Aachen City Garden

On the initiative of Konigstein was launched by the GAB of the order reflected the seriousness of the animal in life. The In 1950, Elferrat of the GAB decided to give the British Prosecutor James Arthur Dugdale the session order, finally called since 1954 order reflected the seriousness of the animal. In Konigstein, this ceremony became the Pan-European Aachen business card. With his radio show, the ideal couple Konigstein hosted the most successful broadcasting of the post-war period from 1951 to 1958. His concern was the increase in the level of awareness of the Aachen Carnival. Because ten minutes airtime of the NWDR to the proclamation of the Prince were too little for him, a special cabinet piece Konigstein graduated from 1953 and the proclamation was then transferred two hours and ten minutes. He left angry rush the wife of the designated Prince on the stage and get their man. The Prince guard, Oecher Penn and Borjerwehr raised and called for the ex-Prince.

This was accidentally present and was crowned again. Therefore there a double Prince of the years 1952/53 and a shadow Prince in Aachen, Germany in 1953. The motto created by him for the Rosenmontagszug 1953 Carnival Spa in bad Aachen coined the Oecher Fastelovvend since 1955. For its 25th anniversary as President of gab, Konigstein established the Jacques-Konigstein-Foundation for needy seniors in Aachen, followed an arrangement of the City Council from the year 1761, stating that a poor levy is payable at Mardi Gras balls. A year later, he created the silver chain of Konigstein as award for Carnival performances.

Konigstein was one of the initiators of the re-establishment of the Federal German carnival e.V. on the 24 October 1953 at the electoral Palace in Mainz. Jacques Konigstein died on December 17, 1971 and was buried at the Waldfriedhof cemetery in Aachen. On the day of his death, the GAB commemorates annually on his tomb of deceased members. The Aachen sculptor and painter Wolf portrayed Ritz Jacques Konigstein, the painting is in the collection of CROUS. In the Aachen City Garden, a promenade is named after him.