Ramon Gallegos, in his trilogy of spiritual intelligence, widely describes what is being, consciousness and bliss, as attaining it, understand it and live in harmony with the world and with our own essence. The works that make up the trilogy in which this essay is based, written by Ramon Gallegos are the following: 1.-in unity with the self (spiritual intelligence I) 2.-enlightened awareness (intelligence spiritual II) 3.-the Nectar of happiness (spiritual intelligence III) at this writing the most important aspects are developed, however, poured teachings in the trilogy deserve a thoughtful readingdeep, where you get a great richness and clarity of the themes of spirituality, happiness, love, consciousness, spiritual intelligence which are taken as a basis in this document. The text is presented in the form of concentrate of the previous topics which are extracted from the work of Dr. Gallegos. Intelligence spiritual lives spiritual intelligence is the most important Faculty of consciousness human, its development is our primary objective.

Ramon Gallegos tells us that spiritual intelligence is the foundation of a healthy, creative, happy life, serves to live responsibly, to be creatively and fully in society, serves for everything, makes us patient, open, accessible, comprehensive, creative. The broad spiritual intelligence purpose is open to the profound life meaning, rather than reduce it to acquire some skills, spiritual experience leads to an appreciation of the beauty in the world. Spiritual intelligence is the perception of the whole, is the recognition of the value of life. When there is the ability to perceive this in a direct way skills can not be used to destroy others or himself. This is the essence of spiritual intelligence which is the basis for the development of the consciousness of the 21st century. Spiritual intelligence is a key concept in education for the 21st century, because it is now develop all intelligences in the context of spiritual intelligence, is a concept which is revolutionizing the field of research about intelligence, education and all other areas of human activity.