Network Marketing

'I had to meet liuom liuu great difficulties in the beginning, including my great fear of having to converse with people. " Prior to this I was a naval gunner in the Armed Forces! You know, I used to think that you are standing at his post, I am – on his own, and we have no words to understand each other well. To overcome this, I had to go beyond my comfort zone and learn how to talk to people. It was not easy, but I had to overcome this fear. So I posgaralsya turn it into a kind of game.

I tried to be like most people preuspevayushih of those who knew personally, the meetings I tried to amuse the audience, and, you know, chuvsgvo humor often helped me out of a ticklish situation. I think that the main reason for my success was that I was guided posed Perea a uelyami and aimed at their implementation activities. I clearly knew what I wanted, and again it could work in principle, I had to get it to work for themselves. One of the main features of my character, which played to my advantage, this is what I introvert and not an extrovert. I listened primarily to those words that are said to himself, not to what I was told by others. More I – very stubborn. I do not resign themselves to negative responses. I knew there had to be millionaire! I have had the inner belief and ubezhdennosg I cmory achieve this …

I still just can not imagine the end, as this dobitsya. .. But one thing I know for sure – the only thing that can prevent me to do this – stop prekrashenie deysgvy, why I did not stop. One of my life is nasgavnikov Jeff Olson. His philosophy of 'thin edge of the' claims that it is necessary every day to do the same simple stuff that a some time or prodviut you in life, or throw their fate. As Emerson said:,, do it, and you gain power. " This is the philosophy that I am motivated. It is not necessary to do just a lot more than others, it is important to do a bit more than they, but all the time. What is best for me in Network Marketing? I must say, chto found very large family, which only a person can have, what kind of dream can be any child in the world. Everything. I'm doing – just constantly traveling and meeting with my brothers, sisters and other members of my family. When your life becomes a continuous leave, you do not have the rest of his life at work food. In fact, just such a vacation for me now. I do not even have to wait for Sunday, because every day I become a cybboty!