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Social Tools


These social tools offer a new way to collaborate with people in the work that is private, safe and important for the businesses. Because the majority we used the public networks, there is no a learning curve. Instead of to follow ours friendly or celebrities, you follow a the people of its equipment, the activity in the accounts top of its clients, their campaigns of marketing and their documents businesses but critics. Only because these social tools are based on the Web, you can accede to them from any place, if you are in his portable computer, IPAD or iPhone. Social Average in our Personal Life Would be for example, to publish photos of the barbecue and the roast that we enjoyed past Saturday and your friendly feeds of and relative will be in.

To collaborate with the friendly to plan a trip of camping for the next month. Later they can follow people in Twitter to obtain advice on kitchen prescriptions and @Starbucks for the last supplies and service to the client. Finally you could send questions to your wall of Facebook or Twitter to obtain recommendations and ideas of your friendly and experts of the industry. These could be a small illustration of how using the Networks Partners like something personal. Read more from Nissan to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Social Average in the place of Work To publish the new presentation of sales that they have updated and to show it in feeds of your colleagues. Later to collaborate with colleagues to prepare the meeting of the important clients the next week. It follows experts in its company to obtain advice on the best form to close businesses or of finding experience in the industry. You can send questions to his social network of the company to receive advising and pertinent documents of his colleagues in all the departments.

Platform Connections


The Platform Connections that group to more than 3,000 independent industralists and in our country, finishes celebrating Another form to make company is possible, first of its Breakfasts it debates of 2010 and that in this occasion the title has taken of Emprender: one is born and becomes. The event reunited to a group of independent industralists and with representatives of organizations specialized in support to enterprise projects as Madrid Undertakes (City council of Madrid), Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, Professional Union of Independent Workers, Google Spain, and Salvia Communication among others. A debate in which visions, actions, expositions and doubts participated to all the assistants, exposing on a subject as it is To undertake and to create company and that as it indicated to Julia Garci’a Glass, President of the Platform Connections must on another’s account stop being traditionally subsidiary the professional exposition of the work and it besides the present situation that in any case is generating of potentiality of new projects. Barbarian appreciation with Navarrese which, director of Google and Julia Garci’a Glass agreed totally, and that first from the knowledge of experiences and models in other countries I explain the assistants. Ben Silbermann gathered all the information. Changes in educative system and emprendimiento like thematic line and cross-sectional subject. The keys of the encounter debate The arguments that the participants stressed to make possible that in Spain there is more enterprising culture happen to apply changes in the educative system that generates people more enterprising, conception of the emprendimiento like professional experience independent of the result, necessity to generate institutionally ambient propitious to the beginning of projects, to sensitize of continuous way to youngest, real coordination between Administrations, reduction of ties once started in march the business. These were some of the opinions. necessary Consideramos the real approach and the debate enterprising companies with Institutions for this way being generating commitments, action and synergies that change expired models that we considered, explains Garci’a Glass.



Everything has its time and the perseverancia is the key to get to dominate what you aspire. The objectives are important when they help you to realise your dreams. The Businesses by Internet are a powerful system and a model of life in which the success it reaches helping the people who are prepared to improve their present situation.It is possible that all we leave ahead, helping mutually to grow and giving to a sense proficuo us to which we are going to realise. Wells Fargo Bank: the source for more info. The important thing is to be present in the tendencies of the market and to detect the transformations that are approached, catching the opportunities at our surroundings. This will allow you to comprise of the very small one percentage of the people who gain fortunes nowadays and of by life. It uses the privileged information that you receive and beam that pleasant things in your life happen.

It visualizes clearly that it is a business opportunity that is worth the trouble to put on approval. In all the aspects of your life, the action is fundamental and represents one of main keys of the success, the one that is going to give form to everything.It faces the challenges the abierta mind, like an art, not like a difficulty. I know flexible in proving something different. You have the great opportunity to change your life completely if you are had to despertarte to the new conception life without being scared to the changes. The moment has arrived for seeing our world of a different form. It creates compomiso with same you, convirtete in a successful person, enjoys the style life that you dream to have, improves the world that surrounds to you, removes the Victor that there is in your interior!

Doubts With Your Business


Hello and welcome my dear reader and entrepreneur, in this article we will speak on the doubts that we have all when initiating a business and how to confront them. If you do not know my name me is Enrique Gastelo and I dedicate to the Internet Marketing, we see Whenever we entered a unknown world or we are on the verge of risking to us in something, we simultaneously felt like afraid and with many doubts and restlessness. What happens is that it is exactly for that reason, when we want to enter to make a microemprendimiento, we were in a world totally unknown for us, is as if volvieramos to be born and we must begin to crawl, soon to walk and thus consequently. The truth is that all we have felt thus at the outset, the challenge is adapted to that challenging atmosphere that is the businesses and to be assuming responsibilities little by little. Often we think that this of the businesses is not for us, who we have been born for another thing thing or that simply does not go with one same one. These phrases are obstacles since they help you to put excuses of your unfounded fears, hacindote and volvindote inexperienced and still more little brave.

