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Social Tools


These social tools offer a new way to collaborate with people in the work that is private, safe and important for the businesses. Because the majority we used the public networks, there is no a learning curve. Instead of to follow ours friendly or celebrities, you follow a the people of its equipment, the activity in the accounts top of its clients, their campaigns of marketing and their documents businesses but critics. Only because these social tools are based on the Web, you can accede to them from any place, if you are in his portable computer, IPAD or iPhone. Social Average in our Personal Life Would be for example, to publish photos of the barbecue and the roast that we enjoyed past Saturday and your friendly feeds of and relative will be in.

To collaborate with the friendly to plan a trip of camping for the next month. Later they can follow people in Twitter to obtain advice on kitchen prescriptions and @Starbucks for the last supplies and service to the client. Finally you could send questions to your wall of Facebook or Twitter to obtain recommendations and ideas of your friendly and experts of the industry. These could be a small illustration of how using the Networks Partners like something personal. Read more from Nissan to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Social Average in the place of Work To publish the new presentation of sales that they have updated and to show it in feeds of your colleagues. Later to collaborate with colleagues to prepare the meeting of the important clients the next week. It follows experts in its company to obtain advice on the best form to close businesses or of finding experience in the industry. You can send questions to his social network of the company to receive advising and pertinent documents of his colleagues in all the departments.

Network Marketing


A subscriber to my newsletter asked me the following question:…I was reading the book your first year in Network Marketing, and there is mentioned that not 2 MLM business should work at the same time, I recommend? The question is very interesting and deserves to be treated in this newsletter: I must begin by saying that, both Mark Yarnell and his book its first year in Netwok Marketing deserve all my admiration and my respect. Mark Yarnell is an otivo’s inspiration for many people who are trying to find your way through the MLM industry. However should be noted a very important issue: Yarnell developed her organization between the 1980s and 1990s. Since then many things have changed: firstly, the internet 10 years ago and especially e-commerce was still an industry in its infancy, so it was not reliable as a support tool for the networkers. Do you remember the famous crisis of the .com?This was mainly due to it were discussed in implement on the network the same advertising and promotion strategies used in traditional media and the result was a dismal failure. On the other hand, in the era of Mark Yarnell, there were no advances in communications with which we currently not could – for example – be in Conference over the Internet with members of your team located in different places of the world.

If you wanted to train your team you had to be physically in the same place with them what offered many difficulties when working with several groups. Of course that if that amounts to work two or more opportunities at the time the task was impossible. Today we have an e-commerce much more mature and reliable as well as communication technologies enabling us to be in constant contact with our teams therefore… It is perfectly possible to work twice as long as you have very clear marketing concepts. I’ve seen some cases of people who have lists of prospects to which bombard week after week with a new opportunity with messages new style launch the first month is free etc, etc obviously that this way of working is not working. Despite all the technological advances, the approach is very important. If try to pursue twelve rabbits at the same time probably that catch none. Why I recommend that if you are working two MLM your first objective should not be promoting one or another.

Your first goal should be to build a list of interested prospects and establish a relationship of trust with them. Once this objective is your decision determine which opportunity shalt offer them first. This opportunity will be what in marketing is known as front product while your other opportunity generally more costly actara as your product of backroom and thou shalt offer it is only to better qualified prospects. As you can see it is perfectly possible and convenient to work more than one MLM opportunity over the internet being marketing keyword for your success.

Sustainable Business Institute


And almost all of the companies are still very far from that, says Paschen von Flotow, Chief of the Sustainable Business Institute (SBI) of the European Business School in Oestrich-Winke. However, experts in corporate social responsibility acknowledge the steps taken by companies like Toyota (hybrid car), textile leader by catalog Otto (cultivation of cotton without chemistry and just wages in Africa) and Unilever (commitment to sustainable fisheries). Adds, there is the happy company. As there is a brave new world. But the future is entrepreneurial humanism; i.e. Management humanist and ethical. Because sustainable enterprises that integrate strategies for happiness to care for its employees and consolidate long-term, sold and are the new economic reason in the new moral market. It is not social romanticism, but pure efficiency, warns the Jurgen Schott consultant, that provides advice to the large German consortia in ethical issues.

In the future will be assessed the competencies of happiness of the companies and are they introduced index of job satisfaction, predicts the researcher Matthias Horx, of the future Institute, Kelkheim. Enterprise culture quality already is a decisive factor in the job search for executives, says Jurgen Schott, Director of Zentrum Munich consultant fur Unternehmenskultur. The result: rather than provide possibilities of reconciling, responsible companies outlines global sustainability programs ranging from an ethical vision, an advanced social policy and fair relations with different stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, partners, etc.) up to the use of renewable energies and responsible use of natural resources. Companies that integrate sustainability at the heart of its strategy, new intelligent customer loyalty. In addition, it is good for the planet, for the soul, family and a world more just and ethical, believes the trend researcher Faith Popcorn (EE UU). To all this, adds the prestigious weekly newspaper Die Zeit, Hamburg, says even that has started a reorganization of capitalism. Serious social researchers observed that they are changing the attitudes of the industrial society, when factories machines marked patterns of life and work.

