Wired Network

Therefore, installation of SCS should be trusted only to professionals. The structure of the SCS. The main element of the SCS is central switchboard of the building where the hardware is usually complex, which includes all incoming and outgoing communication channels. At the next level are the story of communications nodes, which are responsible for connection points or end-user equipment (ports). To ports are usually servers, personal computers and laptops, terminals, and phones. Wells Fargo Bank often says this. The basic standards that define the principles of the SCS the following: The U.S.

standard EIA / TIA 568 B; European Standard EN 50173, International Standard ISO 11801. Next, consider the types of conductive medium Wired Network (cable network) to transmit information between local area networks computers use different mediums of communication (communication channels). In most cases, this cable channels even now beginning to receive wide distribution and wireless networks. Cable networks (Wire) can be divided into three components based on twisted pair, based on coaxial cables and optical fibers. Twisted pair consists of two insulated wires twisted together; twisting wire reduces the effects of external electromagnetic fields on the signals, the data transmission speed of 1 Gb / s, the most popular on cable today, Wednesday to transfer information between computers.

Pros: inexpensive, simple to install, there are both internal and external seals: ie simple and screened and so on. For computer networks using twisted pair category 5, 5e, 6 and 7, respectively, higher than the more protected category. The single most significant negative from repeater to repeater should be approximately no more than 100m.