You have decided to order a web site! What you need in order to proceed with the implementation of planned and that should explain the web designer who will make the site. This article is written by an expert Chernigov web studio on based on years of experience. First and foremost, you need to define the functional structure of a Web resource: – Make a list of sections of the resource and decide on their name – Determine the total number of pages of resource – Collect necessary textual and graphical information for filling the resource Besides, you want to define the style of execution of the resource – web design, depending on the type of your business, citing a few examples of sites that you enjoy for layout and design. – Need to prepare written information for a resource for topics in electronic format. – Prepare graphical information (photos, brochures, flyers) – defined with color of the future Web resource, if your company has a specific corporate color that you want to specify, or specify the color that you like. Also possible to think through and specify the color that you absolutely do not like. – Provide company logo in vector form, if any. – When working with a particular database is better to have a technical specification for the database.

If you have prepared all the necessary information for the production of the resource – may begin to perform work. Resource development will take 10 to 25 days, depending on how complex will the structure of the resource. Any order is treated separately with individual approach and conditions. Decide why you need a website: to improve the image, to alert customers to sell products, to represent the company, etc. Starting from this, the designer will create a design, corresponding exactly to your goals. Domain – the name of your resource, and corporate mail. It is important that the domain name easy to remember, is associated with the company or product and it was easy to write. After all, you will need to dictate the address of a resource to clients and customers will need to enter it.

The designer creates the design, building on the goals of your site. The specialist will find the optimum combination of colors and shapes. Then the programmer will make out painted design of a functional Web resource. Coder puts information about your company and products on your Web server. In doing so he builds themed photos and withstands the overall style of the resource. A ready web site located on special servers that provide seamless access to the resource at any time. Web site is ready, users can go to him. However, for some reason there is no calls from clients and counter visits shows a very small number. Promotion and advancement of the resource provides a flow of potential customers, and therefore brings you a profit. Do you have any new products? You are looking for new partners or employees? In after the next holiday you organize action? All this information must appear on your Web server. Because information is valuable when it is fresh. Only now possible to consider a website completely ready. He worked tirelessly works for you 24 hours a day and makes a profit. Good luck to you creating the site!