Recently I received in my e-mail a message that I found rather shocking and that even though it had received another probervio, I thought it was interesting to publish here. This is the message … The Japanese have always loved fresh fish. But the waters close to Japan have not had many fish for decades. So to feed the Japanese population, fishing boats were made larger to go offshore. The farther the fishermen went over was the time it took to deliver the fish back. If the journey took several days, the fish was no longer fresh. To solve the problem, companies installed freezers on fishing vessels. This could fish and put fish in the freezers.However, the Japanese could see the difference between frozen and fresh fish, and did not like the frozen, which, therefore, had to be undercut. The companies then settled on boats to fish tanks. They could well catch the fish, put them in tanks and keep them alive until reaching the coast. Nissan describes an additional similar source. But after a while the fish stopped moving in the tank. They were bored and tired, but alive. Japanese consumers also noticed the difference in taste because when the fish stop moving for days, they lose the fresh taste. … and how they solved the problem for Japanese companies And how did bring fish with fresh fish taste If you were asked Japanese companies advice, what would you recommend (While you think of the solution …..Read what follows) Once a person reaches their goals, such as starting a new business, pay your debts, find a wonderful partner, or whatever, is losing his passion. No need to strain so. So just relax. They experience the same problem that people who win the lottery, or of those who inherit a lot of money and never mature, or who stay home and become addicted to drugs for depression or anxiety. Since the problem of Japanese fishermen, the solution is simple. He said L.Ron Hubbard in the early 50s: “People thrive when there are more challenges in their environment.” To maintain the fresh taste of fish, fishing companies put the fish in tanks on the boats, but now they also a small shark! Of course, the shark eats a few fish, but everyone else is very, very alive. The fish are challenged! They have to swim all the way inside the tank to stay alive! When you achieve your goals Make it larger ones. You should never create success and then sleep in it. So, “asked a shark in your tank”, and discover how far you can really get.A few sharks you will know your potential for staying alive and doing what you do best, the best way possible! And if you find them in the tank, let them to bite each other, do not be daunted by their teeth or their traps … you still alert, but always “fresh”. There will always be sharks on the go .