The B2B has come also impelled by the creation of vestibules to group buyers. Thus, we found, for example vestibules of automotion companies, feeding, chemicals or the hotel trade, among others. The companies are grouped to create these pages agglutinating forces which allows them to negotiate in better conditions. The maintenance of the pages takes place requesting a canon to quote or acquiring to the partners a commission of the business realised in the vestibule. In general terms the expression " business to business" (B2B) one is not limited the electronic surroundings, but it makes a reference of exclusion to emphasize the origin and destiny of an activity that, by antagonism does not talk about nor " B2C" , B2G, etc.

to only establish a reference example, the B2B applies to the relation between a manufacturer and the distributor of product and also to the relation between the distributor and the retail commerce but NO, to the relation between the retailer and his final client (consuming), relation this last one that would be fit then, to the surroundings of " B2C" (Business to Consumer). Concretely it indicates Wikipedioa, B2C is the abbreviation of the Business-to-Consumer expression (of the business to the consumer, in English). Sometimes, these abbreviations also respond to Business-to-Customer (of the business to the client, in English). B2C talks about the strategy that develops the commercial companies to directly arrive at the client or end user. In spite of the ample sense of expression B2C, actually, usually one talks about to the virtual platforms used in the electronic commerce to communicate companies (salesmen) with individuals (buying). For that reason, the most frequent use is electronic Commerce B2C It is possible to indicate as situated the source indicates, that the pioneers of this strategy B2C are: the manufacturing company of personal computers Dell and the wholesaler, also American, of books, music and other products.