PAL Dragos Future Structures


Future structures of Europe – intellectualism case – Americanization of Europe? So far, neither politicians nor economists have a clear picture about the future structure of Europe. The German philosopher Kant E. to J. Habermas have to intellectual, power-related, but not to force moderate correlations. Without moderate force and thus structural considerations the future of Europe can be not taken into consideration however. Europe is similar in structural terms with America. A community that is held together by a common economic government, does not work for Europe. The differences of different cultures can and should not be destroyed even under the pretext of euro stability.

The basic commonality between the European States can only work in the sense of a community of values. Only a such community of values can represent the cohesive band for Europe. While in America the cohesion of the diversity of immigrants through the joint Currency of the dollar and the common goals in the economy produced, Europe must be a structurally different path in the future. The principle of difference compared to the unit of the value community represent the diversity of the pundits and the diversity of cultures by the tradition. Also the future solutions need a such structural message for the currency euro account. The political imagination to hold together Europe with one currency (case of intellectualism), would be socially acceptable because people in stable alliances need more than just a physical tape. Not upside but on the floor of a community of values, Europe has its future. “” Read on this topic by the same author about the social dimension of the euro crisis: capital in the case of State – deflation and inflation “, Norderstedt, 2009 regarding the structure of capitalist society: the structure of global capitalism”, BD. 1 and 2, Norderstedt, 2006 free excerpts below: more information:

Business Owners


Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article we will talk about business owners and the characteristics or skills that they possess. If you do not know me my name is Enrique Gastelo and I am dedicated to Internet Marketing, now look at one of the most important characteristics of entrepreneurs or business owners is that initiated his attimino or business with total certainty and security that will succeed, and then you have it. I.e. have a mentality so big that what they say they are going to get, they do seemingly easy way, it seems that everything goes well. But do not know a part of them that there was a time where not nothing left them well, and they had to go through a very hard learning, learned and learned and never surrendered.

I mean that these entrepreneurs did not know anything about business, but nevertheless possess a character so strong that it made them overcome circumstances and learn many things to the point of becoming almost an expert, and we now see with ease to manage businesses or ventures that perform on a continuous basis. So what I want to go is that it is not a question of luck, it is not a matter of being born as well, it is not question of random or anything like that. Is a question of worked consistently and evenly, in work planned with given strategies, and after much effort they made, they deserved and earned the success and the resonance they now have with their businesses. And of course, the benefits that implies having to many businesses working for them. Almost automatic business they generate money while are sleeping. That’s it for today, I hope I helped, I say goodbye and wish you the best.

Attractions Tourist


Make Puerto Vallarta beaches, landscapes and lots of activities to carry out one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in the Republic of Mexico: located on the Banderas Bay and located 350 Km of Guadalajara, this region is distinguished by its warm weather – with average temperatures reaching 27c – the presence of lush junglesperky rivers and breathtaking waterfalls, forming unique in Mexican territory scenarios. With growing development in the tourist area Puerto Vallarta has reached unimaginable growth some decades ago, today offering a wide variety of options when choosing accommodations and lodgings in these lands. I advise you take a time to make your reservations in advance and thus access the best hotels with discount in Puerto Vallarta, which offer you a first class, warm attention service and comforts that searches for your vacation at a very convenient price. As I mentioned in the beginning of the review the beaches are the main attraction tourism in Puerto Vallarta: soft waves and transparent waters, the beaches in this region of Mexico are presented as the most beautiful in the country, inviting an endless number of travellers to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. Among must-see points is Mismaloya Beach, one of the most exclusive spaces afforded by this destination. In this beach local, national and international celebrities gather to enjoy a charming scenario and practice water sports such as diving, central activity for the tourism in the area. Water sports receive all the attention in this place: the diving lovers will find in Los Arcos place that always dreamed to practice this activity, since there are some of the most impressive rock formations in the country, which seem to emerge from the crystal clear waters, forming the perfect setting to discover the underwater world.

