General Management

Summer is here and with it the culmination of certain projects started some time ago. It is time to review milestones and recognition of merits. Why wait to year to take stock? Now, about to finish the MBA (Master in General Management), culminating some processes of coaching and concluding auto leadership workshops, I take awareness of the accomplishments achieved step by step. I turned myself, served as guide to scale higher peaks and shared a wonderful exploration towards the inside of people. Today, with the mind set on the closed for holidays, I cannot help feeling nostalgic for what they left behind, and above all by those who lag behind.

So the profession of coach. Do them they come into our lives and we do not understand what you bring us until they leave. Each one comes with its own purpose, your particular goal, or his defiant challenge, and during a time helps him to glimpse the path, keep the torch lit, and setting the direction. You get into different oceans with unimaginable riches and forgotten treasures, with great surprise the coachees (clients) returning to their lives. And then, with the recent taste of mission accomplished yet mixed with saltpeter, beams reflection on the acquired learning to transform them into experience. Each person teaches us something new, each stage brings us something new.

And with that new look ahead with hope and illusion other processes to continue diving into new waters, overcoming fears of the unknown and you undoing of old beliefs. Each stage we close invites us to live new adventures. Although not all episodes of our life are color that we would like, all contain some valuable lesson. It is possible that some of these lessons do not have a clear and immediate application. But with the passing of time can we find the way to get out, even if only in the form of wise advice to a / friend or a / child. To squeeze that experience and taste your juice it is important to know to turn the page. For this, it is sometimes essential to reconcile with the past and accept the circumstances, by very adverse that they are. It is important to remember that nothing is forever, that everything changes, both what pleases us as what we dislike. Very difficult it seems to us today life, by very high which is eleven goals, by very deep that we are falling, always can abandon the past and rebuild our lives. To start again only it is necessary to conquer fear.