The peccadilloes of Metrolinea Metrolinea is the mass transit system that is being implemented in the city of Bucaramanga (Col) and still continue with the expectation on the real usefulness of this solution to the drawbacks of mobility that has the city and its metropolitan area. Away from certain criticism or not, about their inconvenience, the slowness with which is developing the project and possible mismanagement administrative; If we can say that they are committing some peccadilloes, which although they do not seem of much importance, if they are to cause serious accidents if they are not corrected in time. One need not be an expert on traffic, transit or transport, nor clairvoyant or witch; It simply requires a little common sense and some memory to remember several accidents that we have witnessed or heard from similar causes. I then gratisthe both of which I consider peccadilloes or errors consented by both of the executors of the project and of bodies of control processes that are carried out: Iron hooks 1 are leaving uncut in places where vehicles are subject to repetitive loads that sooner or later will make them failing. Once booted a steel hook, remains adrift in the path and becomes a lethal weapon that can, from break the tyres of cars to fly off and hit pedestrians or the same passengers or drivers that we we journey through. It is only a matter of time so that the vehicle loads, fatigue steel and this uncomfortable prediction is fulfilled. 2. Do not understand why they are becoming paths for the separation between lanes with extremely wide lines (more or less 20 to 25 cms); If so there is a law and until you know where they had been 12 CMS and has not legislated to require them more wide and if this happened, too bad but would be Crassus error that did not agree to anything with the spirit of the law; Moreover, as is legislation with lines of 12 cm, and although for purposes of visibility they consider correct, are not for road safety, mainly for cyclists and motorcyclists who threatened their integrity when they slow down on a line of paint on the road; how you now with the lines so that you are painting today on Highway to Floridablanca, separating the single bus lane. It would be very good that take into account these constructive criticism before the unfortunate accidents.