What we would do and he is recommendable to do, it is to face everything, to live all the adrenalin to initiate a business, to put it in march and to maintain it. Since in our second or third business we will feel like in house. It is there where the abundance arrives, where we felt free and flying. That is to say, when we already know that to do and that steps to follow to mount a profitable business and to make money. Nevertheless, that way can be very difficult and full of challenges. But that will not be sufficient reason so that you surrender. It follows ahead and it fights. I hope that you have liked, I take leave and I wish the best thing you.

Intellectual World


And how you have felt like with this of the death of David Sanchez Juliao. The truth truth is that it does not affect me for anything. That type for me was not even writer. That answer in mouth of a narrator apprentice, professional in sciences of the language, university professor and candidate to magister in Literature of the Caribbean, disturbed to me excessively. (Not to be confused with Wells Fargo!). If it had expressed it somebody that not only did not know the subject and to the personage, but would not even interest to him, some and until outside being expected would not have importance.

While the country, and mainly the personalities of the culture of the interior recognize the great loss that is the death of David Sanchez Juliao, many of the intellectual world of the department of Cordova are expressed with indifference on this great personage. And they cannot do it but from the lack of knowledge of his written and recorded work, and of its work like lecturer. If it had the opportunity it would comment that young person to him that I can accept to him that a great writer does not consider to David, but even say that " he is not even escritor" and I even can accept that not it writer considers, but that is not obstacle so that its great cultural and sociological contribution is clear, its mammoth one and quixotic work, against all odds, inside and abroad, for more than 30 years, like nobody, so that the world valued the Caribbean culture as it is, so that the costeos we accepted ourselves, we reaffirmed ourselves and we felt proud of being as we are; so that was worth we recognized it of its marvellous voice, its unique talent with the oralidad, its sharpness for humor, its pedagogical work in the classrooms, their conferences and factories, their recordings, in its interviews, in its appearances in mass media.

Tourist Occupation


The island will have an outstanding presence in the next interinsular fair, Vacations in Canarias” , that will be celebrated in Tenerife. The Patronage of Tourism of Fuerteventura, organ of dependent insular promotion of the Town hall, presented in the Sectorial Table the tourism the state in which are the preparations of Campaign for Fomento of the Domstico” Tourism; , initiative that includes several actions of promotion oriented to promote the Island as vacacional destiny between the population of the Archipelago. Mario Goatherd, president of the Town hall, and gueda Montelongo, advisor of Tourism of the Town hall, headed a meeting that counted on the presence of several councilmen and technicians of the areas of Tourism in the city councils of the Island, as well as the representatives of the employer’s association and the enterprise and tourist associations of the Island, among others industralists of the sector. We want to be come up and at the moment to take advantage of to the maximum our virtues uncertainty. Today the necessity has considered in the Sectorial Table to harness action of promotion facing the inner tourism.

In Fuerteventura we have best beaches of the Canary Islands, and for that reason we tried to favor that all those canaries that do not praise themselves/pour off to realise great trips in Easter or summer, they can find in this island an accessible vacacional destiny and of quality, explained Montelongo. According to it was exposed to the assistants to the today encounter, the campaign will try to arrive at the canary tourist affecting different points like: – Elaboration of a promotional pamphlet directed exclusively to the tourism between islands, that will pick up the events and more important events of the insular calendar, susceptible to become attractive a tourist one for the canaries. – Campaign in exteriors the best beaches of Canarias”. Hiring of advertising supports in the neighborhood of the fairground. The advisor of Tourism of the Town hall commented that the canary tourism can help us to surpass the summer season if we were able to wake up the interest on events like Fuerteventura in Music, Lebrancho Rock” , Championship of the World of Windsurf, or more remarkable the local popular celebrations of the calendar. In addition, we have raised the possibility of facilitating the things to the potentials tourist offering joint packages, in which the hotelkeepers participate shipping and.

Western Union


falsified money: the falsified money is printed and it is sent by postal mail. This one is an example of somebody that it asks for falsified money: Jamal I need to somebody so that Jamal makes many tickets of 20 dollars because alive in Canada Jamal we can gain a pile of money if it beams Jamal I will use it in other stores and I will give back to the article Jamal if you can make copies of the ticket and send them to me, I will change them to I by real money and I will send half to you by means of western union? Accounts of Western Union: Western Union is used much because bottoms in the act can be sent and they cannot be located nor recover. All these articles interchange and they are sold more by means of conversations improvised in IRC or organized form by means of forums in line in which the salesman can take control of the account of " proveedor" and to make businesses. In this way, they can publish a list of prices structured for the buying futures. The users provide commentaries of their experiences with " proveedores" of fraud, which allows them to elaborate a species of system of classification of possible confidence that discourages to " rippers" (cheating). It is possible that the suppliers also must pay a quota of entrance and to be put under a basic process of verification before they can act like suppliers in the forums of cybernetic crime. He is impressive, as ell black market in Internet moves about 70,000 million Euros elmundo.es indicates to us, that the black market in Internet, purchases of data of credit cards or shipments of " spam" , it anywhere in the world moves around 70,000 million Euros every year, about 500 million in Spain, according to estimations of the company of computer science security GData. .

