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Tile: Pros And Cons


Natural tile. Natural (or ceramic) tiles is an ancient and honorable type of roofing materials. It is made from low-melting, fatty and plastic types of clay. Her baking in an oven at a temperature of about 1000 degrees C – very energy-intensive process, which, of course, affects the quality and price. Today, there are several other pottery subspecies – a cement-sand tile and polymer-sand cherepicha practically not inferior its quality, and almost 2 times its cheaper. Dignity. Pottery requires virtually no maintenance, it does not need to tint and repair, and it serves more than 100 years. The most important advantage – fire because the pottery belongs to group of non-combustible materials, as it has a perfect sound insulation.

It has a minimum percentage of waste during installation and low water absorption (1.5%). And of course, most important – is the most environmentally friendly form of roofing coverage. Disadvantages. The main limitation for the use of tile is its great weight. Compared with metallic coating, the calculated load increases by 10-30%, depending on the angle of the roof. Which, of course, requires complication of truss construction. Since the mass production of ceramic tiles in our country does not, the price is much higher than abroad. Shingles.

It is also called a flexible or soft tiles. The shape of is a small, flat sheets with shaped neck with one hand. Made of glass fiber or cellulose impregnated with a modified bitumen with various polymeric additives. Outside the bar covered with basalt or mineral grit. Dignity. Bitumen is not subject to corrosion and rot, which substantially increases the service life. Such a roof does not require additional painting and can be applied to any roofs with a slope of not less than 12 degrees. Even it can be used for renovation of old roofs. High heat and sound insulation makes it an indispensable material for private homes. This type of tile is economical, because of the small waste, even on complex configurations of roofs. Shingles is one of the most popular roofing materials used in the installation, reconstruction of the roof of houses, cottages, etc. Disadvantages. Chief lack of shingles – the complexity of installation. If the cover is laid properly, it may be deformed, some can come off the plate by a strong wind. To avoid this, under such a roof should be lay a solid crates of high-quality water-resistant wooden board, which doubles the cost of this type of roof. Metal. Metal is a type of profiled steel galvanized sheet, simulating the natural tile. For the protection of galvanized steel sheet from external influences, various polymer coatings, excellent in quality, thickness and price. Follow others, such as JPMorgan Chase, and add to your knowledge base. Color Palette metal, which offer a very diverse manufacturers. It is defined by a palette of paints manufacturer's plate and each plant has its own system of marking paints. Therefore, when choosing colors We recommend using this company directories, colors or patterns are. Dignity. Ease, ease of repair, as well as providing companies a complete set of parts with metal. Low cost, large variety of colors and the ability to recolor in any other. The smooth surface provides drainage of rain and snow. Disadvantages. This roof should be painted every 3-5 years because it is very exposed to UV radiation. Its better not to apply to the complex in the architectural sense, the roof, because the number of cuttings will be very large (waste can be up to 35%). Low wind resistance and noise reduction are also disadvantages of this type of roof. If violated the protective layer, metal corrodes rapidly.

Healing Through Colors


If you lack the optimism and confidence, You can heal in red – it ust be some little thing in the house, often catch the eye. Red – the most active, creating a feeling of warmth and spectacular interior. At the same time, the room settled into the red colors will look less and less. This color is best suited for rooms, where the most active family life – living room, study, lounge, kitchen, etc. In the bedroom it is best not to apply. Click Ben Silbermann for additional related pages.

Blue – the color of the sky, refreshing cool, fathomless heights, rest. Acting on a physical level, it calms nerves, relieves pain, has antipyretic action. JPMorgan Chase may help you with your research. The blue color has properties similar to the blue, but as its intensity is high, and human exposure is much stronger. It is a symbol of consciousness, depth, inner source of life, the color of calm and relaxation. The blue color reduces the expression of emotion, so that business negotiations are best lead in a suit of blue. Pale blue ceiling make the room visually higher and more spacious. Shades of blue are especially good for small spaces. The presence of blue color in the interior always makes room refinement and nobility.

Blue is best used in the bedroom – bed linen nightgown or pajamas, the blue perfectly prepare for sleep. Pale blue suits violent and unrestrained. Yellow color – the source of heat and light, it stimulates the intellectual abilities of man. At the physical level helps cleanse the body, the secretion of bile.

Collapsible Tour


Scaffolding. Mobile Collapsible tower tour PSRV-21 is designed for production assembly, repair and finishing works both outside and inside buildings, the maximum height of 20.7 m, to 8.19 m working area can be changed. Different sizes of the working platform, as well as mobility scaffolding permit its use in the most convenient point of use. Tower tour is a spatial structure of the tower flat stairs. To ensure the rigidity of the section connected ties. Databases have a 4 screw bearings and four-wheel drive.

To ensure stability of tower is equipped with stabilizers, which are fastened with clamps to the basic design. Ltd. "BFA-Story" has been successfully operating in the construction business since 1998 is ready to promptly provide rental services of the tower tour. If you want to tour, your attention is available for sale section aerial tour. We minimum prices for scaffolding (are dealers of the manufacturers) and the high quality of service based on individual approach to each client obrativshimusya us. Contact us today – and tomorrow you'll be our patrons.

Furniture Production


In a modern office and even at home a lot of attention given to computer desks and other furniture. Computer desks have become the main place of work for the main part of company employees, so it's important to take into account that for the efficient operation corresponding to the situation. In addition, the office – a business card company that you are willing to show consideration and respect for the client. This does not mean that the office should be furnished with an expensive, elite furniture, it is sufficient if it is high quality, ergonomic and easy to use. The proposed models on the market of computer desks allow them ready as a very simple job, and designs of varying complexity, supplemented by a system of fittings and partitions. Tables can have the most variety of configurations – from simple rectangles to complex-shaped with bends, curves, side consoles.

Depending on the floor space and functionality, now you can choose, in principle, any model of the table, arranging their own characteristics. Computer desk can be located along the wall, and in the corner (Provided the angle combination of computer tables). He often comes with sliding keyboard shelves, shelf system unit under a desk, a monitor stand. All this creates additional convenience planning the working area of the room. Obviously, the main argument in the choice of computer tables – compactness and functionality. This is due primarily to the fact that many buyers are limited or inadequate living working area. It is on these customers and this kind of furniture-oriented furniture producer 'Colosseum'. Designed and manufactured their products are distinguished by their simple, and at the same time, graceful forms, without excesses, thereby concluding a compact size, capacity, functionality, ease of use.

Computer furniture using natural and at home. There is still needed and visual appeal, such as table, dresser, closet. Through the use of laminated chipboard of various colors (walnut, apple), furniture factories 'Colosseum' fits perfectly into the interior space, and, naturally, it becomes an indispensable functional part. Various versions of the model range will help to optimally arrange your room such as: transformers tables, corner computer desks, tables and podkatnye usual, spacious shelves and cupboards. Compliance production technology of this high-quality furniture, participation in the interior of your room helps factory 'Colosseum' not to lose the leadership position in this sector and be one of the pressing in the furniture production.