The region metropolitan of So Paulo normally is known by the chaos of the great congestions, day to day running and for the great agitation. It is practically impensvel many people to find a place calm and that it has quality of life to be able to live with tranquillity, far from all the upheavals of the great cities. But, very next to the center of the So Paulo capital approximately the 35 kilometers are possible to find a place of calmness and tranquillity, with much vegetation and lindssimas houses with pretty gardens and paisagismo. This place is known as Village of the Mountain range located in Barueri is one of the redoubts of peace and calmness to few kilometers of So Paulo, that all paulistano would like to live or simply to know. There it is very easy to find pretty houses and sobrados in international style, without walls, gratings or cameras in clean and very well woody spotless streets of, pertinho of the capital is truily a dream well. Beyond pretty sobrados houses and of high standard, the peace and the environment of calmness are attractive and extremely pleasant to witness and to contemplate. It is very good for knowing that still it has regions to few kilometers of the center of the So Paulo capital that is possible to tan a little of quality of life, security and clearly the good sensation of peace and calmness. It knows Village of the Mountain range and it has more information in