Mercantile Distribution


For the success in the market of the transport of all type of loads, it is needed an organization who knows beforehand that the fulfillment is not only about a characteristic that is inherent to the delivery processes, but a value that a high price within the preferences of the clients has based on the responsibility. An organization who helps to clear the myth that says in the cyberspace he is not safe to find a trustworthy option for all customs transactions; that it is a model in the cyberspace by his attention via Web and opportune update of data. A conglomerate that knows clearly the importance of the customized attention, generating reports structured towards its beneficiaries and informing to them into the conditions of transport as a company truly responsible in the field for the logistics only can make it possible. And it goes that logistics is not in himself a simple subject, but needs the complete and directed intervention responsibly in his structure for basic services: storage, manipulation and product distribution. In addition, the logistics must have a representation that is adapted the political money changers of the customs authorities, and what better than a professional group of advisers and contractors who can become position without disadvantage some of all the legal proceedings. In case it was little, this aid of services must be abierto for all type of public, and for that reason she must count on an electronic direction where she can have permanent contact with his visitors.

The solution in the virtual world to their requests of ordering and mercantile distribution already has been answered. Permtase to visit the electronic direction and the Web site of AGL Logistics, and you discover same (a) how a virtual contact can do so much by you. If it thought that the Web did not have capacity for a trade name of this spread, where it can trust the capacities of a human element had to make of the shipment his merchandise or so pleasant solutions of customs proceeding totally that nor it notices the process, has arrived at the place indicated. Dese the opportunity of its life in this occasion, discovering the ample possibilities that it has to be able to extend his business, to consolidate his financial structure, to make more contact with enemy international, to travel without complications to where it wants trusting (a) in the hands that in logistics are right laid the foundations of quality and triumph. Original author and source of the article.

Amazon Companies


The B2B has come also impelled by the creation of vestibules to group buyers. Thus, we found, for example vestibules of automotion companies, feeding, chemicals or the hotel trade, among others. The companies are grouped to create these pages agglutinating forces which allows them to negotiate in better conditions. The maintenance of the pages takes place requesting a canon to quote or acquiring to the partners a commission of the business realised in the vestibule. In general terms the expression " business to business" (B2B) one is not limited the electronic surroundings, but it makes a reference of exclusion to emphasize the origin and destiny of an activity that, by antagonism does not talk about nor " B2C" , B2G, etc.

to only establish a reference example, the B2B applies to the relation between a manufacturer and the distributor of product and also to the relation between the distributor and the retail commerce but NO, to the relation between the retailer and his final client (consuming), relation this last one that would be fit then, to the surroundings of " B2C" (Business to Consumer). Concretely it indicates Wikipedioa, B2C is the abbreviation of the Business-to-Consumer expression (of the business to the consumer, in English). Sometimes, these abbreviations also respond to Business-to-Customer (of the business to the client, in English). B2C talks about the strategy that develops the commercial companies to directly arrive at the client or end user. In spite of the ample sense of expression B2C, actually, usually one talks about to the virtual platforms used in the electronic commerce to communicate companies (salesmen) with individuals (buying). For that reason, the most frequent use is electronic Commerce B2C It is possible to indicate as situated the source indicates, that the pioneers of this strategy B2C are: the manufacturing company of personal computers Dell and the wholesaler, also American, of books, music and other Amazon.com products.

Tax Exemption


A., the chain of stationery store tax exemptions and material of office, wants that its standard continues growing. An expansion that is possible thanks to the facilities that it gives to those people who want abrir one of their centers. Tenemos several possibilities of contract different, each of them with his own characteristics, in such a way that the future franchise-holder can choose the one that agrees at the time of developing to its business to him more, explains Jose Luis Hernandez, its Chief of a main directorate. For tastes, colors And it is that the different variants that CARLiN offers go from the hyperstationery store, ofimarket, ofimarket mixed or the distribution, until the masters tax exemption. With this so ample fan of possibilities at the time of implanting a business with CARLiN, the stationery store company/signature tries to put it easy to those entrepreneurs who want to work with us. One is that can choose on the basis of their possibilities or preferences of business, always having the certainty that they work with a mark leader in its sector, stresses the manager.

Thus they are each one of the possibilities: q Hiperpapelera: is a supermarket of stationery store destined to urban nuclei from 15,000 inhabitants. In order to put it in march it is necessary an initial group of two people and the 100 premises from 50 to m2 in commercial a zone . q Ofimarket: In this case the sale is realised to companies, reason why a warehouse is needed about 200 m2 that is located preferably in an industrial estate in which they operate between 1,500 and 3,000 companies. The minimum group required this time is of four people .