Shanole Russia

To date, clearly formed the category of potential customers sall centers and contact centers. It was there in the near future we can expect a surge in demand for telemarketing, and as a consequence – to improve the quality of services. Who is on the other end? Today, more companies are organizing all kinds of service information support the user (or hot lines). What is 'informational support'? Sylvie Shanole, director-coordinator of services for working with consumers Nestle believes that the service is to work with consumers – is primarily a sall Center (Contact center), which receives calls from customers who can ask any questions about the product and give their opinion about its quality. Co Service can be contacted by telephone (to do a 'hot line') through email or regular mail. By correspondence, the company manages to communicate with customers in the regions since the telephone connection is available in the first place people in Russia. Addresses and phone numbers are listed on the package of products company. Operator sall-center (contact center) should be prepared to answer any question. Therefore, it provides specific information: the composition, terms and conditions of storage, cooking methods and the history of the All products (brands), which the company sells in Russia, the signs of authenticity of the goods and counterfeits entered the market, how can return or exchange the counterfeit goods in the place of purchase, the terms of participation in promotions and competitions conducted by the company, on sales and marketing network to have to call a potential client-wholesaler could learn how to contact the sales department or your local representative or distributor, about the company itself – its history, areas of activity, the official position of the company's current 'problem' issues (such as foot and mouth epidemic).