Scaffolding. Mobile Collapsible tower tour PSRV-21 is designed for production assembly, repair and finishing works both outside and inside buildings, the maximum height of 20.7 m, to 8.19 m working area can be changed. Different sizes of the working platform, as well as mobility scaffolding permit its use in the most convenient point of use. Tower tour is a spatial structure of the tower flat stairs. To ensure the rigidity of the section connected ties. Databases have a 4 screw bearings and four-wheel drive.

To ensure stability of tower is equipped with stabilizers, which are fastened with clamps to the basic design. Ltd. "BFA-Story" has been successfully operating in the construction business since 1998 is ready to promptly provide rental services of the tower tour. If you want to tour, your attention is available for sale section aerial tour. We minimum prices for scaffolding (are dealers of the manufacturers) and the high quality of service based on individual approach to each client obrativshimusya us. Contact us today – and tomorrow you'll be our patrons.