According to intelligence that humans develop at present, it is far superior to having three thousand years ago. For example; then the inventions of electric light, planes, boats, trains there etc. In those times the inhabitants of Earth lived in villages or small towns, over time these peoples grow and grow, then people start to travel around other directions, visit new places, where many of them are definitely forgetting their place of origin. In this way, other peoples, other cities are formed so on spread across the planet, right away with these cities come countries, countries where people are adopting new habits, new ideas, new religions, new languages, hence all human are of different religion and speak different language. Then people do not return to their place of origin, were developed with different physical traits, according to the the Earth’s climate in which each country was also varied her skin color. These features together we call them races.

Races which finally are distinguished by colors, the black race, the yellow race and white, to mention a few. Then passing more time happen the variables, the black race is mixed with the white, white with yellow, yellow with the black, and all this is the mestizo, about what most are a result of these multiple variables. But more physically change humans evolved intellectually, is why there are very smart people in all the countries of the Earth. Thus the same chio chio is the result of a genetic process, what was evolving according to the exchange of races in thousands of years in the cosmos. And as in humans, in all countries and in all races there is a leader, also chio chio watchdog is in your community. name of the author; Federico Jimenez Martinez details of the author; I was born in CD. Valles S.L.P Mexico. I am a composer and writer’s life.

One of my best musical works is that composed to the neighboring country of Costa Rica. That eventually won the Novel Peace Prize. Another musical theme is that of Venezuela, inspired by their beautiful women. And good inspiration I have since childhood, has served to develop the sensitivity, sensitivity that I have been useful in order to write the evolution of the cat.