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Trailer Diablo


Uboysya folk death! Coming third coming! The Devil is Near! He slowly but surely coming and looks sideways at us with glowing eyes. This means that it is not the time to sit still! It's time to sharpen our sword and reread the book about fireball! , Blizzard announced a project to continue the popular series last year and now has accumulated a lot of information on this topic. So, what do we know? The action game will unfold 20 years after the original part. This time the evil will not come out of the ground, and from heaven, in the truest sense of the word. Fallen meteorite opens the way for the army of darkness. The world needs a hero once again! Brave, strong, intelligent …

It is expected that this hero becomes one of five characters: Barbarian (Barbarian), Sorcerer (Witch Doctor), Sorceress (Wizard), Monk (Monk) and 1 more unannounced character. I will make my guess: it will be a girl, and she will shoot a bow and a crossbow can be. ) How can will change the gaming world? It will become brighter, every battle will be accompanied by vivid special effects, but at the same time remain the same one gloomy atmosphere of the game. Dungeons as well as in the previous parts will be generated in new ways. There will be destructible objects, even promises that in some cases it will be for the benefit of themselves to use in battle. This time, Blizzard has decided to make the game multiplayer qualitatively researched and added opportunity to complete the game in co-op. Another couple of rumors: cancel keys will no longer be locked chests, and potions now have to use less (how it is implemented is not known). Why wait? 1) * An interesting gameplay, innovation in the genre of hack and slash RPG. 2) * New (and it seems to me quite interesting) story of the battle between light and darkness. 3) * Spectacular battles with lots of colorful effects and flying in all directions minions of evil. PS – official Trailer Diablo 3, as well as reviews of other games is here: Ax Black

Wired Network


Therefore, installation of SCS should be trusted only to professionals. The structure of the SCS. The main element of the SCS is central switchboard of the building where the hardware is usually complex, which includes all incoming and outgoing communication channels. At the next level are the story of communications nodes, which are responsible for connection points or end-user equipment (ports). To ports are usually servers, personal computers and laptops, terminals, and phones. Wells Fargo Bank often says this. The basic standards that define the principles of the SCS the following: The U.S.

standard EIA / TIA 568 B; European Standard EN 50173, International Standard ISO 11801. Next, consider the types of conductive medium Wired Network (cable network) to transmit information between local area networks computers use different mediums of communication (communication channels). In most cases, this cable channels even now beginning to receive wide distribution and wireless networks. Cable networks (Wire) can be divided into three components based on twisted pair, based on coaxial cables and optical fibers. Twisted pair consists of two insulated wires twisted together; twisting wire reduces the effects of external electromagnetic fields on the signals, the data transmission speed of 1 Gb / s, the most popular on cable today, Wednesday to transfer information between computers.

Pros: inexpensive, simple to install, there are both internal and external seals: ie simple and screened and so on. For computer networks using twisted pair category 5, 5e, 6 and 7, respectively, higher than the more protected category. The single most significant negative from repeater to repeater should be approximately no more than 100m.

GTS Graphics


Discrete graphics cards are particularly important to create three-dimensional graphics, a variety of graphics applications and run computer games. For a laptop with a graphics card will have to pay much more. Today the graphics card market for notebooks is firmly occupied by two major manufacturers – NVIDIA Corporation and by AMD, which produces graphics card brand ATI. NVIDIA Corporation offers its customers its own line of graphics accelerators for mobile PCs, which consists of seven cards: GTS 360M and GTS 350M (refer to high-performance segment), GT 335M, GT 330M and GT 325M (productive segment), as well as the 310M and 305M (middle segment). These graphics cards for laptops are based on desktop video cards GeForce GT 240, GeForce GT 220 and GeForce GT 210. The flagship of this line is considered a high-performance NVIDIA GeForce GTS Video Card 360M, based on the graphics core GT215.

