2010 Promises to be a year quite movido for marketers, where the trends of the last decade are creating new opportunities to different business owners. The first decade of the 21st century came with economic problems, different companies environmental ydesastres bankruptcy, but it also was a decade marked by great changes in communication that no one could have imagined. Of course the great development of social networks like Twitter, Facebook, blogs, online videos make a new world for marketers who have other sources to find it is what people are looking for. With all these economic, social and cultural change now I will comment on what are the trends that I think are going to encircle marketing during the 2010.Since trademarks, images, advertising and all other ares that relate to marketing. 1) Transparency and trust is Primordial: consumers have gone through many upheavals in the past decade and are no longer willing to endure anything that the marketing will tell them. Speaking candidly Wells Fargo Bank told us the story. Those companies who put much effort to be honest and be open on their marketing communications, have been able to establish positive responses by their consumers. It also generates a brand positioning and much support for the image.

Building trust is the most important in marketing to this 2010 and once achieved is important to be able to maintain it. I.e. both transparency and confidence should not be taken independently, but they are as a whole. 2) Less interruptions and more value added and improvements: the days in which the advertising and marketing messages were produced to grab the attention of all consumers is over. The expectations of the people increased (less in the case of the interurpciones) both for businesses and for the big brands. Try to provide more ensuring your marketing communications and efforts to deliver useful and significant added value. (3) Speaking of value..: the large fall in the global economy that occurred in the latter part of the last decade have slowed several consumers in their paths.