Logically in this tourist destination of extreme sports enthusiasts will find an endless number of spaces to challenge to the nature through surfing and kayaking, while the more observant may make ecotourism. The nightlife is also very intense in Puerto Vallarta: in the area you will find a myriad of restaurants with the best of the traditional, national and international cuisine, in addition to the best bars, where you can enjoy a drink listening to music to your liking, and most modern discotheques, ideal for those who want to dance until dawn. Another alternative is to participate in any of the artistic, theatrical and musical events taking place in the city. To conclude this small review of the alternatives offered by tourism in Puerto Vallarta I will highlight the options related to the local art and culture: not everything is Beach in this area of Mexico, on the other hand, the range of activities is endless in this brief description, however is worth mentioning the possibility of a tour through the streets of the city centrewhere you will find the best galleries that exhibit paintings and sculptures by artists local and international, as well as more than interesting temporary exhibitions.

Aachen City Garden


On the initiative of Konigstein was launched by the GAB of the order reflected the seriousness of the animal in life. The In 1950, Elferrat of the GAB decided to give the British Prosecutor James Arthur Dugdale the session order, finally called since 1954 order reflected the seriousness of the animal. In Konigstein, this ceremony became the Pan-European Aachen business card. With his radio show, the ideal couple Konigstein hosted the most successful broadcasting of the post-war period from 1951 to 1958. His concern was the increase in the level of awareness of the Aachen Carnival. Because ten minutes airtime of the NWDR to the proclamation of the Prince were too little for him, a special cabinet piece Konigstein graduated from 1953 and the proclamation was then transferred two hours and ten minutes. He left angry rush the wife of the designated Prince on the stage and get their man. The Prince guard, Oecher Penn and Borjerwehr raised and called for the ex-Prince.

This was accidentally present and was crowned again. Therefore there a double Prince of the years 1952/53 and a shadow Prince in Aachen, Germany in 1953. The motto created by him for the Rosenmontagszug 1953 Carnival Spa in bad Aachen coined the Oecher Fastelovvend since 1955. For its 25th anniversary as President of gab, Konigstein established the Jacques-Konigstein-Foundation for needy seniors in Aachen, followed an arrangement of the City Council from the year 1761, stating that a poor levy is payable at Mardi Gras balls. A year later, he created the silver chain of Konigstein as award for Carnival performances.

Konigstein was one of the initiators of the re-establishment of the Federal German carnival e.V. on the 24 October 1953 at the electoral Palace in Mainz. Jacques Konigstein died on December 17, 1971 and was buried at the Waldfriedhof cemetery in Aachen. On the day of his death, the GAB commemorates annually on his tomb of deceased members. The Aachen sculptor and painter Wolf portrayed Ritz Jacques Konigstein, the painting is in the collection of CROUS. In the Aachen City Garden, a promenade is named after him.

Production Manufacturing


Manufacturing production in March 2009 compared to March last year shows falls of 0.4% in seasonally terms. Despite being the second month which demonstrates a fall, remain doubts about the magnitude of this, due to the lack of data to contrast older hikes that presents. The most relevant sectors that explain the decline are; Firstly basic metals industry, the raw steel with a decline of – 48.4% in interannual terms and a drop in turn – 38.3% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. It must be borne in mind that the production of primary aluminium had a growth of 9.3%, explained by the need to have a continuous production since the cost of stopping production is high. However the total number of block declined – 39.1% in interannual terms and – 30.1% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008.

Secondly, the sector of motor vehicles, with a decline of – 18.8% YOY and – 36.7% in terms accumulated over the same period of 2008. This decline in the fall is explained by the end in the plant sector layoff period. At the same time, other sectors that showed a contraction, were petroleum refining with a decline of – 6.0% year on year and – 5.3% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. And the textile industry with a decline of – 18.2% YOY and – 14.0% in cumulative terms compared to same period of 2008. Sectors that partly counteract the contraction are represented firstly by the food industry with a growth in annual terms of the order of 21.9% and 13.8% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. Explained by the push in red meats 79.9% YOY.

It must be borne in mind that for March 2008 the fall had been important for the conflict with the field, however beyond that can in part be explained still doubts arise about the magnitude of the growth in the absence of data to compare. White meat with a growth of 30.3 % interannual and – 16.7% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008, and grain and oilseed milling with a growth of 45.1% year on year and 13.6% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008 closed the block. Another sector with positive balance is the substances and chemicals, it throws a 5.4% year on year growth and 7.3% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008, and of rubber and plastic products with a growth of 1.6% year on year and 2.1% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. Finally there to focus the gaze on the sector metalworking excluded automotive industry that presents a preview of 6.9% in interannual terms and 5.2% in terms accrued over the same period of 2008. This data does not stop be peculiar because in March of last year while the conflict between the Government and the agricultural sector was entering the tightest part, lagging orders allowed keep the industry stable. And now where this factor does not play, the international demand shrinking by the effect of the crisis and the prices of commodities following the same course is at least peculiar to this sector to have a breakthrough. Source: abeceb.