falsified money: the falsified money is printed and it is sent by postal mail. This one is an example of somebody that it asks for falsified money: Jamal I need to somebody so that Jamal makes many tickets of 20 dollars because alive in Canada Jamal we can gain a pile of money if it beams Jamal I will use it in other stores and I will give back to the article Jamal if you can make copies of the ticket and send them to me, I will change them to I by real money and I will send half to you by means of western union? Accounts of Western Union: Western Union is used much because bottoms in the act can be sent and they cannot be located nor recover. All these articles interchange and they are sold more by means of conversations improvised in IRC or organized form by means of forums in line in which the salesman can take control of the account of " proveedor" and to make businesses. In this way, they can publish a list of prices structured for the buying futures. The users provide commentaries of their experiences with " proveedores" of fraud, which allows them to elaborate a species of system of classification of possible confidence that discourages to " rippers" (cheating). It is possible that the suppliers also must pay a quota of entrance and to be put under a basic process of verification before they can act like suppliers in the forums of cybernetic crime. He is impressive, as ell black market in Internet moves about 70,000 million Euros elmundo.es indicates to us, that the black market in Internet, purchases of data of credit cards or shipments of " spam" , it anywhere in the world moves around 70,000 million Euros every year, about 500 million in Spain, according to estimations of the company of computer science security GData. .