PAL Dragos Future Structures

Future structures of Europe – intellectualism case – Americanization of Europe? So far, neither politicians nor economists have a clear picture about the future structure of Europe. The German philosopher Kant E. to J. Habermas have to intellectual, power-related, but not to force moderate correlations. Without moderate force and thus structural considerations the future of Europe can be not taken into consideration however. Europe is similar in structural terms with America. A community that is held together by a common economic government, does not work for Europe. The differences of different cultures can and should not be destroyed even under the pretext of euro stability.

The basic commonality between the European States can only work in the sense of a community of values. Only a such community of values can represent the cohesive band for Europe. While in America the cohesion of the diversity of immigrants through the joint Currency of the dollar and the common goals in the economy produced, Europe must be a structurally different path in the future. The principle of difference compared to the unit of the value community represent the diversity of the pundits and the diversity of cultures by the tradition. Also the future solutions need a such structural message for the currency euro account. The political imagination to hold together Europe with one currency (case of intellectualism), would be socially acceptable because people in stable alliances need more than just a physical tape. Not upside but on the floor of a community of values, Europe has its future. “” Read on this topic by the same author about the social dimension of the euro crisis: capital in the case of State – deflation and inflation “, Norderstedt, 2009 regarding the structure of capitalist society: the structure of global capitalism”, BD. 1 and 2, Norderstedt, 2006 free excerpts below: more information: