies in business education and marketing of new, more efficient, affordable, mass and convenience of training products will make players Training and distance learning to acquire knowledge and skills of each other. Creators of learning platforms, taking into account all the tools and techniques are accustomed to training participants, modify their products and make them more interactive.

Business coaches, master the new to the profession itself – tutors and will actively conduct webinars and distance learning courses. The boundaries of the market for almost erased true professionals and very for those who in time has not reoriented in the profession. Number of business coaches who do not use distance learning will be reduced, and the holding of the classical business training will be more focused and even the iconic character, which would entail raising at times their quality requirements. The new model will be effective for the business, since it would solve a number of tasks: Education will cheaper because one course can take an unlimited number of people will not have to spend money on trips, etc. Education will be available to you no matter where your business is located, and where a business coach. Education will effective since is addressed with the assessment of the quality of the course, the level of knowledge, the human factor will be neutralized. Education will meet business needs, as Any new knowledge can be quickly made to the course and to convey to all employees. And the only business coaches who do not want to learn new tools and knowledge will lose its relevance and performance. From individual business coaches influence goes to the creators quality content for distance learning courses to coaches who can work in a system using blended learning, and customers. ps According to experts, in Russia, this transition may take less time than in the West, because goes along the lines and will be supported at the highest level.