The card supports DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL 2.1, and has 96 stream processors. Graphics performance can vary significantly depending on the type of graphics memory – GDDR5 or GDDR3. Maximum frequency for GeForce GTS 360M is 2000 MHz for the GDDR5. This card has built-in video decoder, and also supports HybridPower, which lets you choose between integrated and discrete graphics card to at need to increase laptop battery from the battery or get the best performance. On assurances of developers, graphics card GeForce GTS 360M is designed specifically for applications, and modern games, where require high performance. But perhaps the company's top model graphics card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480M, presented this year.



Netbook – is the answer. Take work home or work, say, somewhere in nature – everything is possible, if you – happy owner of a netbook. How to start your job? From pictures on your desktop? Text or icon Editor? You may need to work often have to deal with the tables and then a table editor. Your work is connected to the Internet (and whose is not connected now?) And your day begins with checking email. For more information see this site: Wells Fargo Bank. As a rule, work many people is precisely that. Now we can consider two cases – the netbook as a complement desktop computer and notebook as a replacement. Netbook – one work computer.

Your workplace is equipped with a special computer. Typically, office PC, despite its size, the power does not exceed the average netbook. But it is and it suits your needs. You buy a netbook and now it costs you next to your computer – on and ready to take your team. What to expect from him and ask why you dragged him here? First, it is important today to be in touch with their loved ones. You do not disconnect from work cell phone.

In the same way you do on a netbook can be incorporated various internet messaging services and can be regularly checked your personal e-mail. Secondly, it can be stored on the netbook your vital Internet bookmarks, you might want to go to work. And most importantly – when you much carried away with work and getting dark outside … copy your work files on notebook and continue at least into the subway. Netbook – work computer not a friend. And what if the notebook itself to cope with everything? Text, tables, mail, directories, dictionaries, accounting software – all you can do on a netbook. Create own workplace, set up, let your convenience. And use it both at home and at work.

Mini Communication


" For the latter, require powerful model – always with a separate discrete graphics card. You love to talk? Like when all your friends, family and friends in touch? Forward! This is one of the major destinations on the Internet and the best tool in this case – mini-notebook. Function Number 5 – Mini-notebook for communication is indispensable. Social networks and programs for communication, enjoyed for years and trust – ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, Skype and others. If previously it was only text chat, you can now see and hear each other.

However, with a large margin in popularity in the lead, of course, e-mail – the standard international business communication. Nowadays, almost every mini-notebook ready, equipped with a webcam microphone and sound kolonkami.Mobilnost! One major advantage. All these functions would be meaningless if I were in a large box, called the system unit and would stand somewhere in the fixed – speech on the desktop, cumbersome and virtually useless. Wells Fargo Bank might disagree with that approach. Also a little confused by them in larger notebooks – they can be a good replacement home computer – a kind of computer for the whole family. But no individual mobile device. They are heavy, bulky and uncomfortable. Option – up to 13 inches – that is necessary. You can carry it with you wherever you go.

Home – in an armchair on the couch, for any table, even though the carpet … make your case, where no one you will not be disturbed. In trip – a mini-laptop will fit in any backpack, bag, and some in his pocket.

Rugged Notebooks


The main difference between a gaming notebook is a powerful processor and graphics card. Despite the fact that the mobile versions of desktop video cards, they are able to provide enough comfort to play in today’s demanding games. Some manufacturers offer notebooks with two graphics cards running in a mode of SLI / Crossfire (of course, in models of Class Desktop Replacement). Often gaming laptops have aggressive design, these models can be classified as image-notebooks. Mobile Workstation Notebook-class mobile workstation designed for professional programs in a three-dimensional modeling and CAD. A key differentiator of mobile workstation from other notebooks is the use of mobile versions professiionalnyh cards NVidia Quadro FX or ATI FireGL. Usually on these laptops installed productive processor and the display has high resolution (up to 1920×1200 on the models with diagonal screen size 15.4 – 17 inches).

Ambient Ambient laptops notebooks stand out among other striking and memorable design. For manufacturing shells fashion laptops are often used materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon and other unusual materials. There are models, adorned with rhinestones Swarovski. A typical fashion laptop belongs to a class sub-notebooks, however, the model’s image among vstrechayustsya models of all sizes. The class of fashion laptops sometimes carry several models of gaming and business notebooks.

