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Robert Kiyosaki in his book business school teaches us that Network Marketing is the best option that has a person with little money to create a business and become a millionaire. But it also warns that the Network Marketing company you choose should facilitate a system of education to teach its independent entrepreneurs since the beginning, to having great results in their businesses. Normally this educational system is created and led by different teams of leaders of each company with the support of his Corporation. This week I learned that LA essence REAL of a large income is in duplicate LO BASICO in your team leader in other words, the key to achieving high income in Network Marketing is in learning to be duplicated in each of the members of your network as simply as possible the production process of your business. And what is that process? PROSPECTING-> invite-> present-> tracking-> affiliate-> support-> duplicate soon entered to a person as affiliate in our MLM business, must connect to an educational system to ensure that we duplicate techniques which produce good results.

In the development of the multilevel via Internet you can prospect, invite and submit your opportunity in a fully automated manner. Although it is good to prospecting course whenever you have the opportunity. But the follow-up, the process of affiliate and above all, the support is much more effective when you get personally devoting time they deserve people who have relied on it and decided to join with you. It doesn’t matter if they live in your same city or are thousands of miles away, technology today eliminates the barriers of distance and borders. Many people question what so duplicables are techniques of prospecting, invite and submit online? My answer is: effort that should make a networker using traditional methods of prospecting, invitation and presentation is much greater than the effort that must be a networker that lean in technology.

At any time I want to sell the idea wrong that is not needed to make no effort to actually prospecting by internet, since to get something big must be willing to strive to achieve it. This new effort is to create a system in INTERNET itself, that is yours, UNICO, with TU SELLO PERSONAL prospecte, invite and submit your opportunity for you, pointing specifically to persons whether they wish to work in network Marketing. Is the same as the essence of the network marketing!! do a good job once and this makes you money for years. The advantage is that as the technology every day progresses more, what yesterday was difficult to make, today is literally in minutes and thats what most people do not know! So it will be easier duplicate you if you want to be a leader in the Network Marketing and especially, if you lean on the Internet. And if you want to learn other strategies which serve to grow your MLM business, Subscribe to my blog on your success, Luz D.