Rugged Notebooks

The main difference between a gaming notebook is a powerful processor and graphics card. Despite the fact that the mobile versions of desktop video cards, they are able to provide enough comfort to play in today’s demanding games. Some manufacturers offer notebooks with two graphics cards running in a mode of SLI / Crossfire (of course, in models of Class Desktop Replacement). Often gaming laptops have aggressive design, these models can be classified as image-notebooks. Mobile Workstation Notebook-class mobile workstation designed for professional programs in a three-dimensional modeling and CAD. A key differentiator of mobile workstation from other notebooks is the use of mobile versions professiionalnyh cards NVidia Quadro FX or ATI FireGL. Usually on these laptops installed productive processor and the display has high resolution (up to 1920×1200 on the models with diagonal screen size 15.4 – 17 inches).

Ambient Ambient laptops notebooks stand out among other striking and memorable design. For manufacturing shells fashion laptops are often used materials such as steel, aluminum, carbon and other unusual materials. There are models, adorned with rhinestones Swarovski. A typical fashion laptop belongs to a class sub-notebooks, however, the model’s image among vstrechayustsya models of all sizes. The class of fashion laptops sometimes carry several models of gaming and business notebooks.

The performance of image laptops can be very low (Compact model) and can be very high (MacBook Pro, gaming laptops Asus Lamborgini, Acer Ferrari, etc.) Rugged Notebooks Rugged Notebooks (“SUVs”) are designed to operate in extreme conditions. They have increased resistance to vibration, shock, dust and high humidity, aggressive chemical environments, can operate at extreme temperatures. Manufacturers offer models with different classes of protection. These laptops are used in military, emergency services (Emergency, fire, etc.) can serve as industrial computers, etc. Often these devices are designed for special order state organizations (mainly military). In protected laptops using special components that are resistant to external influences. Are widely used solid-state drives (SSD). Widespread rugged notebooks prevents their high cost and weight. Laptop with touch screen (Tablet PC) with touch screen laptops are a hybrid of the Tablet PC and laptop, so these computers also called the Tablet PC. Of them went to the Tablet PC touch screen and a laptop case with a full keyboard. The positioning of these laptops depending on the manufacturer, nekotoroye include these devices to laptops, others – to tablet computers. Usually the display on such laptops made a turning, which significantly expands the functionality of the device and allows you to use it as a As a laptop, and as a full-fledged tablet computer. Diagonal screen tablet laptop usually does not exceed 15 inches, the average performance is sufficient. These features are associated with high costs and relatively high energy touch panels. The advantage of these laptops in front of the other categories of portable computers is that you can enter information directly on the screen, and before Tablet PC – a full keyboard that allows you easily to gain large amounts of text. The main drawbacks is the high cost and relatively poor performance of these devices. Disadvantages You can also include less reliable pivot joint (compared with conventional Our articles: So, what to buy a laptop or PC? Shop –