The performance of image laptops can be very low (Compact model) and can be very high (MacBook Pro, gaming laptops Asus Lamborgini, Acer Ferrari, etc.) Rugged Notebooks Rugged Notebooks (“SUVs”) are designed to operate in extreme conditions. They have increased resistance to vibration, shock, dust and high humidity, aggressive chemical environments, can operate at extreme temperatures. Manufacturers offer models with different classes of protection. These laptops are used in military, emergency services (Emergency, fire, etc.) can serve as industrial computers, etc. Often these devices are designed for special order state organizations (mainly military). In protected laptops using special components that are resistant to external influences. Are widely used solid-state drives (SSD). Widespread rugged notebooks prevents their high cost and weight. Laptop with touch screen (Tablet PC) with touch screen laptops are a hybrid of the Tablet PC and laptop, so these computers also called the Tablet PC. Of them went to the Tablet PC touch screen and a laptop case with a full keyboard. The positioning of these laptops depending on the manufacturer, nekotoroye include these devices to laptops, others – to tablet computers. Usually the display on such laptops made a turning, which significantly expands the functionality of the device and allows you to use it as a As a laptop, and as a full-fledged tablet computer. Diagonal screen tablet laptop usually does not exceed 15 inches, the average performance is sufficient. These features are associated with high costs and relatively high energy touch panels. The advantage of these laptops in front of the other categories of portable computers is that you can enter information directly on the screen, and before Tablet PC – a full keyboard that allows you easily to gain large amounts of text. The main drawbacks is the high cost and relatively poor performance of these devices. Disadvantages You can also include less reliable pivot joint (compared with conventional Our articles: So, what to buy a laptop or PC? Shop – OFmarket.ru.

Kaspersky AntiVirus


A brief review of Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. Today the market is filled with all sorts of software products from different manufacturers. One of the most useful free programs will Vit Registry Fix Free Edition, which you can download directly now and absolutely besplatno.No speech today will not go about it, as you noticed. Let's start. Independently of this list is Kaspersky Labs and their new product KIS 2010.

Anti-extras – that's what makes this product truly universal solution. To begin with, that KIS 2010 was not so demanding of computer resources: CPU: 300MhZ (Win XP) or 800MhZ (Win Vista); RAM: 256 MB (Win XP) or 512 MB (Win Vista); hard disk space : 300 Mb. In the ammunition of the product Present: File, Mail Anti-Virus, Web Anti-Virus (protection of web traffic), IM-antivirus (IM traffic protection, such as the ISQ, MSN, etc.), monitoring programs (monitored the behavior of all applications installed on a PC), firewall (monitoring network activity programs) Proactive protection (designed to calculate the unknown threats based on the behavior of programs installed on your PC), protection against network attacks, anti-spam, anti-banner, if you want you can enable parental control. And with the help of this program-SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2009, you can test the software on your computer. In KIS 2010 also features some very interesting things: Game profiles (especially for computer games – allows you to disable certain features of the product, and removes the notification of events during the transition to full-screen mode), the elimination of traces of activity (after work session you can completely remove the information about their activities on a PC), keyboard (protects information from keyloggers). In general, KIS 2010 meets almost all requirements demanding Users and optimally suitable for both home use and to protect small organizations. It resembles a cure for all diseases – drank, and no problems! The website and other useful programs For example, a program to encrypt the USB drive and the hard drive of your computer. The product is sold kits for two to five PCs or PC. The price for the package to 2 PCs can vary, but start at 1,400 rubles.

Business Intel Services


Intel is “the world leader in silicon innovation, developing processor technologies and supporting global initiatives to continually advance how people work.”  Intel has long enjoyed a very prestigious reputation for being THE technology used for all computers.

Intel will provide the technology for all your business needs and ensure that your company runs smoothly.  No matter how big or small your needs, Business Intel Today is the way forward.  For top of the range computers, software and hardware, Intel will help you move forward at your own pace