From the events that we witness in the day the day, it is possible to observe how much the life human being and its relation with the environment assumes a significant picture for reflection on the material conditions which the man if displays. Leaving of the logic of the wild accumulation, the nature is devastada and transformed to take care of the interests of groups minority that they use the substance cousin, either it in the wooden form, natural ores, and other goods, transforming them into consumption good. In accordance with Boff (2004), the war declared between the human being and the nature, assume significant ratios in the ethical field, social and cultural politician, which imply in new perspectives of behaviors, attitudes and vision of world, guided from the defense of the use of the natural resources to extend the consumption relations. It is possible to perceive how much the nature comes being destroyed in raised levels, represented for the assoreamento of rivers, desertificao of territories previously inhabited by animal and vegetal species, destruction of the forests for use of cattle agriculture and, beyond the increasing industrialization that if makes responsible for the atmospheric pollution. The paradox that if presents in the modernity vision is represented by the great concentration of wealth at the hands of a minority and one raised poverty picture that if manifest in the esquinas of the streets, is of the great or small cities.